Satrangi Sasural 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kaira’s residence
kaira comes to her house fuming, with rage at vihaan’s slap, and arranges some girls on the phone to meet her rightaway. Bebo comes asking whats the matter. she says that she wishes to meet grandpa. but bebo says that he is busy with his son. Kaira is tensed. Inside the room, grandpa tells his son curtly that he wont give him anything from his property. he rudely asks if not him, then would he leave evrything to nkaira, and that being the son, he is legitimately the heir to his property. he asks grandpa to stop with the legal proceedings. grandpa says that he desrves it, and or else he shall have him thrown out. his son gets angry and do whatvere he wants to. grandpa is tensed, while his good for nothing son, guffaws. he says that

he gives grandpa a week’s time, to resort to what he wants, or else there shall be dire consequences, and asks grandpa if he understands. he stands worried. His son leaves. He comes out and finds kiara eyeing him angrily along with bebo. he lewdly comes to her, and asks how is she doing. she doesnt respond and flinches at his slightest touch. he comments that she has grown big and beautiful. bebo tries to take her away, but he rudely asks her not to interfere in their family matters, or else he shall berak her leg, as he is her maternal uncle and has a right to talk. kiara intervenes, and shoves him away. he asks her to chill, as he is coming in some days and then they can talk at leisure. he leaves. bebo leaves tensedly. kiara decides not to disturb grandpa, about what happened to her today, as he is already worried.

When grandpa brings up the topic of marriage, kiara flinches and says that she doesnt want to. bebo comes and hears them talking. grandpa says that her maternal uncle wont let him live for long, and wants to see her marriage before he dies. kiara gets upset at this. He asks her to give it a thought atleast. She agrees complying to his wish. bebo gets tensed and calls someone, saying that the situation has worsened, as the maternal uncle had come and the old grandpa is trying to get kiara married, and they have to fast forward their plan, for which he shall have to come tonight itself. The man agrees.

Later, in her room, kiara and her girlfriends, dress up in disguises of men, and are ready for their plan.

Scene 2:
Location: Kaira’s reisdence
Vihaan tells them all about arhaan and then adds that their pampering has spoilt him. Arhaan addresses kiara as mother, and asks why he raised his hand at the lady, and asks why did he shove her away, as mothers are hard to find these days, and he pushed her away too. Vihaan stands tensed, while the mothers are boggled and tensed. vihaan says that he shall hit him, if he ever calls that rude lady his mother again. granny asks vihaan to control himself, and then takes him away. he lashes out at his mothers, that he had made a promise to arushi, to take care of his mothers and children, and he cant even do that properly. he asks them to realise whats happening to the children. he wonders helplessly why cant he control his anger at them, nor take responsibility of his children. geeta comes and asks him why doesnt he understand a simple thing. She points to everyone, that believe it or not, not only the children, but vihaan himself too needs another life partner. Vihaan gets angry and clutches at the tablecloth, and throws all the glasses on the floor, shocking everyone. He frustratedly says that no one can take arushi’s place in his life, and he doesnt want any discussion on this. they are all surprised at his reaction. geeta says that turning a blind eye wont solve the situation, and the truth is that he needs to get remarried, if not for himself, then for the children. Vihaan says that the truth is that arushi is the daughter in law of this house. geeta tries to point out that she is nomore. He screams at her, and then frustratedly walks out to the door, and then gets tensed. harpreet and narmada lash out to geeta for upsetting vihaan again and again on the very touchy and sentimental topic to him. narmada says that noone can take arushi’s place. mini says that its been four years arushi left, and everything has changed. She says that noone bothers to take care of the children, if nothing else. She is in favour of vihaan remarrying so that the kids have a mother to grow up responsibly with. geetasays that she and priyanka too weant him to be remarried. Vihaan finally lashes out saying that its enough, they are shocked. he asks how can they go on the same topic, and says that he wont get remarried, and his decision stands final, as noone can replace arushi in this house. they eye him surprised.

