Satrangi Sasural 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi and Vihaan’s residence
dadaji mercilessly begins to bear prahlad with a cane, while the rest of the family is shocked and tensed, disgusted with his behaviour earlier. He warns him never to repeat such a thing again. prahlad is tensed. Arushi leaves from there in disgust. she gets on the roof, and asks vihaan how is granny. He lies that she is fit and fine, and perfectly healthy. she expresses her hesitations about granny’s displeasure while vihaan lies and assures him otherwise. He then distracts her and asks whats going on in her mind, and asks her not to be tensed for her father. he says that it shall take time, but he shall solve all her problems, as he cant see her bothered, as she is very special for her, despite the special seven places

in her heart for her mother. Arushi smiles.

The next morning, arushi pays one of the contractors, while he asks for the remaining money. Prahlad comes and says that he is here for all that. Arushi stands tensed. She says that it wont be a problem. the vendor leaves. prahlad tries to talk to arushi, saying that she wishes to go to her in-laws’ house bearing bitterness against her father and brother. She turns and says which daughter would want that, but he made a joke out of their relation. he apologises for their mistake, and then asks about the loan that she took for her marriage, and says that she should give it to kasturi, and then give the remaining money in an FD for mini. She emotionally thanks him and leaves. He says that he isnt bad, but is helpless, and asks her to go happily in her inlaws’ house. girish leaves from there. Prahlad is relieved. As he turns around, he finds himself face to face with dadaji. He eyes prahlad angrily, and leaves. prahlad is very angry at dadaji.

As arushi is arranging things, dadaji tells her that she needs to dress up and not work around. He complimnets her on being a beautiful daughter and an ideal wife, and gives her some good marital advise. She thanks him, and he asks her to get ready, while taking on himself all the work.

Later, all dress up arushi for her wedding, and her mother comes and emotionally eyes her. Arushi too gets nostalgic. the friends leaves sensing the emotions. She tells her mother that this day comes in every mother’s life, and hence a daughter should love her mother as much as she can, as one day they have to leave. she hugs her mother and both start crying. Her mother says that she had promised her real mother, that she would fulfill all duties as a mother, and wed her in a nice family, and today that dream materialises. She says that she tried her best, and apologises for any lackness in her upbringing and her love. Arushi asks her to wait, and then tells her that she is going to a new place, with new people, to start a new life, and with her, she isnt taking her real mother’s but her step-mother’s pic, and asks her if it needs to be said, how she has brought them up, they both hug yet again. Later, rosy asks arushi to atleast have juice, while she says that its her fast, which is lucky for her marriage. Mili cones and asks her to close her eyes, and arushi complies. Mili gives her a box and yells surprise. arushi asks why she brought this here. she says that she got gifts for her. As she opens it, she finds small gifts for her with the money that she svaed for her next year’s books. Arushi gives her an account, that she opened for her, so that her studies can continue. She emotionally hugs her sister. Meanwhile, prahlad ducks under a table, stealthily to drink alcohol. he takes quick gulps, and then begins to get up, when his head bounces on the suitcase and outfalls a diary, that has the planning of arushi and vihaan, to get all the mothers to be impressed with her. He begins guffawing. Girish comes and asks whats the matter. prahlad says that he has landed a golden egg, and tells about the plan, as to how vihaan got their love marriage converted into an arranged marriage. girish doesnt see through his plan, and he says that he can use this to blackmail Vihaan. Girish understand it and they both laugh evilly. prahlad and girish drink stealthily, and then hide it under the table and leave.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Nilima’s voice is haunting in the vacant house, asking granny to come out, as vihaan’s baraat is ready. Granny is pacing around nervously when she walks out, and finds vihaan coming back, lying on the horseback, blood dripping from his motuh, and he lying dead. she lets out a scream and wakes up from her sleep, and relieved and tensed at the same time, for the dream. She is sure that vihaan wont get married, and that this relation shall break today itself.

Later, all begin to dress up vihaan, while narmada comes in asking that granny isnt to be seen anywhere for a long time. all get tensed. geeta and narmada get to searching for her. All the ladies are worried to find that granny isnt anywhere. vihaan is angry as to how could granny do something like this, that left them so worried, on the biggest day of his life. Granny leaves back a letter, saying that she is going without saying anything for an urgent piece of work, and shall meet them at the mandap directly. all are tened, with this and granny’s weird behaviour recently. Harpreet says that they should do what they have been told, and should get going. vihaan comes and asks if they found granny. mini lies that she is in the temple, and shall come directly to the mandap. they distract him and get him ready.

Later, vihaan wears the pagdi, in punjabi style, and then merriment and dancin starts, as is customary in Punjabi culture for weddings, keeping in mind, harpreet’s sentiments for her son’s wedding. he gets up on the horse, and all the ladies enjoy. The baraat comes out with full fervour, with all dancing in glee and happiness.

Scene 3:
Location: At the mandap
At the mandap, kasturi is extremely tensed, and dadaji asks her what happened. She distraughtedly narrates everything, hearing which dadaji gets tensed too. Prahlad and girish hear this and are shocked too. Vihaan’s baraat finally arrives too, dancing and enjoying all the way, oblivious of the tension and worry inside. They are upset to find vihaan coming in hale and jolly with the mothers and all other relatives. they are extremely tensed as they come forward to meet the groom and his family. Vihaan stands along with mothers, and finds them all very tensed, getting awkwardly uncomfortable. He asks them whats the matter. All eye each other, while they are coaxed to speak up. Finally, her mother says that arushi isnt in her room, and god knows where she has gone. Vihaan and his mothers are shocked. The screen freezes on Vihaan’s outrageously apalled face.

Precap: In the temple, arushi tensed comes and stands in front of granny, smiling, as granny faces her. Granny asks her that if she wants vihaan’s safety, then right now she should break all ties, with vihaan and his family, and move very far away from them. Arushi is shocked and shattered.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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