Satrangi Sasural 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra comes in distraught, and tells arushi in the mirror, that she wont be able to do it, as they think of her as being under the trap of some soul. She tells kyra that she cant accept defeat so easily. kyra says that they think she is mean and selfish, and how that comes since she is modern. Arushi tells her that if she isnt under some spirit’s capture, it should be too hard for her to prove so. Kyra says that they are already opinionated on her. Arushi says that she has to think, and firstly she has to get rid of all things that belonged to her. Kyra says that she cant do it. she is told that she would have to, as she has no other choice. Kyra asks if she is helong them, or helping them to be instigated against her. Granny and others

come in the hallway and find her talking blabbering to herself and are boggled. kyra continues to speak that she doesnt she is helping her. Arushi asks her to understand. Granny and vihaan are tensed. They leave from there. narmada points out that she is indeed mad as she is talking to herself in the mirror, and asks if they believe her now. all sit tensed. She tells him that kyra has gone senile. Granny says that they should show kyra to a doctor. He says that he is tensed himself, and would do so tomorrow morning.

The next morning, Kyra wakes up with a dizzy head, but doesnt find vihaan beside her. She wonders where he went, and why did he wake up early in the morning. Narmada comes in doing th arti and engulfing the room in holy smoke. Narmada asks her to take too. Kyra denies and says that she just got up, and would bathe first. She hastily leaves. narmada assumes that being a bad spirit, she doesnt want to be within holy things. She comes out and narrates this to granny and others too, when they too take the arti. they are all surprised to see this. Geeta defends her, while narmada sks her to stop doing so. they again hear the sound of the trinkets, and all are shocked too. Vihaan comes in just then, and they point his attention at that noise too. he is alarmed as she hears it. he says that he shall find out today and goes himself to find out. He enters the store, but before that, whoever was there, the ghostly spirit, draped in red, exits from there. meanwhile, kyra comes out, and performs the arti, wondering where the rest of the members went. The spirit eyes kyra from afar. She prays tensedly to the hoddess to provide her strength and power, so that she can do the difficult task of burning arushi’s pic and get vihaan’s love. The spirit keeps eyeing her, and then picks up a lamp post, and is about to hit kyra, while she prays.

While vihaan and his mothers are snooping around, they hear kyra’s screams and rush back to the room. they come back to find kyra on the floor. He rushes to her, while all others are tensed, as she lies unconscious. He wakes her up while she looks around shocked, and is scared. She says that someone hit her with something heavy. they are boggled. he asks if she saw someone. She says that she couldnt. they are all tensed. narmada says that its all a drama by her, and nothing else. harpreet says that they are just trying to distract her. She asks from what, as she is under some hallucination. He stops them and asks her if she went to the room. she gets tensed and then denies. he shows her the earring, and then she blurts out that its her and its true that she went there. She tries to clarify, but he stops her with the finger, angrily looking at her. She gest tensed as he walks out. harpreet says that they dont wish to say anything else, as she is the one who was scaring them with trinkets, and no ghost. They are tensed, while kyra is shocked. Narmada says that since she has a problem with both of them, she should kill them rightaway and hands her a knife, fiercely agitated. Kyra finally breaks down and throws the knife away, saying that she felt bad for what they did to her, but she isnt that kind of girl, who would think wrong for someone out of revenge, and stoop to any limits. She begs them to trust her that she isnt under any spirit’s trap and doesnt wish wrong for anyone, and the truth is that she loves him, and considered his children as hers, and his mothers as her own too. geeta and granny are apalled. Kyra says that its her bad luck that they couldnt accept her, as she wears jeans and is modern and hence she became a villain. Kyra tells them that this is her cloth, but not her character, and that she doesnt need anything, except for vihaan. she rushes from there. Narmada screams back at her, saying that she wont ever get that, as she isnt their arushi. Kyra turns around and says that indeed she isnt, nor does she want to become, as she has her own existence, and she wants and knows how to make her place in this house, by that. harpreet asks how. Kyra tells them that they shall soon see. All are tensed. She rushes inside the room. They wonder whats going on in her mind.

Inside the room, Kyra accumulates all of arushi’s stuff in the carton. the mothers come and are shocked. they ask her whats she planning to do. She says that she is burning all of her stuff. Narmada clutches at her pic, and asks kyra not to even dare to try something like that, or else she would be singled out. geeta says that if its arushi’s stuff, then she wont defend her. Kyra is tensed. narmada says that for arushi everyone would stand united. Kyra remembers arushi’s words, and her task. She wonders what to do, as arushi wants everything out, as she wants salvation, and on the other hand, the mothers keep clutching at her memories, and wont let her be free, but she would do it, come what may, for arushi’s salvation. granny comes by kyra’s side and says that she is with kyra in this. She says that they shouldnt clutch to arushi’s memories like this, and hence they should be with what kyra is doing. the mothers are apalled. Granny asks them to shut up, as she is the elder and has taken her decision. narmada begs and says that they cant let this happen. All are tensed. harpreet says that they knew this girl is trouble. geeta says that kyra isnt wrong, but she cant support her in this matter, as she has no clue what arushi meant to them. Geeta tells her that she has a place and she should stick to that, and she shouldnt try to take arushi’s place. Kyra says that arushi wants salvation, but the people she loved the most are barriers to this, and she is indeed severely in bad luck. harpreet asks her not to speak about arushi. She says that she shall as thats the truth. Kyra says that they can try and stop, but she is planning to burn them down. The mothers are shocked. they try and stop her, but granny asks them all to stay away. geeta tells her that she is doing the wrong thing, as when vihaan gets to know this, he would hate her forever. geeta asks her to think if he starts hating her, how would she make him fall in love with her. Kyra is tensed. She then asks granny why is she siding with her. kyra continues on. She goes out, while harpreet rushes to vihaan and tells him what kyra is doing. They rush back inside.

meanwhile, kyra gets the stuff out in the courtyard, and while all of them tell her not to, she alights a matchstick, while granny watches on, and the mothers are horrified. Vihaan and harpreet come too. He screams at kyra not to, and she is startled, remembering arushi’s insistence on this. she ignores him and then throws the burning matchstick in the carton and it starts burning ablaze. they are all aghast and horrified, as they await vihaan’s reaction. the screen freezes on vihaan’s stunned face.

Precap: Vihaan rushes in along with granny, to find the mothers having tied up kyra in ropes, and gaged her too, while she lays distraught and apalled. Granny is shocked while he unties her. Narmada says that she isnt in her own senses, and hence cant be kept loose. he asks her not to talk like this. he says that no one has the right to behave like this with his wife. Untied, kyra gets up and clutches vihaan tightly in a hug, and he is shocked. The mothers watch tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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