Satrangi Sasural 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Outside, vihaan paces around nervously, when granny comes out saying that she has asked her to rest, so that they acn discuss this issue, and decide whats to be done. narmada is tensed that she left kyra loose like this, and harpreet says that they shall have to lock her. Granny reprimends them not to even think like that. vihaan gets a call and he is shocked to hear what he does. they are all tensed as to who is it, calling him, while he is stunned into silence. he rushes out in the middle of the night, while all are tensed.

Inside, kyra tells arushi that she was quiet, when she was calling her, as they are thinking that she is mad. Arushi says that she cant come in front of the people. kyra asks why, and decides to call them. She

refuses kyra to do so. Kyra asks why is she doing so, as if she wants to help them, then they should see her too. Arushi tells her that everything shall be fine. kyra vehemently denies. Kyra tells arushi that she has put a stop to all the work that arushi wants her to do. She says that till she doesnt make her existence felt to other people, she wont take a step ahead. Arushi asks her to understand, but she is adamant, and asks her to make a decision now. Arushi complies, and asks her to do some ritual and puja the next morning, where she would make her presence felt. Kyra is tensed to hear this, and makes arushi promise. just then, granny comes and sees her talking, and tells her about vihaan’s disappearance. Kyra is boggled.

the next morning, all wait anxiously for vihaan;s arrival and that he isnt even picking the phone. kyra asks them not to be worried as he shall be back. narmada asks her to shut up, as this is all due to her. As kyra complies as per arushi’s wishes, and lights the morning diya and does the ritual, while spraying holy smoke around the room. geeta wonders if she is trapped by spirit then how she is doing the puja, when she should be going far away from the lord. Kyra thinks that today arushi has to make her presence felt to the mothers, so that they can start believing in her, and hopes that she comes soon. vihaan comes in happy and gay, and all the mothers rush to him, asking where had he gone. Kyra eyes him tensedly. grahnny asks how could he do this, and the mothers coax him to speak up. he says that he wants them all to meet someone, and shows them a girl, who he identifies as Mili, arushi’s little sister. they are plesantly shocked, and get emotional while kyra is boggled, as she remembers arushi’s words last night. She eyes mili. Its a happy reunion as they all rush and embrace her, and narmada comments that it feels arushi is back. mili stands tensed and sad, when they discuss as to how they felt that arushi’s family is all dead, and they presumed too. harpreet asks where was she all this time. Kyra says that this is such good news. Harpreet asks vihaan how he found her, and why is she so sad. He says that the people she stayed with, told him that she always stays silent like this only. They are tensed and worried. geeta says that it doesnt look like she recognises them. he says that she is normal, but is just traumatised at what happened. granny says that she shall become happy again, saying that now that she is with them, they shall love her so much, that she shall be happy and smiling once again. she says that its a sign of arushi’s will, that she is back with them, and she wants that they take care of her sister and from this day, she is theirs and this family is hers. mini too says that by evening she shall be smiling. granny says that its a happy day today being her birthday. Narmada and harpreet are tensed. Kyra gets a phone and says that she shall just come, and excuses herself and goes out. they get mili inside. Narmada and harpreet wonder that she is getting many calls and follow her. they find that she is getting the ghost room cleaned up, and are boggled, and ask her whats she doing here. She says that she is getting it cleaned, as she wants her birthday party along with mili’s welcome party here. they are shocked. Dolly comes and hears this, and is concerned. She asks why the choice of this place. Kyra sys that she wishes to prove that there is no ghost. they are unconvinced and think that she has an ulterior motive. Kyra gets tensed, while granny comes and asks them to relax, as its their joint idea, and if the ghost comes, he shall have a cake too, and shall have to sing a song. They are excited about the party.

