Satrangi Sasural 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi prays fervently in the temple, with teary eyes, saying that today is a special day for her and vihaan, as its their anniversary and that vibha might try to snatch everything, but she knows that the lord is with her, and he shall protect their pious reltionship, from the evil Vibha. manohar comes and congratulates arushi on the day and asks what gift she wants as he couldnt think of anything. she asks for a minute, and then gives him a parcel, for Govt schemes, and then tells him about the life insurance at an incredibly low premium. Manohar thanks her profusely, while she says that its her duty.

As vihaan comes, all the mothers emphatically wish him a happy anniversary, while he takes everyone’s blessings. Arushi eyes

him overwhelmed, as he seems happy. she too wishes him, and he shakes hands accepting her wish. He is asked by harpreet to wish her too. all are scared, while vihaan is boggled why. They are tensed, while granny lies that its arushi’s anniversary too. He is pleasantly surprised, and wishes her immense happiness and that her husband shall come back to her. She asks if he is sure, and that she already feels it. He asks where as she says that she finds him in her heart. the mothers get emotional. he awkwardly faces her, boggled yet again and excuses himself. Arushi then goes to the mothers to take their blessings, and they comply in galore. Arushi then tells them that she shall go to givwe coffee to vibha. the mothers are boggled, while arushi leaves, leaving the others wondering what she is upto.

Arushi takes coffee for vibha in the room, and she asks if arushi thinks that she is so naive, thatshe gives her soemthing to drink today and she shall drink it, as she wont fall prey to any of her traps today, as she might have laced the drink with any dangerous thing. arushi asks her not to drink if she doesnt want to, and then takes it herself. Vibha asks her to do whatever she wants, but she wont eat or drink anything that arushi makes herself, and then eyes the apple kept. she takes the apple and starts eating. Arushi smiles and asks why did she take the apple. vibha is boggled. Arushi tells vibha that she was foolish and she knew, but today it got proven, as she knew vibha wouldnt drink anything that she gets, and hence she didnt mix anything in the coffe, but instead to fool her, she gave poison in the apple. vibha is shocked and scared. arushi says that she is so eager to consummate her relation with arushi’s husband, but now she would not only lose the husband but also her life. Vibha doesnt believe her saying that she cant mix poison in apple. Arushi shows her by injecting the poison in the apple. Vibha is shocked. arushi says that she poisoned her apple just like this, and taunts her to celebrate her marriage now. vibha asks how can she do this. Arushi asks her to rush, as she has already done it. Vibha rushes out, and then starts screaming for vihaan. Arushi comes after her. the mothers are boggled. Vihaan is surprised, as he comes down and vibha clings to him, in front of everyone and then says that arushi tried to kill her, by giving her poison. He asks why would arushi do that. vibha continues to vehemently say it. Granny and the mothers are shocked, while arushi is confused. Vihaan asks how is she so sure. Vibha tells him about the poisoned apple. Arushi innocently says that apple cant be poisoned. vihaan is boggled. Vibha says that if arushi isnt lying, then she should eat the other apple. Arushi stands helplessly. Vibha shows to vihaan that arushi isnt eating, and asks him to rush her to nthe hospital as she has only ten minutes. Arushi says that since noone believes her, then she shall eat the apple. vihaan is frustrated with vibha and her childishness. Arushi continues eating. The mothers are furious at vibha. An irritable Vibha lunges for arushi’s throat, and begins to gag her, much to their shock. vihaan asks vibha to leave her as arushi is pregnant. When she doesnt budge, and continues to suffocate arushi, vihaan jerks her and her hands off arushi’s neck and slaps vibha tight across her face. Vibha is shocked. they all turn to arushi if she is fine, and she says that she is. Arushi thinks that she knew that vibha would behave berserkedly, and this is exactly what she did, as she isnt evil like vibha, and just faked this all, so that he fights with her, and her plans to consummate the night with vihaan, bite the dust.

Vihaan stands outside, extremely tensed and upset. arushi finds him like this, and asks whats the matter, and if anything is bothering him. He says that he shouldnt have done this, and that he shouldnt have slapped vibha. she is tensed, wondering how to explain to him, that what he did was absolutely right, as he has no clue of vibha’s evil intentions and what length is she going to ruin their relation, and that this is the only way left to deal with her. he says that he has decided to go and apologise to her. Arushi is tensed, and as he goes inside, she holds his hand. he is boggled and tensed. she retreats her hand and says that just an apology isnt enough, and that he should go the extra mile, along with an apology to make his wife feel special, as its their anniversary today. tensedly, he says that he doesnt understand anything right now. She asks him to come along. He complies. She takes him inside.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
Jhanvi calls the inspector, shocking kasturi and others. Karuna comes down surprised. Kasturi asks why she got police. Jhanvi says that she had to due to karuna. She thinks that after what she saw, she has no other option, as she remembers karuna asking girish to deliver the money laden suitcase to a particular persn. He asks karuna whats in it, and she responds that it contains wads of notes, which jhanvi sees from a distance. Karuna innocently asks what she means. jhanvi asks her to dxrop the pretense as her game is up, as she doesnt know what motive she has of staying here but whatever she does, she just doesnt find something right. she tells kasturi that if she doesnt believe her, then they should search karuna’s room once, and they shall definitely get something. kasturi is boggled, while karuna and girish look at each other scared and tensed. the police orders the constables to get along, and jhanvi takes them to the room. Karuna stands worried.

