Satrangi Sasural 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vihaan sees Vibha on a stretcher in the hospital corridoor,He thinks its a dead body and goes. Another ward boy comes and without checking assumes its a dead body and takes it to the morgue.
Arvind comes there and finds Vibha missiong and tells Rani that they will have to search for her as if she reaches the court they will be in trouble

Suddenly the police comes there and asks about Vibha so both of them run and hide in the morgue . Arvind hugs Rani and she says some one will see, Arvind says when we were not bothered in front of your step daughter about our licit relationship then why should we be bothered now. They dontt see Vibha and leave after some time. arvind says he will find her before morning

Aryshi organises all the household things and tells Vihaan to take care , Vihaan says he wont let anything happen to her and they have a tender moment

Girish proposes to Jhanhavi bit she declines and says she is not what he thinks. She feels nausious and tells him to go away and then starts crying that she cant accept anyone’s proposal

In the morning the mothers bless Arushi and every one gives her God’s blessings in their own way. Bua Ma tells her in private that if some thing goes wrong she will confess

Vihaan goes to the hospital to get Vibha and is informed that Vibha is missing , he remembers seeing a ward boy taking a body and remembers that it was Vibha the police starts a renewed search

Rani tells Arvind that she is going to the court and that he should find Vibha and kill her

In the morgue Vibha wakes up and realizes that she is in the morgue , she thinks that her husband must have left her here. She tries to open the door but it is locked.

In the court the proceedings start . Neelima as the defence counsel tells the court that it is not a hit and run as Arushi brought Vinha to the court and now Vibha is fine. The public prosecute informs the court that Vibha is missing

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Gitanjali

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