Inside, mini and geeta get mili to introduce her to aru, who is excited, but mili doesnt respond at all, standing sad and tensed, aru is boggled too. geeta asks her to shake hands with aru, and think that she has been through major mental breakdown. They try to caress her, but she flinches and retreats away, surprising them. she asks them not to be scared as they are her own people. they wodner what major accident she went through, that makes her behave like this. she corners herself, and when vihaan comes in, mili goes and hugs him, who gets concerned and asks her what happened, while eyeing the mothers boggled and tensed. he asks her if she met aru, and if she looks like arushi. kyra comes back to see mili in his arms and is a little tensed. He asks mili not to worry, as its her sister’s house only. Mini and geeta eye kyra’s changed reaction. He keeps comforting mili, and kyra rushes out unable to take it anymore.

In the kitchen, kyra starts working frustratedly, and then eats some sugar to calm herself down. she wonders why is she feeling jealous, and then wonders why did he have to hug mili, as she isnt a child anymore. she keeps ranting, as she is in a dilemma, whether to be jealous of him or not. Mini and geeta come and are amused, as they ask her what happened, and if she got jealous. she pretends to be indifferent, while mini continues to tease her about mili hugging vihaan, and that after the wife’s death, the wife’s sister has the claim on the husband. they are amused, as they find her tensed. They tell her that they are joking with her, on her birthday. narmada and harpreet get her birthday cake, and that she has decided to give herself a surprise birthday party, and also tells the venue of the party. they are shocked. Kyra says that there’s one more thing, a big surprise thats going to be there at the party. they are boggled, but she doesnt tell.

Later, in the evening, kyra gets ready and finds out that noone else is ready, and thinks that even vihaan isnt ready. she turns around and begins to walk, when she collides with vihaan from the other side, and falls right in his arms, who lunges in to save her. An awkward yet romantic eyelock follows, which doesnt break when aru calls them even twice. at the third call, they finally compose themselves. He asks whats the matter, and she says that its nothing. he apologises, and she eyes him lovingly. She comments that he looksd a DUDE, and then asks how is she looking, when he gets surprised at her comment. As she asks how is she looking, he is unable to keep his eyes off from her, as she triwls around in childish innocence, and is excited about her dress. She finds him mesmerised, and amusingly takes him out of the trance and then smiles at her, and asks how she is looking. he manages to reply that she looks good. she asks if its just that much. He eyes her and smiles and goes off. she is very happy, thinking that she would make him confess his love, and its a matter of time. She is happy that they are all wearing what she has chosen for them and that they should keep doing these parties. The screen freezes on kyra’s happy face.

Precap: As kyra displays the ouija board and is about to play with the rest of the family, they hear a scream, and arte shocked. Vihaan along with rest, following him, rushes outside. they find mili unconscious, and ask him who did this. she gets up and says that there was a girl at the other end. Kyra is tensed and asks her why she came here. She says that she saw the children going that side and went after them. they are surprised where are the kids, and they find the kids in the store room, unconscious. They are shocked, as vihaan tries to nudge them awake.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. OMG who is this evil calling mili she is not mili as I think

  2. Excuse me if i’m wrong about this, but I thought Milli was the first one to die after drinking the piosioned milk that Vibha Gave her didnt she?

  3. Who could possibly write soo much evil in one serial?.the writers of this show are too pathetic and they need a mental check of their brain.

  4. After watching today’s episode, I don’t think that is Milli. Look at her reaction when she saw Aaru for the first time and then the way she hugged Vihaan causing Kayra to get jealous. Could she be the evil spirit?

  5. I don’t think that is Mili. Because Milli was such a sweet innocent girl just like Aarushi. . The ending made it more clear. When fake Milli did not like the little girl Aru. I think fake Milli is the one who is pretending to be the evil spirit in the red sari. And fake Mili is the one who made Arhan and Aru unconcious . She is a villain just like Vibha. She pretended to be a evil spirit and frame kyra into looking like a bad insane girl in order for Vihaan and his family to hate Kyra. So yes. I am very sure that fake milli was the so called evil spirit.. and she is too close to vihaan.. she is behaving like vibha.. and when kyra sees Aarushi ghost again in her mirror. She should ask Aarushi if that girl is the real milli or a fake one

  6. @please i think u have missed some part as-
    jhanvi,kasturi and dada ji were the first to drink the poisoned milk, mili had one sip only and was saved but the rest of the family kasturi,dada ji and jhanvi passed away.

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