Satrangi Sasural 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and the asylum
Nili is using her4 magic to wash the clothes, and granny is shocked to see the clothes swirling themselves inside the bucket. Granny notices mili with her magical powers, and how she disappears in the wall.

Vihaan meanwhile gets kyra out, while everyone is in drug induced sleep. They hear a woman’s voice, and understand that the warden didnt drink tea, and they hide in a room. The warden comes and is boggled to find everyone asleep. She hears the phone ring, as granny calls up vihaan and his phone starts ringing. The warden silently takes the cane of the watchman, and then stealthily comes in, while vihaan silences the mobile. They hide behind the doors, and when the warden enters and finds kyra and is about

to hir her, when vihaan strangles her. Kyra then bears the warden up in front of everyone, asking her to never misuse her power and do this ever again. She vents out her angst and frustration, while the warden winces in pain. pinky and others are happy. Vihaan controls kyra and asks her to focus on running and escaping. He asks pinky to wait for his signal, after which they shall move out too. Pinky complies. they move out. Meanwhile, granny thinks that vihaan isnt here, and mili is a threat to them and wonders what to do. Vihaan gets granny’s call yet again and he receives it hurriedly. Granny is scared and shocked and then tells vihaan and kyra who are tensed, to see her worried. she says that mili isnt a person but a ghost. They are shocked to hear this. Kyra hears as granny narrates what she saw, and they both are shocked. Kyra thinks that the police records are true, that mili died 4 years back. She asks granny not to be afraid, and asks her to behave as if she doesnt know anything. She then says that they arent confronted by a human but a spirit, and they have to expose her anyhow. vihaan asks who shall believe them, and granny too agrees. Kyra says that they have a way, thats by a Mata Ki chowki, and asks granny to announce one, after which she shall handle everything, as this is the battle between good and evil, and that the lord shall support them to expose mili. she asks granny to make preps. she complies. Then kyra asks him if he is with her. He cups her hand and says that he is with her, for eternity. they both hug each other, but are shocked when they find the warden confronting them, and the sirens wailing. The warden says that no one can save them now. They clasp each other’s hands. kyra is sure that they shall get caught. he asks her not to be afraid and trust him, without any tension. they keep retreating back, and then he takes a jet spray to spray paint on her, as they rush away, taking advantage of it. the police comes and finds that they have run away.

Kyra and vihaan come to the storeroom of the asylum, and hug each other, while they discuss as to how long can they escape. Kyra asks how shall they catch her, if mili is actually a ghost. he says that he also cant understand anything, if its a ghost or even mili or not, but asks her to remember that the evil cant win over the good, and he has faith on the lord, and after the Mata Ki chowki, evereything shall be clear. they are determined. They hear a sudden knock, and are alarmed as to who could have been here. The police reach in and find them escaped, and think that they wont be able to run away for long, as they have made a huge mistake.

Meanwhile, granny discusses with others regarding the Mata ki Chowki, andthey are all agreeing, despite being boggled. geeta asks why this so suddenly. granny says that its needed, as she continues eyeing mili with tension and scare, as she works in the kitchen. They find her tensed and asks whats the matter. she says that its nothing and takes them from there. Mili meanwhile, follows them, boggled and tensed. they ask granny whats the matter and what she wants to say. granny says that what she is about to say, shall stun them completely, and then she finds mili’s reflection trying to eavesdrop on them, and says that she has the news that kyra ran away yet again, and says that she doesnt know what kyra wants. Mili is relieved and tensed too. Geeta and others are tensed. granny says that she thought keeping this prayer service, shall keep vihaan away from kyra’s trap. they comply and leave.

The chowki begins in the evening, while granny is tensed about mili’s presence, while all others watch. Granny stealthily moves out and calls vihaan. he says that they are right behind the house, and garnny says that she shall come. Mili wonders where granny is going. granny rushes out to kyra and vihaan, and tells that mili is sitting with the ladies, and she is scared. kyra asks her not to be scared as she shall expose mili, as she wont let anything happen to her Satrangi Sasural, and takes her blessings. Kyra then sends them in, as her coming there isnt safe. they leave.

Inside, narmada and priyanka notice that mili is gone, and wonder where is she.

Outside, mili comes and compliments kyra’s smartness, while she is shocked to see her. Mili says that she knows her plan very well. Mili tells that she shall have to pay for her smartness, for her entire life, and says that granny is about to break a coconut for the prayers, which it shall, but along with it shall cause an explosion too. kyra is shocked and says that this cant be. mili asks her to believe as she has no other option, as she made a huge mistake, as all of her mothers and granny shall die today, and that this is the price that she shall have to pay. Mili asks her to wait for the explosion now.

Inside, granny starts with the rituals of the prayers. She takes the coconut, and is about to break it, while outside kyra rushes for the inside, to prevent granny in time. Just as granny is about to break the coconut, kyra rushes in to stop her from doing so. they are all shocked to see her. He asks why she came here. Kyra tells about the bomb. Just then, the police arrives, and takes the bomb from kyra’s hand, and asks her to surrender as she has broken the law by escaping. He says that they can discuss this later, and first they should defuse the bomb. the police breaks the coconut, but there is no bomb. Mili who has come in smiles amused, while kyra understands that she was befooled. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kyra asks the mothers to ask mili to take the blessings of Maata rani once. they all nudge her to do so. When she hesitates, kyra takes the idol and progresses towards her, while mili is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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