Satrangi Sasural 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rani’s crocodile’s tears dn’t effect vatsal ladies, so she showed her true face to them n says that they have to give money, she push dadi, which makes every1 angry, priyanka slaps her n they all try to throw her out, aaru called vihu but that ph was supposed to be with rani, she showed vihu’s ph n purse, which scare every1, she says that they have kidnapped vihu n has harmed him, n ask them to give the money n leaves, every1 was so scared n shocked.

Just at the moment vihu arrives, it gives great relief to everyone, he ask about the matter n than explain that some1 stole the ph from his car n now get to know that it was them, he want to go out n teach them a good lesson but the mothers force him to stay inside, they all were very scared.

Next scene, aaru goes to vihu n shares that she has got scared after that news, they both console each other n hugs.

Next scene, harpreet starts collecting money to give, their geeta also doing that, aaru came n ask them the mater n they lie, other side priyanka nnarmada doing it, aaru ask dadi to talk to every1 they all are very tensed.

There, mini called ronak n he arrives, dadi n aaru doubts something fishy, mimi was going to sell her jwellery for money, dadi heard it while she was sharing it with ronak.

Other side, rani n that man were happy that they are goingto get double amount n at the same time dadi called.

Update Credit to: Amor

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  1. what is wrong with mini and the others why are they encouraging these low life people to rob them of their money if money is given to these people then this type of behavior will continue with others in the long run so I say nip it in the bud do not give them any money you want money then work hard and earn that should be the message not easy come so writers stop sending wrong messages out their to the public especially children who watch these serials it is not good example for them

  2. Nice episo.

  3. I hope the girl in the hospital wakes up so that she speak the truth about what happened and prianka you are a grown woman stop arushi from taking the blame for you you like the easy way of everything and to know you were so cruel to arushi because of your jealous behavior make amends and let all know the truth about what you did and what you intended to do just before the accident took place

    1. You think like I do.

    2. Nelima husband would bring it out.

  4. Akshay dhamale

    Please don’t show any rubbish program like this again

  5. I saw in the Pre-cap nelima would be entering today and so would be her lawyer husband. Arushi would get repayment for her good deeds.
    Its the only show at present I enjoy.” Good always prevail over evil.”

  6. hurry and update it is taking toooooooooooo long and the day near end

  7. please update 24th 7 25th june Thanks

  8. Y satrangi sasural not being updated

  9. Helllllllloooooooo where is the updates

  10. Earlier updates were done alternately but now ? 2 days gap also 🙁 not good

  11. please update as quick as possible

  12. What’s going on? Y no updates??

  13. Why few days no updates?

  14. Why u people not updating episode as soon as possible…there is no updates on 22nd, 24th and 25th till now…plz update asap..

  15. whats this!!! earlier it was only the best site for written updates but now its really very annoying… please update right after the telecast please

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