Satrangi Sasural 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Priyanka gets up, after the doctorerevives her, and asks mini how dare she try and suggest that she is the thief, and asks if she places kyra so much over her, that she could say that. Mni says that she isnt lying but saying whats the truth. all are shocked. harpreet asks how does she start to care fo kyra so much that she is willing to go against her own sister. mini is tensed. Vihaan finally stops them saying that he has had enough and he wont stand another word against kyra, as everyone targets her for no reason at all, and asks what proof she has that kyra stole it, maybe it was just a misunderstanding, and they are cluelessly reprimanding her. kyra is overwhelmed to see him vouching for her. he then goes in hastily. One by one all disperse,

with kyra and priyanka remaining behind, she eyes priyanka tensedly. Kyra confronts priyanka, and she tells kyra that just because she stayed quiet, doesnt mean she accepts the truth. priyanka says that she wouldnt have even imagined she would get beaten up so bad, if she tries to as much as insinuate that she did the thefts and try and get in her way. kyra is boggled. She asks kyra to beware of her actions.

Outside, harpreet is boggled, frustrated at kyra, and is irritated with vihaan too, that he is always siding with her, as if entrapped by her. she turns aside as if she was walking with narmada but then searches around, and doesnt find narmada. she thinks that maybe narmada went home, and she should go back too. She is then shocked wondering where her house is, as she has forgotten the way back, due to her memory issues. she gets tensed and worried as she isnt able to identify the street to her house. She tries to calm herself down. She then tries to get composed and remember her addrerss, but understands that she doesnt even know her name. she is apalled and distraught, scared of this situation. she starts asking people if they know her, and they either say that they dont know, or sometime amusingly joke with her and walk off. She stands boggled and tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Godmother’s lair
Bebo arrives at Bangaru maata’s place, scared and tensed herself, when she finally comes and appears in front of her. bebo is surprised. She tries to praise her, while the maata says that she isnt interested in her at all, and just wants to know her problem, and asks her to narrate it. bebo is worried and talks. the godmother says that there’s some noble power thats stopping the ill effect of kyra’s destiny on vihaan. bebo asks what power, and she says that its some spirit that is acting like a shield to vihaan, and maybe its his first wife’s spirit. bebo is surprised and asks for a solution. She says that that spirit has to leave the house, only then, kyra’s kundali effect shall start showing and vihaan shall ultimately die. She says that the relation of that spirit with vihaan is unbreakable and one, and she is the one who keeps kyra and vihaan together. bebo asks her to give any solution to this. She eyes a bottle and says that in this bottle, that spirit has to come captive for the prophecy regarding kyra’s husband to come true. bebo eyes the bottle intently. She says that the bottle has to be kept near the picture at midnight, and she shall start the ritual here, and she has ten minutes to get the soul inside, after which by 12:15 she has to move out of the house. She says that if its delayed by even a minute after 12:15 then the spirit shall be free and the property shall never be bebo’s. bebo listens intently.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As mini and kyra work in the kitchen, kyra is tensed about priyanka and her health condition. She starts telling how loneliness and depression causes klpetomania to become aggressive. Mini asks how shall they treat it, if priyanka doesnt become willing to listen and believe that she suffers from this. she says that they have to convince priyanka anyhow, and make her agree to undergo therapy as it can get worse later. They are discussing it when, they hear some noise. they rush out. Just then, dolly comes in with harpreet, all sweaty and tensed, and narrates what harpreet was doing on the road and how she found and got her here. they are all tensed while kyra is shocked. Geeta starts to say that their medical expenses went waste, as her forgetful nature has returned yet again. Kyra asks if harpreet forgets stuff. geeta says that she is ill. Kyra says that its okay and its normal. harpreet turns to kyra and asks if she knows who she is. Kyra says that she is her Chachi Maa, and makes her sit down and gives her a glass of cold water and starts animatedly chatting with her. geeta goes out with dolly. Mini eyes them and tells granny that she is right in thinking that this is the girl who shall normalise the home once again.

Scene 4:
Location: Dolly’s house
Later in the night, bebo eyes the bottle and wonders how to get inside the house, and kyra’s room, and then prays to the lord to help her get access to kyra’s house somehow to trap arushi’s soul. she eyes dolly and thinks that she got the idea to get in. She goes in and catches dolly unawares and slaps her tight across the face. Dolly gets angry and asks how dare she slap her. Bebo says that she needs to ask pinky to stay away from her son. Dolly is happy that pinky is back to work, but furious that she got slapped. Dolly throws her out of the house. Bebo says that she has paid the rent. they start fighting outside. hearing this, granny and kyra open their room and come out. They start fighting inside while kyra and granny are tensed. dolly tells her that she shall not let her stay. bebo says that till her daughter is there, she doesnt need to worry. granny asks them both to hush up, and asks bebo to sleep for the night. They go inside, and kyra locks the door.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Bebo is happy thinking that she reached inside and then finds that only ten minutes are left for midnight and now she has to capture arushi’s soul in it. Meanwhile, the Maata starts with her ritual. in the house, bebo finds everyone having gone off to sleep, and then hastily and stealthily goes to kyra’s room with the bottle. She places the bottle underneath arushi’s pic and stands away behind the curtains. Meanwhile, the bhangaru maat does her chants and rituals, and immediately it falls on the ground, breaking the pic and arushi’s soul comes out of it, and gets trapped in the bottle. Bebo is shocked to see this. She eyes the watch and finds that its 12:05 and by 12:10 she needs to start moving out. She tries to put the lid back on the bottle, but juts then she gets a hard push throwing her away. The screen freezes on her shocked and scared face.

Precap: Vihaan wakes up startled, and rushes out, and switches on the lights. meanwhile bebo takes this time to put the lid successfully back into the bottle, to avoid arushi’s soul from escaping. before she can move out, he comes back in, and bebo is startled and at a loss of an answer. she stands speechless. Vihaan asks her whats she doing at this point of time, here. Meanwhile, the maata starts getting aggressive that its time to take the soul trapped in the botle outside, and bebo needs to move fast. she says that if the colour of the fire in her hawan changes, then it means that the soul is finished. she starts getting impatient hoping that bebo gets her out soon.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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