Satrangi Sasural 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan comes in front of everyone and calls mili an impersonator, saying that mili died your years back, and she is befooling them., they are all shocked. he shares the news kyra unearthed and tells them. Granny and vihaan are tensed along with other mothers, at the recent happenings in the house, regarding kyra and mili. Muili later, gets everyone emotional reminding them as to how she was saved from child labour, and how he saved her brother too, and asks if they think still that she is forging her identity. Mili asks how would she know if she is an impersonator. The doorbell rings and then vihaan rushes out, as all are tensed. the police comes in and start searching the house. They demand about kyra vatsal, when vihaan asks whats going

on. He says that she isnt here. He says that she ran away from mental custody and if she gets caught that can mean severe consequences. Mili sees them and shys behind. The search is in vain, when vihaan says that they are wasting their time, as she isnt here. he also adds that it was told that he too is involved, and they are all tensed. He says that they have other means of getting the truth out. The mothers come and stand shielding their son. The police watch tensedly. he thinks that kyra can come at any time, and if she is seen, then they would immediately arrest her. granny vehemently protests that he isnt involved in anything like this. Nilima also suggests that she is a lawyer and knows that he cant do this without a search warrant and asks him to back off.

meanwhile, outside, kyra lingers around saying that they need to expose mili. he sees kyra lingering in the campus, while vihaan starts screaming to alert kyra, that the police is here, vehemently protesting that kyra isnt here. Kyra gets the hint and turns around, but finds mili staring at her, teasing her that she might try bsmartness, but she can never win her. Kyra tries to move but her feet but isnt able to due to mili’s magic. she is shocked, while mili asks her to accept defeat, but she says that she shall protect her satrangi sasural. She lunges at her, but she disappears and appears behind kyra. Kyra is scared. Mili pretends and screams for the inspector to save her, and they come out to find kyra, who is shocked as she runs away from there. vihaan comes out, and eyes mili and then rushes after them. Mili smiles. Kyra is taken into custody, while vihaan says that she isnt mad, while the police warns him not to interfere. kyra begs to be saved, but she is taken away, while vihaan is distraught as he sees helplessly, her being taken away.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence Mili continues practising her black magic in the room, and swears that all shall be killed. she then comes and stands in front of the mirror. mili notices her reflection in the mirror, and evilly comments that kyra shall never be able to defeat her, as she is too weak. then she transforms, from her reflection to standing in front of the mirror, many a times. Then she leaves. Arhaan, who is watching this magical display is shocked and in tears. In his tension, he comes and hugs granny, scared and upset. they are all tensed as to why is he scared. he comes and points to a room. they all ask whats the matter. He tells them hesitatingly that mili’s feet are turned the other way round. They are shocked and rush to check. They are about to lift the covers, when mili wakes up and asks whats the matter. they are all tensed. granny says that she thought its severely cold, and if she needed another blanket. Mili refuses, and then calls arhaan to come and sleep, but he is scared and hides. He hides behind geeta. she isboggled. Granny says that he wants to sleep with them, and asks her not to worry, as they can manage him. they all leave. Mili wonders whats with arhaan and if he saw something, that made him so scared.

Scene 3:
Location: Asylum
Kyra is thrown back in the mental ward, wherein the warden comes, and she protests that she didnt do anything. the warden warns her that today she shall serve as a lesson to everyone who tries to escape from here. Vihaan disguised as a ward boy, comes and gives a hunetr to the warden, who mercilessly beats up kyra, while she keeps crying that she didnt do anything. He however is somehow able to relieve his anger, by clenching his fists. he thinks that this is the only evidence that can save kyra, and has to bear this somehow. tears however stream down his cheeks. Pinky watches and is aghast too. He comes to her, after the warden leaves, and then places his hand on kyra, who screams that she didnt do anything. then she recognises him and is shocked, as they both get emotional. He looks around and then uncuffs her, and hugs her tremendously. she begs him to take her from there, while he adds that he is there for that purpose itself, and begs her to trust him. She says that she has been hurt bad, and thatits paining. he is apalled at her injuries, and then applies ointment and hugs her back.

The next morning, vihaan drugs everyone to sleep, by mixing sedative in it. He then thinks that the medicine has worked, and now he should get to getting kyra out of the asylum. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Granny notices mili with her magical powers, and how she disappears in the wall. Granny is scared and shocked and then calls up vihaan and kyra who are tensed, to see her woried. she says that mili isnt a person but a ghost. They are shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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