Satrangi Sasural 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: At the temple and vihaan’s residence
Vihaan remembers the direction towards the tree, correctly, much to her happiness. They rush towards the tree. Arushi explains the ritual of the tree to him, and he asks iuf she believes in this. she complies, saying that the last time, he did this, and wished for something, he got it. She asks if he would like to try again. he is boggled as he takes the coin, and again goes near the tree.

Meanwhile, vibha has difficulty breathing, and is nauseous and dizzy. manohar sees this and gets tensed for her. he opens the door. vibha wakes up evilly. he tries to stop her, but she runs out. He thinks that she is a witch.

Vihaan does the same ritual yet again, with the tree. Arushi eyes him overwhelmingly hopeful. He

starts remembering having done this before too, as he has memory flashes. Both are however oblivious that vibha is climbing up the stairs, to find vihaan. Vihaan meanwhile has flashes of all of his memories of time spent with arushi, though hazy yet visible, till the time they got separated under water. He places the coin, and it sticks to the tree. He opens his eyes, and arushi is extremely happy. When he wakes up with a startle, he looks at her shocked, while she waits for his reaction and response. she asks if he is okay, as he seems restless, and asks if he rememberede anything back. he stands speechless. She is highly worried. suddenly, he starts muttering, while she has tears in her eyes. He starts singing their song yet again, Jeena Yahaan, Marna Yahaan. She is overwhelmed. vibha watches them from a distance and is shocked and outraged. Arushi thanks the lord that the day isnt far when vihaan remembers everything back, and wishes that their child first plays in his father’s arms. Just then, vihaan gets dizzy and falls unconscious on the ground. Arushi is shocked and asks him to open his eyes. Vibha tries to touch him, but arushi warns her not to. vibha asks if she thinks she is smart, and that she wont be able to snatch her vihaan from her. arushi gets into a rage, and slaps her tight on the face, warning her not to utter vihaan’s name as her husband, and asks how can she be so shameless as to lie in the temple. suddenly, vihaan wakes up screaming arushi’s name. Both the ladies are shocked. Arushi asks if he remembered anything. vihaan asks what happened. Arushi reminds him what happened before he went unconscious and asks if he rememberede anything. he says that he fell dizzy. vibha wonders what he remembered. he says that he had hazy flashbacks, but couldnt see clearly. He takes arushi’s hand in his, and asks her to take him home, as he isnt feeling well. She complies and takes him from there. vibha stands distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: girish’s residence
Jhanvi is cleaning karuna’s room, finding it in a total mess, where she accidentally opens the suitcase, and finds wads of notes inside it. jhanvi wonders if karuna has so much money then why is she staying here, as her husband had supposedly taken everything, then why is she keeping so much money in the suitcase. She thinks that she should find out about karuna more, and decides what to do, and should she tell to kasturi, as she cant out the family at risk, the one who supported her in her dire need, she cant betray them now. she wonders whether to tell girish or kasturi first. she is tensed.

Downstairs, Kasturi talks to arushi, and asks her to be careful and cautious in whatever she does. she is tensed for her daughter. Karuna asks her not to worry, as from what she knows about arushi, she is strong and has the will power to face this and overcome successfully. Jhanvi comes looking tensed. karuna hands the baby to jhanvi and goes up. girish goes after her in tow. Jhanvi wonders why he went after her, boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The doctor says that there’s a good news and a bad news. They are tensed. the doctor says that the good news is vihaan’s condition is improving and he is remembering old things. He says that the bad news is that this incident has caused him severe health backdrop, as it brought back memories, and his BP went abnormally high, due to which he fainted, and a recurrence of this incident might induec a heart attack. He asks them not to pressure vihaan into remembering anything, and if such an incidence occurs again, he should be immediately called. They agree. the doctor leaves. The mothers leave tensedly. vibha is left alone, while vihaan sleeps. She eyss the fresh batch of meds evilly, thinking that she wont let arushi’s dream be fulfilled ever, as tampering with the meds wasnt right fully done by arushi, as she would now just increase the dose to two tablets than one. She says that she would throw arushi soon out of the house, and might even kill her if she has to.

