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Satrangi Sasural 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan apologises to her, while she is tensed and boggled. inf rustration she lashes out at him, as to how he is stuck in the past and his entire family is. he asks her to stop the arguement and the fight and move on, in the good spirit of things. she then starts reprimanding him that he is still stuck in arushi’s past and that he needs to moveon, because by clutching on to his memories of wife, he isnt letting arushi’s spirit free. He says that she has said enough and asks her not to exceed her limits and that she needs to back off. he tells her not to talk about arushi. She tells them that with arushi’s death, four years back, he and his family too died.

Outside, geeta asks bebo to get lost, while harpreet tries

to get aggressive. geeta tries to calm her down, while the other members ask bebo to leave. But she does enter into a scuffle with harpreet and she hits her head on the table, and all are shocked. Their screams reach vihaan and kyra too. they come out to find harpreet unconscious and are surprised. the mothers are apalled and tensed. bebo stands tensedly. Kyra immediately calls the doctor and then asks them to come. Narmada asks kyra to stop as its all due to her only, that they were fighting. Bebo says that she isnt the caretaker, and then tells that harpreet came to stab her with a knife, and hence deserved this only, and actually she needs to be in jail. geeta asks bebo to be shoved out. All are concerned for harpreet. the doctor comes and checks her pulse, while they anxiously throng her with questions. He does a thorough checkup, while all watch. Finally, she comes back to senses, with a headache and all are relieved. The doctor tells them things, while kyra takes bebo inside. she asks bebo whats all this, and why was she fighting with them. bebo tries to convince her and justify why it happened. kyra tells bebo that if she says anything to her mother in laws, then there would be severe consequences. Bebo is shocked, but kyra asks her to shut up, as its enough, as she wont say anything to her mothers at all. vihaan comes in and hears this and is tensed. Vihaan tells her that if she wishes to leave then she can and he wont stop her. he asks bebo if she can go out, as she wishes to talk to kyra alone. Kyra asks if he actually wants her to go. she says that to hell with this contract marriage and this deal. she says that grandpa told her to trust him, in his dying breaths, and then asks where would she go and who would she trust. she then shows him the letter that grandpa wrote asking her not to trust anyone except vihaan. He remembers how grandpa was impressed by his honesty. She says that she trusted her grandpa hence she married him. She says that the children are very important for him. he is surprised and watches tensedly. She says that she wants this marriage and arushi’s place, not for him, but for the children. she says that now she shall do everything she can to save this marriage, and reminds him that she isnt going anywhere. Vihaan eyes her surprised. She storms out, while he is tensed as he eyes the paper.

Later, in the night, while kyra is sleepless, she eyes a silhouette in the window. she rushes to go and see but doesnt find anyone. she then comes out to find priyanka stealthily opening her suitcase and keeping her earring inside. this shocks as well as boggles kyra, wondering why is she doing so. she decides to go and talk to her, but mini stops her and then takes her from there. kyra tells mini that they need to tell everyone about her and stop her. Mini tells her that she suffers from kleptomania, a medical disorder, and kyra asks why she didnt do anything, if she knew. she says that priyanka suffers from depression since arushi died, and a confrontation shall only worsen her condition.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
The next morning, bebo walks on the road highly concerned, about kytra’s changing behaviour and as to how, nothing is changing as per the prophecy and how vihaan isnt even coming close to death. she asks for a certain godmother and a sanyasini from a passer by, and he gets scared and tensed and walks off. Bebo is worried.

Scene 3:
Location: Kyra’s residence
The next morning, when kyra comes out dressed, she finds everyone tensed and worried, looking at her with confrontiong eyes. She asks what happened, and why are they staring at her, as what did she do now. harpreet says that what she did is as lowly as what she is. narmada asks her to stop the pretense as she knows everything, that she is stealing in her house. priyanka watches tensedly. narmada accuses her that she took arushi’s jewellery and also the 200 missing from the competition reward. Kyra is shocked, and eyes priyanka, thinking that she caant tell about her, as the mothers would say anything, as when she did the internet research, she found that such people can be furthermore depressed, if confronted. She asks where is mini. Narmada says that she has gone for a walk, and asks her not to distract the topic. harpreet thinks that she has trapped her completely this time around, where kyra shall not be able to escape. harpreet thinks that priyanka’s act shall be dealt with later on. narmada asks where are the earrings. Kyra asks why would she do that and asks what proof they have. harpreet asks if she wants proof, then does she have the guts to show them her stuff so that they can find out. kyra is boggled, and vehemently protests to everyone that she didnt steal. narmada says that if she has nothing to lose, then she should show her stuff. harpreet takes kyra’s hand and goes to her room while others follow. They are all tensed, while harpreet starts the search, the first box is empty while the other one contains money, and shows it to everyone, about the money in it, and then also takes out the earring. Kyra along with others is shocked too, as harpreet holds it up accusingly. vihaan eyes kyra, while priyanka watches tensedly. harpreet asks her to respond now, while kyra stands helplessly. She adds that kyra wont be thrown out now, but be sent to jail. She is about to throw kyra out, when mini comes in from her walk, shocked and surprised. harpreet says that she doesnt know what kyra did. mini says that she knows everything, as to who did what and who didnt. Kyra stops her, but mini asks her to let her speak. priyanka gets tensed. Mini turns to granny and then tells everyone that kyra didnt, but priyanka stole everything. All are shocked, while priyanka is stunned, as all eyes turn to her, boggled. Kyra eyes them apalled. Priyanka faints and collapses on the floor, shocking them all. The screen freezes on Kyra’s shocked face.

Precap: Kyra confronts priyanka, and she tells kyra that just because she stayed quiet, doesnt mean she accepts the truth. priyanka says that she wouldnt have even imagined she would get beaten up so bad, if she tries to as much as insinuate that she did the thefts. kyra is boggled. meanwhile, the godmother says that there’s some noble power thats stopping the ill effect of kyra’s destiny on vihaan. She says that in this bottle, that spirit has to come captive for the prophecy regarding kyra’s husband to come true. bebo eyes the bottle intently.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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