Satrangi Sasural 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaira returns home. All mothers welcome her, but she stands at the door as Dadi is standing at distance. Dadi then welcomes her inside saying house and family is hers only. All are happy. All mothers and Vihaan take Kiara to her room. Mothers are pampering Kaira. Vihaan sends them outside saying Dadi called them. After they leave, Vihaan apologises to Kaira as he was not with her during her difficult time. Kaira forgives him and says she will make sure no trouble comes on this family and all are always together. Vasundra says she was helpless that’s why she had to drop Kaira back to Vihaan’s home. Other hand, Dadi prays and asks the lord to protect them.

Next day, Kaira tells Vihaan that Vasundra took care of her so well. They should thank her. Tai ma, Jhumni come there saying

they need to solve mayawani matter and good news is that they got her address. Vihaan and Kaira say that’s Vasundra’s address. Jhumni asks Vihaan if he saw anything when he got into her house yesterday that can give them any clue. Vihaan recalls he saw the same crystal ball which he saw with mayawani when he was kidnapped. Kaira also recalls strange events that took place with Vasundra such as dropping her home without asking address, calling her without Kaira giving her number. Kaira says they need to get all information about Vasundra. If she is mayawani then she can harm their family a lot. Vihaan says they will have to do something. Kaira says she got a plan. They need to get that crystal ball from Vasundra and then Jhumni can find out what’s in it.

Vihaan and Kaira come to Vasundra’s house. Vasundra looks from door hole and wonders why they came. Before she opens the door, Tai comes there. Vasundra thinks of not opening the door. Vihaan and Kaira ask Tai ji why she came. She says she just wants to see Vasundra. Vihaan and Kaira send her back. Vasundra then opens the door. She welcomes them inside and says she’s glad to see them together. Vihaan tries to get out information indirectly, but she asks him to tell her directly what he wants. He asks her about the crystal ball. Vasundra says she saw it in an auction 2 days ago. She liked it, so bought it. She asks if he believes in black magic and all. He says he was just curious. She asks him if he needs it. She goes to get it and gives it to him. Vihaan thinks their work got done so easily. Vihaan and Kaira leave.

They meet Tai ji, Jhumni. Jhumni takes them to her place. She puts the ball under sun to see whether it’s real or fake. Other hand, Vasundra has same ball. She says Vihaan and Kaira have just seen good side of her. Now they will see terrifying side of her. She will never give that ball to anyone. It has all information about her.

Precap: The ball that Vihaan has turns out to be the real one. Other hand, Vasundra is angry at herself how she made such a big mistake.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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