Satrangi Sasural 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mili comes in while she is shocked, as kyra retreats back scared and tensed. Mili amusingly taunts her that she isnt here to harm her at all, but the fact is that she is her enemy, ever since she replaced arushi, and along with her, every member of her family is her enemy, as she lost her own family due to them. she says that she shall kill them all, while suggesting that she shall start with the children, who have the potential to take this name forward. kyra is aghast and begs her to leave them, and not do anything to them, as she can kill her instead. but mili smiles and leaves. She breaks down apalled, on the floor, screaming for her children. later, she finds pinky, who says that she managed to sneak a mobile phone from somwhere and

she asks kyra to go and get help. Kyra dials the number.

All are apalled as they grieve mini’s death, when nilima gets kyra’s call, and is surprised. nilima asks where is she talking from. kyra explains about mili’s threats and then talks about how mili came to see her, and begs her to save her children. Nilima is shocked and rushes inside. Meanwhile, the warden comes and eyes kyra angrily, who is tensed. Mili gets milk for both the children asking them to finish it up soon. suddenly, Nilima comes asking them not to drink the milk, and then sends them out. Mili is boggled and shocked too. Nilima and others are tensed. narmada asks whats the matter. Nilima talks about kyra’s call. all are shocked. Narmada asks whats wrong with her, as kyra is mentally disturbed, and is insinuating things. nilima asks mili to drink the milk tensedly, while all await tensedly. Narmada asks how can she suggest something like that. Nilima says that she shouldnt have a problem if she didnt mix anything. all are devastatade at whats happening. Mili stands speechless. Nilima then asks her to drink it, almost ordering it. Mili then hesitantly brings up the glass and drinks the entire milk, while all watch tensed and surprised. Narmada accusingly eyes nilima, while all stand worried. Nilima asks if she went to the asylum. mili denies, asking why would she. narmada says that she was playing with aru and arhaan the whole day. Nilima is boggled and then wonders why kyra told what she did. Narmada says that kyra is mad and is also dangerous now. She takes mili aside. Nilima is still unconvinced and wonders why would kyra speak all this unnecessarily, and deduces that something is up, and is determined to find out.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
Vihaan gets to know from the receptionist of that hotel, where mini stayed last, that a girl of 22 years came to see her the other day, and said that she was the daughter in law of mini. Vihaan shows her a pic, and the receptionist identifies her as the same lady. He is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Meanwhile, the warden throws away the pain, and twists her arms, while kyra winces in pain. The warden hollers for the guard, while kyra says that she didnt do anything. She calls the guards who come with a big wooden block. The warden angrily reprimands kyra, and says that today she shall teach her a lesson, and is about to hit her, when vihaan comes and stops. kyra is assured and relieved, when she sees him, and then comments that she knew he would come, and that he shall have his love for her intact, as their love won today. he eyes her tensedly and suddenly, he lunges at her throat, grabbing her, asking how could she kill his mother, mini. He swears that he shall kill her. kyra is apalled, as she tries to break free from his clasp. As the officials drag him away, kyra gets unconscious and collapses on the floor. He is thrown out, while the warden attends to her, saying that she is unconscious and they need to get her treated rightaway. As they put her in the ambulance, it drives away before anyone can get aboard. They are all shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
The ambulance drives on the road, wherein kyra wakes up wondering where is she going and what new trouble is this. The ambulance finally stops, and vihaan gets out. he gets out and asks kyra to get down. she begs him not to hit her, as she hasnt done anything wrong, and she didnt kill mini. he eyes her tensedly, while she gets down protesting vehemently that she is innocent. He eyes her worried and tensed, while she is scared. But then he hugs her, while she is apalled, and hugs her back, confused and baffled, but overwhelmed with emotions. he apologises and says that he knows everything and knows that she is innocent. she is surprised. he says that he knows that mili is behind this, and that he cant believe that mili can do this, and cause harm to her sister’s sasural, and tells how she cold bloodedly murdered mili in the hotel room, where she was staying. She is shocked. he says that he didnt have any other option to get her out, as all are with mili, and if he hadnt done, then she would hev been successfully branded as mad, and then he would have been helpless. he says that they shall have to fight together, against mili, and shall always support her, as he knows that only she can bring back the happiness of the family yet again. She gets emotional, as he apologises for not trusting her temporarily. She agrees and then they hug each other yet again, as he gets emotional, having finally found her. She asks about mini, and he says that she is absolutely fine, and okay, but now they have to fight together. She says that she cant believe and that they should tell the entire family, but noone shall believe them then. He says that he knows, and hence they shall have to do the seemingly impossible task of filing a police complainst against mili. They are determined to do something, while she says that they have to do some trick to trap mili, in her own scheme. He is shocked.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mili is worried as to why vihaan hasnt returned as its been too late. she finds a silhouette against the window, and wonders who is it. she tries to see but doesnt find anyone. she screams but noone responds. she is meanwhile hit by a book from behind, and she is shocked. Mili says that someone misunderstands her that they can intimidate and scare her, but thats not going to be the case. as she picks up and opens the book, it addresses her by her name. She throws away the book in scare and asks who is it. It responds that what she is saying is absolutely wrong. She asks who is it. it says that its her arushi did. Mili is tensed but then waives it off as drama, and wonders whether anyone is trying to play games with her. she picks the book, and walks out, wherein kyra is dressed in arushi’s clothes, with her back at mili, who thinks its arushi, as she walks off towards the corridor. Mili is puzzled. She then denies that this cant be, and maybe someone is trying to scare her, and this must be kyra. As she walks ahead, she collides into vihaan. with blood all over his shirt, and lying motionless on the floor. She is scared and nudges him, asking if he is okay, and tries to get him to wake up. Just then, kyra comes and drapes a blanket on her, and vihaan gets up and they both tie her hands, while she screams to be svaed. they rush away from there, after he turns her around, multiple times. Her screams scare everyone, and they are shocked as they lift the blanket to find that its mili, who is completely frazzled. they ask whats she doing here like this. she tells them that there was someone there, and vihaan was dead in a pool of blood. she dishevelled and distraught explains everything. geeta asks what proof, as she is making things up. She says that kyra is behind all this. Mili says that she can prove that kyra isnt in the mental asylum. they dont believe her. She then says that she would find out, and then as she walks out, she finds vihaan coming in perfectly fine. he eyes her distraught and thinks that seemingly his plan succeeded and now they shall see what happens ahead. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Vihaan tells kyra that they have to check police records of the last four years, to find out where mili went after disappearing when her family was killed, and what caused her to become abnormal from normal, and then they can find out about mili. Kyra agrees saying that they shall have to expose the truth about mili, as otherwise she poses a threat to the family, and decide to work on it togteher. priyanka, heraring to them, from a distance, is however shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This serial is getting worst day by day they are only showing that the villians is winning against them

  2. This show is totally a crap.nothing vulnerable in it..please please end the show.its a blo*dy bullshit….

  3. Finally Vihaan understood kyra and is on her side 🙂 but I dont have much hopes. the bad ones always win these days. mili will get just like vibha and will bully the whole family and control them with her black magic powers :/ please let her get defeated . and this time end the show on a happy note . let them all move into kyra’s house and let them live the luxurious happy life again . make peace and happiness and end it there

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