Satrangi Sasural 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
harpreet nudges vihaan who is stupefied to see arushi’s stuff burning, as tears splotch down his face. kyra herself douses the fire, saying that she cant do this, and asks him to do it instead. they are all horrified, while kyra continues that if he loves her actually and wants her spirit to be set free, then he has to burn it, as then arushi would have been victorious when she gets salvation from his hands. he is boggled. Narmada still clutches at the pic. they are all emotional and teary eyed. Meanwhile, the spirit watches them from afar. The spirit says that she should have killed kyra when she had the chance. she says that she wont let her die so easily, but make her die in the same way that she had tortured her terribly.


kyra is in bitter tears, when granny comes and asks her not to lose hope, as she knows her intentins arent wrong. Kyra begs that she didnt do it on her own, as arushi asked her to do this. She then goes to the mirror and begs her to come, while granny stands boggled. Arushi comes and tells her that what she can see, others wont. Kyra continues to talk, and asks why is she doing this, as they are thinking she has gone mad, and asks her to come and rectify everything. Granny comes and asks who is she talking to. Kyra asks if she isnt able to hear, and shows arushi in the mirror. She tries to talk, and granny asks her to rest. she resists that she is right, and asks why is she creating so much trouble in her life. Arushi says that she has earlier told too, that she has to fight it alone, and she cant help her too, bit infact helping her spirit be free, she would help her. She says that whats happening to her isnt unexpected, and asks her to go on. Kyra continues to badger to granny that arushi needs salvation, while she asks her to go and rest for sometime. kyra insists but granny lovingly puts her to rest. Kyra is extremely anxious, while granny leaves. Kyra comes to the mirror, and asks why is she doing this, and begs her to come in front. Arushi keeps eyeing her tensedly.

Outside, vihaan comes with arushi’s stuff. They are all tensed. geeta tells granny and others agree, that this girl cant stay with them anymore. He sits tensedly. granny says that noone shall do anything or say anything else, as she didnt actually burn. Narmada says that had she burnt it, they would have burnt her too. granny asks him to come aside, while others are boggled and infuriated too.

On the road, granny tells him that maybe kyra suffers from some mental sickness, and instead of blaming her, he should be with her, with care, love and affection, the kind that no one can give instead of him, and she expects it from him too, as she is his wife, and she has done to him and his family, what noone can. he asks if she saw what kyra was about to do. Granny tells him that she saw, but what she did was logiacl, as she has seen kyra’s eyes full of love, and its natural for her to do this. Just then, geeta comes out and tells them that harpreet and narmada have gone inside kyra’s room and bolted it from inside, and god knows what they are planning to do.

In the room, narmada and harpreet say that they know she isnt doing this herself, but due to some spirit, and hence they have to do this with her, as they tie her up. They all are shocked as they hear vihaan and granny’s voice, who scream at them to open the door. harpreet continues with the ritual. Vihaan rushes in along with granny, to find the mothers having tied up kyra in ropes, and gaged her too, while she lays distraught and apalled. Granny is shocked while he unties her. Narmada says that she isnt in her own senses, and hence cant be kept loose. he asks her not to talk like this. he says that no one has the right to behave like this with his wife. Untied, kyra gets up and clutches vihaan tightly in a hug, and he is shocked. The mothers watch tensedly. He remembers granny asking him for caring for kyra, and he hugs her back too caressing her back, while she is startled herself too. He comforts her that all would be okay, as she isnt alone and he is with her. narmada and harpreet eye her angrily. the mothers leave. he asks her to stop crying, as he is with her. she eyes arushi smiling at her from the mirror. Kyra smiles back too.

Outside, granny reprimands them for having done this to kyra. she says that she is embarassed that they are her bahus, and she cant even throw them out as she too is a mother in law, and this is the difference between them and her, and she is disappointed once again,. harpreet says that today a stranger became so important that they are being reprimanded for her. Narmada says that they shall all regret it, as this girl shall only bring trouble, as they talk about the ghostly spirit captivating kyra. garnny says that if they talk like this again, she would thrash them too. geeta too emphasises that there areny any ghosts. They get into a tussle yet again, and geeta says that noone does this to their worst enemy, and asks them not to do this again, as she runs the house, and she shall have them thrown out. They leave, while narmada and harpreet think that they have to do something to show it to them, and for which they shall need money. They come and find priyanka with money, and asks how much they need, as she too wants her out. They are shocked. They decide to implement their plan.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Sunny gets a potion for pinky, and tells her that this is the antidote to the love potion that her mother accidentally took earlier. she is overjoyed to hear this. he gives it to her, and then mixes it in the juice for her mother, which they can serve her. later, pinky serves juice to her mother to drink, while she is suspicious. Dolly starts playing a game with pinky, mixing the glasses after putting a coin in one of them and then they both drink one of the glasses. Sunny hopes that she had the proper drink. Dolly finds out the glass with the coin, meaning she took the safe drink, while pinky took the medicine laden drink, and is horrified as to what shall happen now. After dolly leaves, sunny comes to her, trying to find out, whats the matter, and pinky hushes him away, asking him to never bother them again ever.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan tells her that she neednt bear it unnecessarily and asks her to go and enjoy the luxurious life. She tells him that her heart is here where her mothers, her children and her husband, he is here. he gets up and turns away, while she eyes him emotionally. She tries to reach out to him, and says that she knows he likes her too, but the fact is that he has held himself to the past and doesnt want to go away from it, and asks him to swear on his heart that he doesnt like her and asks him to speak up. he is tensed. She says that he shall have to think about his kids and his mothers, and free himself from the past. he doesnt want to discuss it. She says that he knows she is saying the truth. she keeps trying to convince him, that arushi needs salvation after burning her stuff. But he pins her against the wall, and says that he shall not have this conversation ever again, as he loves her the maximum, and arushi and he cant want salvation from each other. he asks her not to mention it again. the screen freezes on kyra’s tensed face.

Precap: Kyra goes inside the store room, and inside the secret door. narmada and harpreet lock the door of the store room. They are determined to show it to others with proof this time around. He opens the door and looks in. vihaan and granny along with geeta are horrified at their rants once again. Kyra comes from behind and asks whats the matter. he asks her to explain, while showing her the video footage of the CCTV that capture her going in through the main door. Kyra is shocked. Narmada asks how they knew about the secret passage. Kyra tells them that arushi told her. they are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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