Satrangi Sasural 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Mumbai
Arushi gets berserk, as she asks the team to find vihaan, after she is dragged out forcefully against her wish. the rescue team says that they couldnt find the body. arushi is shocked, and asks them not to search for a dead body, but an alive person. she goes berserk and finally doses into unconsciousness, from the exhaustion. geeta is shocked and wakes up with a scream, as vihaan lets go of arushi’s hand while she is dragged out. granny and harpreet comes to her tensed, while they tell her that it must have been a bad dream, even though they are tensed still. geeta tries to the number again, but its not reachable. Later, Granny is surprised to see mini having come back from Bangalore. mini finds them all tensed, and they tell

mini everything, who says that it must have been a network problem. granny says that they too were thinking so, but now they are getting tensed. mini asks them to try the landline number where they are staying. She decides to call herself.

Meanwhile at the lodge, arushi remembers the horrific nightmare and wakes up with a start, a splitting headache. she starts screaming for vihaan, while the mistress asks her to rest as she isnt well. she asks the lady if vihaan was found, and that he must be sitting outside, and asks her to call him, as the lady stands speechless. she asks arushi to calm down, while the lady constable says that they are searching for vihaan and asks her to calm down. she is shocked. the police asks arushi to give the number of her family, as they too need to be informed. Arushi denies and says that they shall not tell anything, as she has to manage aall her seven mothers in this situation, as vihaan is their life, and their soul, and that they wont be able to live without them, and that she shall handle it on her own. She is very tensed of the mothers’ reaction when they get to know it, and warns them not to say anything, till vihaan is found, and assures herself that he shall be found. The phone rings and the lady picks up to find that its for arushi, and then tells her that its from her house. She is shocked and picks up really scared and then composes herself somehow, and wishes them, and they are relieved to hear her noise, and then granny asks if everything is alright here. arushi composes herself somehow, and asks how are they, while they express their desire to talk to vihaan. She barely fights back tears, and then says that he is taking a bath, and that she would make him call soon, and then abruptly cancels the call. all are relieved. mini is tensed though sensing something wrong. arushi breaks down into tears, while the couple caretaker are tensed for her. she then makes up her mind, and is determined that she shall find vihaan and get him back to his mothers, and eyes her wedding ring. Mini wonders why was arushi behaving like this, and her voice sounding heavy as if she was upset and senses something wrong, and hopes everything is right. granny asks whts wrong, and she seems tensed. they tease her about her visit to Bangalore, and she smiles and complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Cliff Top
Arushi goes back to the cliff, and asks if they found vihaan finally. The police tell that they tried everything, but almost with all certainty it seems her husband is nomore. Arushi says that there’s even a feeble chance that he has still survived, and that they shouldnt lose hope, as it keeps spirit alive, and that vihaan shall come back, at all cost. She hollers at them to find him, and starts screaming for vihaan. the constable comes and informs that through wireless, an info came that by the other banks, a dead body has been found and maybe its his only. Arushi is shocked.

Scene 3:
location: Morgue
Arushi is taken to the morgue where she is scared that she wont be able to do anything. the inspector requests her, while she is disgusted by the smell, asking her to go through this routine procedure bravely, so that they can identify the body, and carry on further in their investigation. She proceeds towards the body, covered in white sheet, as she remembers all the romantic moments with vihaan, in a flashback, up until her hand leaves his. she is traumatised as after much pain and guts, she finally lifts the sheet and is thoroughly shocked at what she sees.

Scene 4:
Location: Girish’s residence
Kasturi comes inside the house, to find jhanvi playing blindfold with mini, while she accidentally spills water on the floor, and jhanvi is oblivious. while playing, jhanvi’s feet slips, and kasturi dives in just in time, to catch her. jahnvi takes her blindfold off. Girish sees jhanvi in kasturi’s arms. girish is reprimanded by kasturi for not being able to handle his own wife. jhanvi addresses her as maa, and asks her not to be angry. She asks her not to address her as a mother. kasturi says that it isnt child’s play and that this is a mature step, and then reprimands mili too for playing callously. she then leaves angrily. jhanvi and girish are tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Mumbai
In her room, Mini hears the news where the reporter without giving any info, says that a major fake alcohol production gang was nabbed due to a newly wed couple on their honeymmon from Delhi. she wonders if she heard right. granny comes and asks whats the matter, but mini doesnt say anything. later, mini thinks that the couple in the news couldnt have been them. She wonders if arushi is hiding something or lying, and if she is, she would reprimand arushi. mini calls up the place where they are staying, and the lady informs her, that there’s big trouble here, and that vihaan’s survival is next to impossible now. mini is apalled. Arushi meanwhile, hears this as she comes inside and is shocked too. she snatches the phone, but not before the lady has already talked about arushi being taken to identify the dead body by the police. mini is distraught and boggled. Arushi takes the phone, and says that she is speaking. Mini is boggled, while arushi tried hard to compose herself. Mini asks arushi why is she stammering so much. She says that she isnt, and that everything is fine, and they neednt worry at all. Mini asks who had picked the phone just now, and what was she talking about vihaan, and some dead body, her voice filled with dread, and asks whats happening. arushi is shocked and speechless, and says that she just saw the dead body, and that wasnt vihaan, as she remembers the relif when she had taken the sheet off. She then turns to the police and tells that this isnt vihaan. arushi assures her that vihaan is okay and they shouldnt worry. Mini asks her not to worry, as she would come rightaway. arushi asks her not to. but mini asks her to shut as she would come. arushi asks her not to say anything, and mini wonders why should she lie. arushi says that vihaan would be found, and they shouldnt unnecessarily bother them. Mini agrees and says that she is coming, and then abruptly cancels the call. She is tensed. arushi hopes that before others get to know too. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Harpreet and geeta are boggled, when they hear from the maid, that vihaan’s pic is in the newspaper. They see and find a missing report of vihaan, and are distraught. Granny finds them tensed and then asks whats the matter and they are unable to respond. granny is shocked as she reads the newspaper, and then goes unconscious. They are apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oh come on so long them take to find Vihaan he in the same river were arushi fall in how come they cannot find him as yet he is not an pin head or a ant that they can’t see or find plz don’t drag this episode for long just get to the point were the will find vihaan so that he n arushi can go home safe

  2. Very interesting Drama for a change, sad thou?? I’m sure tat Vihaan is K, some1 will find him on the river bank an he wud most probably lose his memory the normal drama, interesting thou.

  3. be realistic rani it is a river and if you had noticed when his hand left arushis hand it was like a current was pulling him away so in that case he could have end up anywhere or washed ashore so there is the possibility that he is alive somewhere maybe the villagers found him and he is unconscious and they are nursing him back to healt lets just wait and see but I know deep down this cannot be the end for Vihaan and arishi

  4. Vihan rescued by fishermen nursed back to health but loses memory and falls in love with another women. Aarushi finds him tries to revive his memories, other women blocks her efforts.

  5. anjuvarma is this your script or did you read this from the link line

  6. Vihaan knows how to swim whic is why he could tie d rope on to arushi. N all of a sudden he gets washed by d current? Anyway what do you expect out of unreliable cops? Unreliable police force of india???

  7. Now my doubts are confirmed that india is definitely not a safe place to travel to!

  8. Living in India must be mightmare for any one, goons all over plus a bunch a useless police people . Glad I do not live there,

  9. India…goons …bad mother in laws…horrible way in which family lives ? is this the land of love ? thank god I dont live there

  10. indians also thnks god that u dnt live here otherwise…..

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