Satrangi Sasural 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Nilima and arushi come and try to get narmada to agree, that he is a changed man, and shall only give nilima happiness. Narmada asks her to do whatever she wants to, but no involve her. Arushi stands and speaks, that she is verey young, but still is saying, that she is wrong here, and the fear of the past, stops her from joining relations in the present. She tries to show nilima’s happiness with gautam. narmada asks her to stay young, if she knows that she is, and asks her to stop speaking. She shuts the door on them.

Downstairs, priyanka wonders if this marriage shall get through, as there are lots of issues. Arushi comes and assures gautam not to worry, as granny’s decision on having the marriage is final, and so shall

be it. She takes the shagun, and then presents it to vihaan, bringing the offer of marriage and asking him to accept on Nilima’s behalf. He happily complies and smiles, and both thank each other. All are happy and smile, while priyanka is still tensed. vihaan hugs gautam, while arushi asks gautam to go home and prepare for marriage, and not bother for narmada. He blesses her to be happy, and then leaves, taking everyone’s greetings. All congratulate each other. nilima thanks arushi profusely, and says that granny is hurt at narmada’s words, and she is tensed. arushi assures that everything shall be alright. Priyanka taunts arushi that she is going against her in-laws’ home and its a grave mistake. all are tensed. Arushi tells vihaan that granny is neither opening, nor responding to door knocks. He says that narmada has really hurt granny, and she must be feeling hated right now, and wonders how would Nilima’s marriage make everyone happy. She says that narmada is so upset, hence spoke such, and she definitely loves granny. he is still tensed. she says that she has an idea. Meanwhile, narmada is very guilty as to how she could say all this to granny, and how hurt she must be, and how she would ever face granny again. Vihaan walks and finds her tensed. he says that what she did was right, and was right in saying what she said. he speaks her tone and says that he too felt the same, and truly granny just shows a fake display of love and affection and that she is noone to take decisions. She asks how can he have no shame, and even think like that about granny. He hopes arushi shall come soon. he thinks that arushi’s reverse psychology plan is working. he wonders why is arushi still not here. Narmaada asks whats he looking around, and asks whats he saying. he continues to further instigate her against granny, while she asks how he got such a thinking, and never utter anything against granny. She asks if he has forgotten everything. Meanwhile, Arushi is about to knock on granny’s door, when mini stops her, asking her to let granny rest. She wonders what to do now, as its really necessary for her to get granny to narmada’s room. When mini doesnt budge, she dials on the telephone landline, and mini goes to receive it. Arushi takes this chance to get to granny’s room. Vihaan meanwhile keeps asking her to leave the house, which just has a fake display of care by granny. She is unable to hear so, and slaps him, asking how can he speak in senses, as she just said it in anger. she sayss that she shall never leave her mother, as she is a mother, and not a mother in law. vihaan hears emotionally. She recounts what all favours granny did on her, and wonders how could she ever think of saying such things to her. she is oblivious that arushi and granny are listening. granny gets emotional, as she hears that narmada idolises her. Granny calls out to nher, and she runs and hugs garnny. vihaan and arushi stand smiling. others come in too, and arushi is praised for her plan. Vihaan teases that he got slapped. granny punishes them for foolling both of them, that both of them shall take the responsibility of arranging nilima’s marriage.

Scene 2:
Location: Gautam’s residence
When he returns home, gautam’s parents are super excited that he must have encashed the cheque and brought the money. he informs them of nilima and his marriage, and how her family agrees. He goes inside, while his parents fume with anger. His father says that he has a plan, which shall ensure that they dont have to work for the rest of their lives.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s and vihaan’s residence
As a person is on the gate asking prahlad for money, he sends him off, with the promise to pay soon. He gets inside, and says that he has to repay his bills of alcohol. he asks her for money. she says that she doesnt have, and nor will she ask arushi to give him. He asks her to sell her jewellery. she says that he hasnt left any. He eys her mangalsutra and she clutches tightly, saying that she wont let go of this. He requests and coaxes her, while she is adamant. He suffocates her saying that he doesnt want to kill her. He is shocked, as girish comes and stops his hand. prahlad is fuming, while kasturi is shocked. Prahlad asks him to leave his hand, while girish says that he crossed his limits and he wont let him do so. Enraged prahlad begins to beat him with his belt. after taking a few blows, girish grabs hold of it angrily, and then jerks it away, while prahlad falls on the floor. Kasturi somehow manages to lock girish inside, while prahlad gets angry at her for turning his son against him, and drags her out of the house.

Mini calls arushi distraughtely and asks her to come home rightaway, and tells what prahlad. arushi stands shocked and dazed. vihaan is tensed to see arushi so worried. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Dadaji tells in front of everyone, that this day forth, prahlad ceases to be his son and that he is dead to him. prahlad is shocked. Arushi tells vihaan that prahlad has always given such grief and pain to everyone, and that they should implement the punishment that they thought for her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I am sick and tired of these mothers only whining.They whine in the morning ,in the afternoon and at nights.If given a chance they will whine in their sleep.Goodness gracious,let the woman try to live with her husband again.I know of people separated for years because of marital and family differences and then get back together again and live a wonderful ,loving,respectable married life.There is room for a second chance.Learn to respect people’s choice .

  2. come on writers prahlad is overdoing it now do away with him once and for all he is the biggest loafer out he is a disgrace to society no one would like to have a father like dad always drinking and stealing and before long he will kill someone to satisfy his own sickening habits come in kasturi thrown prahlads ass out of he house for a grown man he need to take some responsibility for his actions why doesn’t he want to work he is toooooooooo lazy and he wants to do is live off of others earnings Vihaan please come to the rescue quickly it is about time prahlad be send to jail without the possibility of payroll or send to a mental institution either way get rid of him pronto

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