Satrangi Sasural 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As kyra trumps harpreet in front of narmada and geeta, she is overjoyed, while harpreet resignedly agrees to go with her. As they leave the room, geeta amusingly comments that the girl is something, while narmada is irritated. In the kitchen, harpreet starts cleaning, while cursing how she is making her do the work. Kyra asks her to let be as she shall do. harpreet immediately agrees and asks her to do it then. She leaves. Kyra gets to doing it, frustrated with her challenge and on top of that, she had to wear arushi’s dress today of all days, as he had clearly instructed her not to damage them. she asks how can she clean without soiling the clothes. Her earings itch her ear and she is irritated. she says that she wont bear his anger.

Shje decides to go and change the earrings. She puts them on the table in the room. She gets back to cleaning in the kitchen. priyanka comes and eyes them lying solely on the table. priyanka comes and pinches one of them before anyone sees her.

Outside, while vihaan is tensed, granny comes asking if he is thinking of kyra. He asks why should he and gets defensive. She asks that there’s no problem in him thinking of his wife. He asks what if he falls in love with kyra, and this hatred turns into liking. he says that he has always mainatained that noone can come in his life except for arushi. she says that its time for him to move on. He asks if she could love anyone after grandpa, as love happens just once. She says that she was 54 and hence didnt have the need for another life partner, but when arushi left them, he was only 28 and that moving on is tough, but life isnt merely breathing, as he has his whole life ahead and asks him not to keep himself captive in memories. he asks why is she talking like this, as she needs to accept the truth, and asks her not to fill kyra’s mind with these ideas. She says that he has held his past and not looking at the future. he says that he is like this, and asks her to understand that he would be far worse, if kyra as much as damages or loses anything of arushi. Granny is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Sunny is playing hide and seek with pinky, when she goes out and dolly enters. blindfolded, he catches dolly and starts romancing. Pinky hides behind the curtain, while her mother reprimands him for his indecency, and slaps him tight. He gets dizzy from one slap and falls unconscious on the floor. she leaves in a huff. Pinky is frustrated and extends her hands to him, for him to come. but then bebo comes in calling, and pinky hides yet again while she stands and starts talking to him, while due to th slap, he isnt able to hear anything. He wonders whats she saying, and why cant he hear anything. he pretends to give a smart ass comment so that she doesnt guess that he cant hear. She slaps him back again, and this time, due to the counteraction, he is able to hear again. he thanks her and leaves. she wonders what to do with this idiot and how to get him married to kyra, and since vihaan’s death bis 3 months away, she prays to the lord to send some sense into him.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra comes back to find one of the earrings gone, and switches on one the table fan, for air. She wonders where it went. She prays to the lord to help her out, and starts chattering without realising that she is too close to the fan. she gets to searching for it, and in that hassle, as she bends down, her dupatta gets stuck in the fan, thinking that if she isnt able to find the earing, he shall eat her alive. She tries to get it out, while its stuck, as she switches off the fan. she tries to carefully take it out, scared of vihaan’s reaction if anything happens to it. She finds that there’s a huge gaping hole in the dupatta, from the other end of which, she finds vihaan coming in. As kyra comes arranging her clothes, vihaan is shocked to find a tear in arushi’s suit that she is wearing. he asks how dare she damages it, despite his warnings. He says that he had told her not to do this to arushi’s stuff, as its too important to him. she says that she didnt intentionally do it, but actually it got torn by itself, being stuck in the fan. She tries to convince, but in his fit of anger, he raises his hand to slap her, but she holds his hand midway, asking him not to even dare do that ever again, addressing him by his full name. all the mothers are shocked and apalled. she jerks his hand away asking whats their problem, as whoever wishes slaps around, and asks if this is their behaviour and culture, and if this is the mannerisms they boast of. She asks him to get this clear that she isnt those women who bear everything silently, as she has the guts to stand up against him. he tries to talk, but she shuts him up, saying that he has said enough, and she has heard and suffereed enough, and before they throw her out, she shall go herself. she says that she shouldnt have come here, as she was wrong, no responsible person can stay here. harpreet tries to speak, but she shuts her saying that she of all people shouldnt speak. she says that she doesnt wish to prove anything to anyone. she says that if arushi bore it doesnt mean that she shall too. She says that she doesnt wish to accept any challenge, and then in her aggression, throws away the plant, saying that she failed, as this is what she wanted after all. she asks whats her fault, that she fell in love with the children, as they are too sweet, but unfortunately they came top the wrong parent and family. She goes in. Vihaan and the mothers are tensed. harpreet continues to instigate about her bad behaviour as a mother and bahu, as she has spoken enough and she shall teach her a lesson. vihaan goes in. harpreet is about to go in, when bebo comes and says that if she says anything to kyra, she shall have to regret it all her life. harpreet asks her to step aside. She doesnt. they enter into a scuffle, in which finally bebo throws harpreet on the groung. the other mothers get to bebo.

While kyra is hurriedly packing her bags, vihaan comes and apologises to her. she is boggled. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Vihaan tells her that if she wishes to leave then she can and he wont stop her. Kyra asks if he actually wants her to go. she says that to hell with this contract marriage and this deal. she says that grandpa told her to trust him, in his dying breaths. he is surprised and watches tensedly. She says that she wants this marriage not for him, but for the children. she says that now she shall do everything she can to save this marriage, and reminds him that she isnt going anywhere. Vihaan eyes her surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. So Proud of kayra..Vihaan needs to think of his kids atleast ..He’s being too unfair to kayra..N untop taking his kids happiness away from them.Granny doing right…she’s standing up for what is right…sick of Vihaan attitudes..atleast some romantic scenes should b shot its time.. …Can’t wait to se some love between kayra n Vihaan

  2. Wat is his problem let her in n open up to her aleast she looking after ur kids dat u dont have time with

  3. Why is Vihaan acting lyk a jerk?.people come and go and everybody has to die one day, we definitely have to move on because we cannot be angry wit GOD for taking our loved ones. This girl KYRA is a good girl,open ur heart.and I luv her guts.

  4. I honestly love Kyra.. Vihaan and his family needs to accept changes and move on with their lives.. Kyra is a really nice girl and I really love her. People like her are very HARD to find … She is taking care of those children so much like her own… It reminds me of Aarushi’s mother Kasturi. Aarushi and Girish were Kasturi’s step children and she loved and accepted them as her own blood and raised them with a good motherly love and affection.. Vihaan’s family needs to chill and seek help. I really wish they do and live happily. They can even shift to Kyra’s house for a bit of peace and luxury again.. I can understand their trust issues because of what Vibha did. But still they need to chill … when you keep living in the past and stagnant. Expect alot of miseries and stress . So they need to MOVE ON

  5. i love kyra ‘s way of challenging her inlaws whether they like it or not Kyra is thier daugther inlaw because thier mariage has been fixed in heaven and what GOD has jiont together let no man put to assunder

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