Satrangi Sasural 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra is shocked to see such ferocity at the mention of arushi, and her stuff being burnt. He reprimands her and tells her to never bring up that topic again and storms out. She is tensed. she says that she knows that he loves arushi a lot, who didnt even care for her life and her sacrifice isnt letting him forget her, and today also he has clutches on to the memories of his late wife. she promises that she shall risk everything and sacrifice for her family, and make it just like it was, as she loves him, and he is the father of her children.

Vihaan gets back aru from the school, and she tells him that its kyra’s birthday tomorrow, and arhaan told her, after checking her birthday on facebook. He reprimands them. she asks him

to plan a party, wherein he remembers her love and concern, and granny’s advise, and agrees to host a party. He smiles at her, and they both walk off. Aru enters the house, and tells granny about kyra’s birthday. granny comes and asks kyra why she didnt tell anything. Aru is disappointed as its a surprise, but says that they shall have a party and cake. Kyra asks who told her about the party. aru says that its vihaan, who comes in just then. she shys and looks at him lovingly, while he staresat her too. he then comes in, and goes in the room. She is tensed. Granny tells her that she knew all would be right, as on her birthday tomorrow, a new start shall happen. Kyra says that she too has a surprise for the Sasural, and teases her that she wont tell her, as she doesnt leak secrets. they have a good laugh.

Later, in the night, granny and vihaan discuss about his past and present, and how he cant forget arushi and is doing injustice to kyra. he says that they should do something special for her, in reciprocation of what she did for their family. Granny says that he should plan, as he is the biggest gift for her, being her husband. He is set to thinking. He remembers her concern on various instances. Granny asks him to listen to the heart, as then the decision shall be easy, and act accordingly. they go in.

Meanwhile, in her room, kyra talks on the phone, that everything should be as per the plan tomorrow, as she wants her satrangi sasural to have a makeover. Then she cancels the call. She is oblivious of the spirit that lurks at her window. but it disappears, when she looks at it. She comes out but doesnt find it, and she wonders if its the same spirit that arushi warned her about. She finds the store room open, and goes in. She starts hollering as to who is it, and why is she hiding.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Sunny enters stealthily, in Pinky’s room, calling her. But he isnt able to find her. she comes and starts hitting him with a rod. The antidote works and whatever he says, she speaks negative and continues to bash him with the rod. he is shocked at her rude behaviour. he comes and lands right on dolly, who is utterly romantic with her. He begs her to leave him, while she leeringly goes on. pinky comes out and finds them like this, and starts reprimanding him bashing him again. he manages to rescue himself from both the women somehow.

Narmada and harpreet along with priyanka who did the shadow trick on her, with a shawl smile that it worked and lock the door of the store room. harpreet was determined that she would fall prey. They are determined to show it to others with proof this time around.Vihaan comes inside with granny just then, with her asking him not to be so nervous. He is hesitant and wonders how he shall tell her. The ladies come out and then again rant that kyra is hypnotised and now they have proof. Granny is shocked at their shamelessness. priyanka asks her to see the evidence first, and shows it to them, on the CCTV footage, that they recorded in the laptop. They are shocked to see kyra going in and then screaming ion the ghost room. geeta, vihaan and granny are boggled. geeta asks how did kyra enter here, as its locked. They find her going through the secret door, and exiting out. they are stunned. He comments that it seems like some secret door, and where does it open. Priyanka says that they have locked the store room, as thats where it opens, since spirits need to be tarpped. he is tensed that kyra is captive inside. He reprimands and goes inside, while kyra tries to open the store room from the outside and wonders who might have tried to lock the door. Outside, narmada asks him not top open the door, as he has to decide now, if he wants to get kyra treated or he wants to die. he is tensed. harpreet and others too ask him to decide. Kyra starts knocking the door from inside, and they are shocked. He decides to go and opens the door. He opens the door and looks in. They dont find anyone, and he asks how is it possible, as there is no one inside. They scream for her, while they hear kyra’s voice from behind. They are all shocked. narmada asks her not to come close, and geeta starts to chant. Kyra asks whats the matter. he asks her to explain, while showing her the video footage of the CCTV that capture her going in through the main door. Kyra is shocked. harpreet asks how long she wanted to hide. kyra asks what truth. Harpreet asks where she went, and kyra tells about the mysterious shadow. Narmada asks how she knew about the secret passage. granny too asks her to respond, as things go against her. priyanka says that she was inside, and the store room and ghost room was locked, then how did she come out. Kyra says that she told pinky to open the door. they are shocked. Kyra says that she doesnt know what they are trying to say. Narmada asks about the secret passage, and she stands tensed. He too asks her to respond. Kyra finally tells them that arushi told her. they are shocked and stunned into silence.

Meanwhile, outside, as she shuts the door, pinky wonders whats going on, and maybe kyra is the real ghost, as thats the only exp-lanation as to how she got stuck inside. She is sure of that. she gets to locking the door, unaware that the ghosty is actually lurking behind her at a safe distance, watching her move. Pinky tries to open the door, when she feels something ghostly and gets scared. she intuitively feels that there was someone inside, and runs away without closing the door. The mysterious ghost gets in.

When kyra explains everything and her talks with arushi in the mirror, they are sure that she has gone insane. She says that she shall call arushi rightaway. She looks into the mirror, and asks arushi to come, so that she can explain how she knew about the door. they are disturbed and distraught to see her like this. She begs them to believe her, as she isnt lying. She keeps talking to the mirror, desperately in tears, begging her to listen. He gets upset and asks her to compose herself, and kyra keeps screaming. she looks across as a mad person to everyone, and he asks her to stop it, as she has gone mad. She is shocked. he storms out. harpreet says that its good they have evidence today, so that they could prove that she has gone mad. they all leave, but granny stays back. kyra keeps saying that she isnt mental and is saying the truth. granny composes her. Kyra keeps pleading. The screen freezes on her distraught face.

Precap: Kyra tells arushi that she has put a stop to all the work that arushi wants her to do. She says that till she doesnt make her existence felt to other people, she wont take a step ahead. Arushi complies, and asks her to do some ritual and puja the next morning, where she would make her presence felt. the next morning, as kyra complies, and does the ritual, while spraying holy smoke around the room, vihaan comes in happy and gay, and all the mothers rush to him, asking where had he gone. he says that he wants them all to meet someone, and shwos them a girl, who he identifies as Mini, arushi’s little sister. they are shocked, while kyra is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Omg she didn’t die well i hope she bring closer to kyra n vihaan n oust arushi ghost

  2. I am glad Mili is still alive.. I remembered when Vihaan and Aarushi rushed her to the hospital . to have the poison removed in time to save her. I guess Aarushi sent her to help Kyra and Vihaan come closer 🙂 Also Aarushi father and her brother are in jail… So her dad , brother and sister are all the only family she have left remaining alive.. or her father and brother must have died or something

  3. Hope MINI is the missing link that can help VIHAAN move on

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