Later in the night, arushi is guilty that her pressure caused vihaan’s unconsciousness. Narmada asks her not to worry, as vihaan has made a considerable progress, and shall soon remember everything, as fate and estiny land them another chance to make him remember what he rememberede hazy today. vibha comes from behind and says that seeing dreams is nice, but they shouldnt hope for fulfilling them, as its idicoy. All are tensed, including narmada and arushi. She gives arushi, her anklet that she forgot near their almirah. All are shocked to see it including arushi. Vibha shows it to her evillyand then gives, asking if she actually thought that she would change the tablets and she wont know about it, as she was an idiot to think so, and tells her about how she has doubles the dosage. They are apalled and distraught. geeta and other mothers ask her not to harm vihaan. Vibha says that she wont, but then they should stop siding with arushi, as if she is sidelined from this, then they can live peacefully together. granny says that this is impossible. Vibha asks them to face the consequences then and reminds them that its vihaan’s anniversary. arushi lights up saying that its the date of her and her vihaan’s marriage, and she cant forget it ever. Vibha tells arushi that tomorrow’s date she shall remember forevere, as vihaan and she shall unite forever, by consummating their marriage. Arushi is distraught to hear this, while all mothers are surprised. Vibha says that she had promised arushi that she would take away everything, and now she is just one step behind her, and tomorrow, that shall disappear too. they are shocked. The screen freezes on arushi’s distraught face.

Precap: Vihaan is surprised, as he comes down and vibha clings to him, in front of everyone and then says that arushi tried to kill her, by giving her poison. He asks why would arushi do that. vibha continues to vehemently say it. Granny and the mothers are shocked, while arushi is confused. Vibha lunges for arushi’s throat, and begins to gag her, much to their shock. vihaan asks vibha to leave her as arushi is pregnant. When she doesnt budge, and continues to suffocate arushi, vihaan slaps vibha tight across her face.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oh no.. is that stupid vibha going to give tablets again to vihaan. 🙁

  2. maria christodoulou

    when this nonsense will srop??the writers dont have better ideas for this serial???waiting to be better in the comming epi so that I can watch it again.

  3. this is what I am talking about these writers now why make arushi go through all this trouble to change the tablets and see improvement in Vihaan only to go backwards and make vibha find that the tablets have been changed and to start administering it again writers please we need to go forward stop the dragging and going backwards and the only reason causing this is because you do not know what the hell to write again and hence the reason you are going around in circles writers really sit and take time and see what you are doing to these serials my gosh it is time to end the vibha tract arushi is near to have to baby so you will continue writing shit and not going forward to end this serial and in the process upsetting the viewers please writers once again do the right thing and unite arushi and Vihaan quickly and avoid the inevitable that the serial needs to END ON A HAPPY NOTE


  5. Can’t wait for tomorrow where vihaan will slap vibha wish if he remember everythings in tomorrow episode

  6. Omg! Tonight episode was fantastic! Esp when vibha was suffocating! Lol :v ……I can’t wait for tmro when vihaan will slap vibha! Yipeeee:) 🙂
    I just want arushi and vihaan to be together again <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. Thus episode was exciting but writers please end this vibha act it too much now let vihaan and arushi unite again

  8. It was suppose to be this episode

  9. All these indian serials have these in common: couples do not stay united for long and the villains sever for ever and ever and sometimes do not get punished for their evil doings! The message is therefore most negative and viewers get really frustrated and sad!!!!!

  10. will this have an end? please move on you are standing in the same point please go on with new ideas and please give vihaan his memmory back please writers it it’s a humble request

  11. OMG a double dosage of tablets?? really?? i want vihaan to get his memory back as soon as possible and dispose of Vibha!!

  12. Pls pls let us have vihaan regains his memory not lose it again pls. Give us fun and real entertainment pls. Thank u.

  13. Probably the double dosage of arushi tabs and vihaan will get rapid improvement how this is writer idea

  14. Hope that’s the writer idea

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