Satrangi Sasural 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mili calls up the warden and who tells her that kyra is right here, whereas she is forced to do so, as she is gagged by pinky there. this shocks mili completely, and she is utterly at disbelief, and wonders what is going on, as the warden cant lie to her, and then if it isnt kyra, then who is trying to scare her.

Meanwhile, vihaan and kyra along with dolly, celebrate their first victory, as mili is extremely scared. but they say that they cant hold off the warden away for long, as it would pose a risk to her, from the warden nor can she be able to ward her off for long. Dolly is very tensed for pinky. kyra assures her that nothing shall happen to pinky, and says that she has a solution, and then tells it. they are surprised but comply.

meanwhile, dolly notices something and goes out. Vihaan tells kyra that they have to check police records of the last four years, to find out where mili went after disappearing when her family was killed, and what caused her to become abnormal from normal, and then they can find out about mili. Kyra agrees saying that they shall have to expose the truth about mili, as otherwise she poses a threat to the family, and decide to work on it togteher. priyanka, hearing to them, from a distance, is however shocked that kyra involved him too in all this. She is about to go and tell mili, when dolly comes and gags her and takes her away. She comes back and tells vihaan, who assures kyra that she shall be out permanently from the asylum, about her gagging priyanka because she was going to laert mili. they are shocked, and kyra doesnt like it, but he assures that they shall be doing it temporarily, for the sake of her satrangi sasural only. they are alarmed as they find mili going out, and he is sure that she is going to check on kyra in the asylum, and hence decide that they cant let her be alert. kyra is apalled and all stand tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Asylum
Mili comes and decides that if kyra isnt here then she shall know that she is the one behind scaring her. But she finds kyra on the bed, visibly scared and terrified of her, and wonders whats wrong, and who is after this then, if not her. As she leaves, kyra thinks viciously that she wont sit in peace till she exposes her. Mili meanwhile misses pinky who has gagged the warden. when she goes out, mili decides to try the warden’s number, while pinky finds her going, and goes to kyra, asking her to take her along too. kyra refuses saying that she needs to take care of the warden and promises that she shall get her out in the next 24 hours. Pinky is assured and leaves. meanwhile, mili finds that the ring of warden’s cell, is from the building only, and hence rushes inside the room, and discovers her gagged, and ungags her. Pinky rushes in just then and is shocked, as she rushes away from there, seeing mili and the warden. she goes to the room and closes her door. Mili comes and with the magic opens it, and then gags pinky to torment her, while she vehemently protests that she doesnt know anything. Mili asks the warden to take care of pinky, while she takes care of kyra.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Priyanka tells what she saw to granny aqnd others and all are shocked. Vihaan comes in just then, and is about to say something about whats the reality, when mili walks in from inside, pretending to be distraught and horrified that he too was involved in all this with kyra. he eyes her tensedly. she says that she has ensured that kyra stays in the mental asylum, as she called and got to know that kyra left the hostel, and has also filed a police complaint.

Kyra meanwhile surfs through the police records, after she and a constable find them with great difficulty. she is apalled at the way arushi’s family died, and then reads something that shocks her. she immediately calls up vihaan, who receives his call in front of the family, and hears that mili died 4 years ago in the accidental tragedy. He is shocked, as he eyes mili, and kyra confirms that she herself saw but cant believe and says that she is very scared, as the girl who is in their house, if she isnt mili, then who is she. He is completely baffled, as he eyes mili, who is tensed at the weird way he is behaving. he storms in, and they all rush after him. Mili wonders who called him, and what did he know that he is reacting like this. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan disguised as a doctor, comes and gives a hunetr to the warden, who mercilessly beats up kyra, while she keeps crying that she didnt do anything. He however is somehow able to relieve his anger, by clenching his fists. Meanwhile, mili notices her reflection in the mirror, and evilly comments that kyra shall never be able to defeat her, as she is too weak. then she transforms, from her reflection to standing in front of the mirror, many a times. Then she leaves. Arhaan, who is watching this magical display is shocked and in tears.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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