Later after the inspection, they dont find anything. karuna asks sadly if she is assured now. Jahnvi is boggled, and comments how is this possible, as she herself saw money. karuna asks her why is she doing this, as if she wants her to go, then she merely should say so, and she shall leave. jhanvi asks her to stop pretending to be innocent, and knows that there’s a motive behind her staying here and once she knows of it, she would expose her in front of everyone. kasturi asks what and why is she saying so, as they cant implicate someone without evidence. jhanvi tells her what she saw, and how girish is also being used by karuna in this. To save his skin, girish tells jhanvi that this is all nonsense. kasturi holds her hand and takes her from there in a rush. The police apologises to karuna and leave. a tensed Girish asks karuna where did the money go, and she smiles back evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The mothers come in, to find vibha in a state of tantrum and despair, as she says that she wont let vihaan be anyone else’s as he is only hers. She throws off the sheets and pilows and bed covers on the ground, distraught and disturbed. As she sees them, she eyes them angrily and with spite, while they eye her with steely eyes. the mothers ask her to lower her gaze, and ask if she thought that they would silently let her do what she wants to, and thats why arushi made this plan, as her dream of uniting with vihaan shall remain a dream only. mini taunts vibha that she got a solid reprimand from vihaan, that satisfied them. she is asked to forget about consummating the night with vihaan and leave. Vibha is determined that despite their efforts, she shall consummate the relation. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: vibha asks vihaan in front of everyone, that now a maid matters to him more than his own wife, and that for her sake, he hit his own wife, and that its better that he frees her from this relation since she doesnt want to impose anymore. Mini taunts vihaan that vibha is right, and instead of carrying on a lifeless relation, they should part ways instead. vibha is tensed. Vihaan tells mini that its nothing like that, as its just a minor understanding. Vibha asks vihaan to give all of her rights as a wife, tonight, to prove that she is his wife and his priority. The mothers and arushi are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Dhanna Sarjoo

    I always thought that Indians were respectable people.. but looking at these serials prove how low and dirty their lifestyle r.. People make serials according to there lifestyle. So shameful. A woman fighting and claiming another woman husband… ..Look at the Americans. Only cheating amd whoring series..

  2. This is not right.stereotyping is really bad.indians are not like this.serials are just fictional and nowadays serials just add stories which are spicy and that doesn’t mean Indians are that way or anything like that. How can u be bias.really shocked to know that people judge mentality of others by judging the serials.not acceptable at any cost

    1. Dhanna Sarjoo

      Look at Americans serials. They mostly for go about cheating on there wives or husband or divorcing, caise that s also how they live. So the seriasl r more than 50% about there lifestyle.

      1. Get one thing straight American shows are much better than this crap. Tell me one show that is about that. Americans have more respect for themselves than these people. Have some shame and fix your grammer.

  3. Vihaan what is taking you soooooooooooo long to recollect your past with arushi here is a way just take her back to the honeymoon and get back in the water reinact what you went through there it will all come back to you but for heavens sake just throw vibhas ass out of that house and writers stop all the dragging please let Vihaan remember before arushi delivers it will be a shame to let her go through the pregnancy without her husband and only to remember when she is about to deliver wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa like THESE WRITERS EARS HARD OF HEARING OR WHAT COMPLY WITH WHAT WE THE VIEWERS WANT YOU HAVE DISAPPOINTED US TOOOOOOOOOO MUCH WITH ALL THE SERIALS FOR ONCE LET A SERIAL END THE WAY IT SHOULD ON A HAPPY NOT

  4. This series writers are putting people off from watching this series it’s going crazy

  5. Good for that wretched Vibha,she got two consecutive slaps from both Aarushi and Vihaan.There should be a hatrick,a third one.
    Aarushi should have really fed her poison.It is good for witches,like her.
    And yes, I just want Aarushi’s baby to be born,I am sure he/she will teach her a lesson as well.

  6. the next script I find the writers should write is one where arushi take the same medicine that vibha is administering to Vihaan and starting off with two at a time put it in a drink for vibha let her forget everything that happened to her before then throw her ass in jail with the other two her husband and stepmother and then when she come out of it let her see who she landed up with in jail that would be poetic justice and what a laugh that would be LOL

  7. Agreed with u keen observer.

  8. I can’t understand why one of the mothers or even Arusha can’t tell vihaan not to take d meds from vibha n instead take it from d mothers. Or at least make him cautious. Or perhaps maybe d doc has prescribed some new meds n to stop taking d old ones n instead take this which is now in d hands of one of d mothers.

  9. Marie Raphael

    I cannot take this show anymore. I’m tired of Vibah I think its best Alvin had killed her,.

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