In the room, aru excitedly asks about their mother from arhaan, and he tells about kiara excitedly. She asks him to hush up, or else vihaan shall listen and get angry. he says that he doesnt care as kiara is the best fit for a mother, as she could silence even their father. they are set to thinking.

Later, on the road, vihaan gets an apology card from arhaan, who says that he wants him to apologise to kiara, and had arushi been here she would have wanted him to do the same thing, after scolding him for his rude behaviour towards the girl. hw decides to comply to arhaan’s wishes and give the card to the girl. he drives off.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Kiara explains the plan, that they need to nab him, while she slaps and then they run off. they feel confident. While riding the bike on the road, vihaan is stopped by them dressed as goons, whose leader actually is kiara, disguised as a Sikh. they prepare themselves and spring into action. she asks vihaan to get down, when he asks what happened, and asks her men to nab him. Vihaan asks who are they. They capture him, while he asks whats going on. he has his doubts while she tries to stay in character, so that she doesnt give away. She asks him not to stare at him. He overpowers them all, and then grabs kiara by the arm, and turns her around. she gets scared and comes to her normal voice, as she finds herself cornered and alone, when her allies run away. hearing a woman’s voice from a man’s bosy, boggles vihaan too. he turns her around, while she is scared. he asks her who is she. She doesnt give in. he takes off her mustache, while she winces in pain. She tries for a peace truce with him, while he angrily snaps off the beard and the turban too. kiara apologises while he is shocked to see her. she tries to smile to get him to cheer up, but he holds her hand, and scold her. just then, the girls hit him with an iron rod, and he clutches at his head and winces in pain. they ask her to go ahead and slap him. She treis but isnt able to. They all rush off from there. she is tensed and worried for him, but they instinctively drive off, as she grabs her turban and runs. He manages to get up somehow.

In the car, the girls ask why didnt she slap him. She says that she couldnt as he was on the floor, injured. She then finds the card inside the turban cloth. She eyes the card, and then finds that he had come to apologise and shows it to the girls. they realise that it was their mistake and are frustrated. Kiara says that they didnt do right. the girls blame it on her, as it was her plan all along. She is upset. They tell her that she should apologise, and she is surprised. meanwhile, vihaan thinks that the next time he finds her, he shall teach her a lesson. He refers to her as a spoilt brat. The screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Kiara eyes a fake tantric doing some spells on narmada on the road, with geeta’s supervision. she turns the man around and then hist him tight across his face. he rushes off from there. Then she grabds hold of geeta in anger. But vihaan stops her hand by holding it in between. She is surprised to see him. Vihaan asks how dare she raise her hand at his mother. Enraged, geeta asks if he knows her. He identifies her as the same woman who had planned to hit him with her gang. meanwhile, narmada with her open hairs, and in a dazed state eye them all boggled and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. I miss arushi in this show…the veiwers are getting boring n started to stop watching this drama…including me…

    1. You are right Tanisha,I too stopped watching.Even I want Aarushi,and Vihaan is right,no one can take Aarushi’s place in his life nor in the serial.
      To Aarushi:
      Please come back for all your beloved viewers.We miss you.
      Please come back,at least once.
      We will always love you!!!
      I am writing this comment with the hope that you will read it.
      I truly miss you Mugdha and I want to let you know that Satrangi Sasural means nothing without you.
      With lots of love

  3. This is worse then crap
    It like we don’t even know this show anymore it a waste
    Waiting for reading n watching this it a waste of time n energy it best u go and catch ur beauty sleep or do some thing good

  4. I cant see vihaan with anyone else..arhaan is the best pair…i cant accept this viara pair 🙁

  5. arushi needs to come back….its becoming a bad drag!!!

  6. worse serial ever



  8. MaressaStyles

    arushi get back in this soap now or I will stop watching n reading

  9. This show is gettin boring..

  10. Without Arushi is like soup without salt.. totaly lost flavor. I dont even have the energy to watch it anymore. I just watch pieces of clips to see whats up. Arushi needs to come back. It should have ended with Vibhas death and left Arushi family alive.. biggest mistake

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