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Satrangi Sasural 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The family is surprised to see a happy Arushi wearing a western outfit. She says she doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow and there’s only one more day for the court hearing. Hence she wants to live it happily and wants to do something that she’ll always remember. Vihaan looks at Arushi and Harpreet says it’s not good to stare like that. Vihaan reminds her that she is his wife and he tells Arushi to cover herself up but she doesn’t. Arushi says she has three wishes that she wants to fulfil and the first wish is that no one should cry. For the second wish, Arushi gives each of them a small paper and Arushi says no one should question her.

At the hospital, Vibha’s husband and mother are stunned to know that Vibha is still alive. The Inspector interrogates

Vibha but her husband and mother threaten to hurt her if she speaks a word. Vibha is terrified and doesn’t speak anything. The Inspector calls the doctor to check on Vibha.

Arushi tells Vihaan that she wanted to take everyone to the pub, but since she couldn’t they would be partying here only. Vihaan points out that usually people wear western outfits and Arushi says she knows that. Right then, Arushi welcomes the women who have dressed up wearing lovely oufits for the party. Arushi starts playing some music and the whole family dances together. After a while, Vihaan receives a call informing him that Vibha is awake. Arushi is happy and thanks God for this miracle. Vihaan says he’s going to see Vibha at the hospital.

For the third wish, Arushi gives Priyanka a paper with kathak’ written on it. Priyanka disagrees and walks away. Arushi is sad as Priyanka is upset because of her. The family tells Arushi not to worry as she didn’t do anything intentionally.

The doctor informs the cops that Vibha will be present at court tomorrow. Her family decides that she shouldn’t not reach the court premises at any cost. Vihaan bumps into Vibha’s husband but doesn’t recognize him as he disguised himself as a ward boy. He was all set to take Vibha out of the hospital but the doctor stops him. Meanwhile, Vihaan asks the nurse if Vibha is alright. She tells him that Vibha is all set to go the court tomorrow for the hearing.

The doctor tells the ward boy to help him shift one of the machines. He leaves Vibha aside and goes with the doctor. Vihaan tells the nurse that he will be coming tomorrow morning to ensure that Vibha reaches the court on time.

At Vatsal household, the family is pleasantly surprised when Priyanka starts her dance performance. At the end, Priyanka collapses on the floor.

PRECAP: The family tells Arushi not to worry about anything. At the hospital, Vihaan is stunned to know that Vibha is missing.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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  1. this serial and doli armaano ki are taking way tooooooooo long to update

  2. I agree

  3. Plz hurry and speed up this show i am getting sick n tired of this going so slow like some snail or turtle stop drag this accident episode just end it so boring now nothing interesting we want to see some action not some slow goat story

  4. Vihaan and arushi is one of the most romantic onscreen couples. Hope you come to South Africa soon

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