Satrangi Sasural 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi and vihaan dance on a slow, romantic number sensually. Then the choreographer calls Kasturi, arushi’s mother on thedance for her performance. She is hesitant but they all cheer her up. she takes the center stage, as all clap and cheer for her. She gives a beautiful rendition and heartwarming take on Banno re banno meri. All get emotional including arushi. She comes upto her mother, and hugs her. Girish moves aside and sneaks out stealthily. He presents a dramatic entrance dressed as the shy bride, shocking and amusing everyone, while arushi’s family feels embarassed, barring prahlad, as he taunts all the mothers through a dance number.

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Prahlad and his sister go out, and order the waiter for an alcohol, and throw their weight around. the waiter complies and goes to get alcohol for him. Inside, Arushi addresses them all as the shy nervous bride, about her anticipations and apprehensions of being in the new house and her adjustment to their temperament, but she dismisses them all, saying that she is excited, happy, surprised and thankful, for the relation, that replaced one mother with seven mothers in her life. All get emotionally overwhelmed to hear this, s she talks about the love and faith that they have showered on her, that it doesnt feel a strange house anymore. She professes that she loves them all, and in every birht, she would want to be the bahu of this house, and if not possible, then the daughter of the house. She finishes by saying, that if she ever made any mistake, she apologises profusely for it. This brings a tear to even the most unbelieving of eyes, inclusive of granny’s. Narmada goes emotionally and hugs her. All the ladies follows. Vihaan gets emotional and relieved to see arushi winning over everyone’s hearts. Just then, prahlad comes in dancing and singing, in his drunken condition, embarassing one and all, drawing everyone’s attention and ire. Vihaan and his family is mortified, while the ladies are stunned. others ask about where he got alcohol from, as they didn get any. prahlad tells everything. He asks harpreet how did she manage without alcohol, as punjabi weddings are incomplete with alcohol. He taunts that the obnoxious granny must have given this order. girish is tensed and tries to take prahlad away. Arushi too asks him to take her father away. prahlad continues to say that he is just happy, that the person who she loves is finally marrying her. All are shocked, while vihaan and arushi are scared. she asks him to stop talking, and he asks who is she so scared of. Vihaan goes out angrily, while prahlad continues to say that this is extremely festive that his daughter is getting married, and hence he got drunk. she pleads to prahlad to be quiet, while he says that two lovebirds are finally meeting, and hence drinks are definitely to be arranged. The ladies are boggled and shocked. The guests are boggled that this was claimed to be an arranged marriage. Drunk and inebriated, prahlad leaves no stone unturned to embarass arushi, vihaan and the families, much to everyone’s tension. He is about to spill a secret, that has arushi scared. But vihaan comes in with a Nagada, that douses prahlad’s noise, and distracts everyone, as they forget prahlad’s misbehaviour, and begin to dance and enjoy. arushi is still tensed though. Just then someone comes and says that there’s fire outside. They all rush out. Mili’s screams shock them all. they rush out to find the area in fire, and mili trapped on the other side. arushi is distraught, as all start screaming. mili helplessly screams out for help. All stand shocked, scared and tensed. The ferocity of the fire stops everyone. finally, vihaan makes his way through the crowd and is shocked to see Mili trapped in the fire. Arushi tries to go ahead but vihaan stops her. He immediately jumps inside without a scare of his life, shocking and upseeting his mothers greatly, to save mili, grabbing someone’s shawl. All the mothers almost have a heart attack, while granny faints. As he comes out with mili, arushi and her family, excluding prahlad and girish are emotionally distraught and relieved overwhelmingly, as how vihaan’s heroic act saved her from losing her life today.

In her room, granny rests, as the doctor prescribes her rest, and some pills, for the trauma caused due to the tragedy. He leaves. all the mothers are tensed, to find granny lost. they ask whats she thinking, as vihaan is completely alright. Outside, dadaji and kasturi are tensed. Vihaan along with arushi assures them that granny is okay. Kastrui is emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude at his effort to save mili. He nullifies the statements saying that mili is his sister too, and he shouldnt be treated like a stranger. he says that its getting late and they should leave. She asks them to let her stay back, but he assures them that its a big day for them and lots of preparations are left, and hence they should make a move. they silently comply. Vihaan stands tensed.

Inside, granny gets up and all the ladies attend to her. she says that things arent right. She points out all the omens that have happened since vihaan’s marriage got fixed with arushi, and how they all indicate towards the ruin of the house, and asks them to believe what they see, and not what they hear from her. All the ladies are tensed, and ask her not to think like that. narmada calms them down, and asks how can they postpone the wedding tomorrow. Granny asks if they can risk vihaan’s life for this. but she is convinced otherwise by harpreet. Vihaan comes saying that actually its something else, and then gets them casual saying that its just a loose wire, that caused the fire. She asks him not to joke, and he says that he isnt. Vihaan says that omens arent over his mothers’ blessings. granny sits sullenly, as he asks her to stay happy, as he is going to be the groom tomorrow, and his mohers’ dream is going to be fulfilled tomorrow, and he is one step away from conjugal life. granny is tensed, thinking that she has suffered enough, but she wont be able to see her family going into ruins. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Granny is pacing around nervously when she walks out, and finds vihaan coming back, lying on the horseback, blood dripping from his motuh, and he lying dead. she lets out a scream.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Why are all these bad things happening.Can”t an Indian wedding take place without all these accidents and all these omens.Don.t they believe in some higher power that could keep them.All these sanctimonious rituals and they still have these superstitious beliefs.Get the two young people married and bring some joy into the script.IT is becoming too drawn out.It is tiresome to watch.It makes you fee sleepy.Put some pep into it please.

  2. Too boring .

  3. Granny the dreamer,pls stop all this rubbish.

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