Satrangi Sasural 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Mini is super furious at what vibha tried to do to arushi, and rushes inside to punish vibha. But they all stop her asking her to be patient. As they all stand outside vihaan’s room, they hear vihaan severely reprimanding vibhas for what she did, while she vehemently denies that she didnt feel like eating. Arushi and others are happy, and hopeful, that like this only, he shall drive this lady out of their house. they are determined. they go out and tell granny and narmada too about the fight. Vihaan comes out meanwhile fighting with vibha. Vihaan tells her that she is crossing her limits, and what she did today was completrely wrong, and that he doesnt want to discuss it at

all. She asks him to listen to her once. He says that

what she did today was despicable and he isnt able to digest it at all. she says that its

okay, as she should also make it clear, that till he doesnt forgive her, she wont eat anything at all. the mothers and arushi watch. he asks her to

do whatever she wants to, and storms out. arushi faces them stoically. Granny tells vibha that just like this failed attempts, all her attempts would fail, and soon she shall be out of the house. Vibha storms inside angrily.

later, in the night, while arushi is working in the kitchen, vihaan comes stealthily, and she is surprised. she asks if he needed anything. He says that he was hungry. she says that she shall lay out food for him. He urges her not to work, as she is in delicate condition, and that he shall manage himself. as they both reach for the plate, their hands meet, and they eye each other romantic yet awkwardly. Then he retreats his hand, and tells arushi that he shall wait at the dining table. Once she is laying out the food, he sits wondering why does he feel so comfortable, around arushi, even more than his own wife, and that this is utterly wrong, but beyond his control. she comes with the food. he asks why is shee a maid, and if she really is, since he has noticed that she is well literate and educated, then why such a menial job. She says that she is helpless. He asks whats the helplessness. she says that some sensitive things are best left undiscussed, for now, and he silently cmplies.

The next morning, vibha wakes up to find vihaan gone. The maid comes and tells her that he has taken arushi to the hospital, since manohar didnt come. The maid leaves. she is frustrated. She wonders what does arushi want, and if she actually thinks that she can restore his memory, as that wont happen, till he gets meds from vibha. She goes to the almirah and takes the bottle out. Vibha eyes the meds evilly, oblivious that they are merely vitamins.She is tensed though, when it falls on the ground, and along with it falls arushi’s anklets, and wonders how can the anklets be here , till arushi didnt come to the almirah. she wonders if she tried to clear the almirah. She takes the tablets out and sees them, and thinks that the tablets are the same, and that she has another stock, which she can verify and cross check from. she eyes the tablets and finds that they both are different, and understands that the tablets are changed by arushi, which is responsible for vihaan’s recent behavioural change.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified Location
girish comes to an awkward place, where he finds shady people sitting. Before he can deliver the parcel, he hears a ruse that the police has come and the people start running for escape. while the others are nabbed, girish escapes somehow, through the window, and throws the parcel indiscreetly under a log of woods. he misses being caught by an inch of his hair.

Scene 3:
Location: Girish’s residence
Karuna slaps girish tight across the face, when he narrates what happened. He says that he didnt have a choice as the police came. She says that he should have shot himself then, to escape being caught by police. She asks if he realises what harm he did for her. girish says that he has had enough and that he is going to the police right now, to turn her in, she asks him to remember that she stays here with her stuff, and if she is caught, she shall implicate them too, and he wouldnt want that for his family. He is helpless and apalled. She says that as a compromise for what happened, he shall have to do a work for her tomorrow. He is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: In the temple and vihaan’s residence
Arushi thanks vihaan for getting her here, as she wanted to pray here before going for the test. He thanks her instead, for getting her to this place. He extends her hand for her to be able to climb the stairs. She places her hand in his, as they eye each other, while vihaan is confused with mixed emotions, as arushi eyes him overwhelmingly. He gets a call, from vibha, and arushi is tensed. he tells vibha where he is. Vibha asks how could he go with the maid to the temple. He cancels the call due to poor signal. Then he begins to walk to the temple. Vibha is terribly tensed. she hastily comes out, to find manohar standing beside the car. she understands that it was all a plan, their mixed one, and says that she wont let them succeed. She ask for the keys, and he says that he doesnt have them and they are inside the car. she steps in, and he locks the car from outside, using the keys. she signals him to open the door. manohar pretends not to be able to hear and goes inside. vibha is outraged, as she sits locked inside the car.

As they both pray, arushi fervently hopes for the lord’s blessings and for a miracle, to get vihaan back to them, as they cant fight like this for long. the temple bells start chiming. Vihaan meanwhile has flashes of past memory and is tensed and boggled. He tells arushi that he feels that he has come here before. Arushi is shocked, and asks if he feels so. he complies. she asks him to remember more, placing her hand on his wrist. he tries hard to remember, and gets flashes. she silently thanks the lord. He opens his eyes with a startle, as he is boggled, and asks if there’s any place around, where people wish for things. she agrees, and then asks him to remember more, whats in the temple. he is boggled, and asks if there’s a huge tree thats considered scared. she happily says yes. He looks around, and says that he doesnt remember which side. She asks him to, hopefully. The screen freeezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan does the same ritual yet again, with the tree. Arushi eyes him overwhelmingly hopeful. When he wakes up with a startle, he starts muttering, while she has tears in her eyes. He starts singing their song yet again, Jeena Yahaan, Marna Yahaan. She is overwhelmed. vibha watches them from a distance and is shocked and outraged.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. Nice episode i was a Lil upset with vibha finding out that the medicine was change but seeing vihaan having those flashbacks make me believe he finally getting back his memory love the precap can’t wait for tomorrow vibha be prepare cuz ur end is near

  2. Kristelle

    This show is not known to me to be dragging at all, so I am still shocked that this memory loss thing is going on. I hope it comes to an end soon.

  3. come on writers you already made one mistake by allowing vibha to find the bottle of the vitamins along with arushi anklet and the other bottle of tablets that vibha was administering to Vihaan what is really going on we want Vihaan to remember before arushi has the baby and this is dragging along too long now why mess up things for arushi now when she is now making some progress with vihaans memory for once writers allow a couple in love to be happy and end this damn unnecessary storyline with that evil vibha writers it would be very unfair for Vihaan not to get some quality time with his pregnant wife arushi imagine all these wasteless months passing by with happenings that only a father will enjoy with his pregnant wife like for instance feeling the baby kicking rubbing arushis tummy caressing and taking her out for drives rubbing her feet etc, all these things poor Vihaan is missing out on come on writers be smart for once and get this serial on its way eliminating that unwanted storyline with vibha WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF IT I SAY END IT NOW

  4. Marie Raphael

    I hope Vibah fall off a mountain. Hate her to death. These writers dragging the story too much… Steeeeewwww FED UP Someone please when vihaan and arushi is reunited i shall watch again

  5. acu

    Please make vihan remember every things and trow away the vibah….send her to jail to meet her step mother…and her husband….

  6. acu I have been saying the same thing for the longest while those three need to be together in jail they are three of a kind in the beginning what they were doing to her I felt sorry for her but after what she did to arushi and Vihaan she needs to join her husband and stepmother in jail

  7. Janet

    I really want vibha to be thrown out of that house because she is a snare to arushi and her love. And i love the coperation of the 7 mother inlaws they’re simply the best. I cherish this play.

    • Kristelle

      so I guess Vihaan is NOT going to get his memory back soon, especially that Vibha knows the the medication was switched. Steups….Why Satrangi Sasural starting to get like the dragging Kum Kum Bhagya?

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