Satrangi Sasural 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nilima reveals that she will settle down with Gautam. Everyone except Arushi are stunned. Daadi asks Nilima if she’s sure about her decision. Narmada objects and Priyanka says that Gautam is fooling them. Arushi tries to intervene but Priyanka stops her. Vihaan agrees with Nilima and Narmada argues how Gautam is playing a game against them. Nilima tells them not to say a word against Gautam. Dai Maa says they should support Nilima’s decision. Even Vihaan agrees but Daadi says she doesn’t want to make a hasty decision. Nilima has full rights to decide for herself but if they want her to decide then she needs some time. Daadi is in a dilemma whether to support the adults of this house or the children. Nilima has full faith in Gautam but what if he ruins Nilima’s life.

chides Arushi for putting her own relationship at stake to bring Nilima and Gautam together. Arushi playfully instigates him and both of them have a moment together. She apologizes for her behaviour and he says there’s nothing to be sorry about. Right then, Daadi comes and tells Vihaan to accompany her to Gautam’s place.
At Gautam’s house, Daadi says she’s here to trade something in exchange of Nilima’s freedom. She presents a blank cheque and tells him to leave Nilima. Gautam accepts the cheque and thanks Daadi saying that he expected that she’d pull a stunt like that. Vihaan is stunned to see everything but doesn’t speak a work. Gautam’s greedy family is very happy with everything that has happened. At home, Daadi reveals that Gautam was back in Nilima’s life only for wealth. Nilima refuses to believe. Daadi receives an SMS from the bank and they assume that Gautam must have taken the money. However, Daadi tells Arushi to read the message that displays a sum of 11 INR. ArHaan and Nilima are happy. Gautam walks in with the shagun tray in his hand. Daadi says she won’t accept it unless he doesn’t sing. A flustered Gautam starts singing and all of them try to hide their smiles. Daadi tells Arushi to accept the shagun from Gautam. Narmada stops them and refuses to accept the shagun. She says that Nilima is her only sister and tells Daadi that she would have never sent her daughter to such a man. Narmada blames Daadi for a wrong decision that she took for Nilima. Daadi is very upset with Narmada and says that she forgot that she’s Nilima’s sister’s mother-in-law.

PRECAP: Milli tells Arushi to come home as early as she can since Prahlad has done something to Kasturi.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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  1. What. A Retarded soap

  2. just end it … so boring serial…. in starting of serial I started liking .. but after their marriage … totally it has become a rubbish show really.

  3. I love this show. The satranggi sasural and Jamai raja are the only shows that has some sense in it and worth watching. All the other shows are total bakwas.

  4. This soap don’t make sense at all this is madness this soap lack plenty all of them are weak in them acting this and hello prabitha show is two nonsense they should end both n done this two soap cannot come to jamai raja n jodha Akbar because the are strong n powerful story with good actors n actresses

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