Satrangi Sasural 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
The girl apologises and gets up and then offers a hand to him, he gets up angrily though and doesnt take her hand, and then asks why was she being so callous and careless. he tells them that they should have been more careful. She says that he too should have been cautious along with her, so that allare to be blamed. she says that due to the stress, she must have had wrinkles. a verbal spat ensues, while they are miffed at each other. The driver intervenes, and then vihaan insults her by calling her stupid, and then asks her to stop driving, as it isnt meant for girls, and asks her to take the car instead, and be driven around. she asks how can he be such a chauvinist as she can drive the scooter. To prove her point, she tries to start the scooter,

but he comes ahead and intentionally punctures her tyre. he then walks off, while she stands tensed. The girl finds vihaan’s wallet, that contains arushi’s pic, but before she can see her pic, vihaan comes and snatches it from her, wrangling her around with the hand. she is shocked. he asks how dare she open it. She says that she just wanted to know the owner, so that she could return it, as it wont contain anything much precious. He says that she wont understand as everything is just monetary for her. he tells her not to show him her face ever again. she also says the same and they both walk off in separate dorections. No one realises that arushi’s pic has fallen on the floor.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence, Chandni Chowk
Narmada sees the knife in geeta’s hand and asks her to put it away as it might hurt someone. geeta asks why should she throw, as she has to peel onions. She walks off, while harpreet passes a snide comment. they start squabbling yet again. narmada asks them to remember what if the children saw, as they dont want her to take the wrong upbringing. She then asks harpreet to focus on the order as its huge. harpreet asks her to tell geeta to apologise, or else she wont work. geeta says that she would die rather than apologise. She says that harpreet is stupid, as she doesnt help in the work, but just piles on it. She says that she doesnt need to be made stupid, as she is already is. harpreet asks if the potatoes are bad. geeta says that her experience tells her that the potatoes are bad, and the vegetable seller ripped her off. they come to a bet, that if geeta loses, she shall apologise, but if she doesnt, then harpreet shall have to knead the dough for the entire order of golgappas. She complies too. narmada and mini are tensed. The children ask what shall happen now to granny. ghranny says that she has no clue. Granny hopes that she would one day see her whole family laughing together in happiness once again. She prays to arushi, to ask her to send someone from the heavens to get them all united once again. geeta cuts into the potatoes and finds that its spoilt. harpreet is sad, while they are all tensed. geeta orders her to knead the dough in the next 15 minutes. harpreet challenges her to make the water for the golgappas for the sametime. Another duel begins regarding that. The children think hat had their mother been here, she wouldnt have let the grandmothers fight, as all of his friends have mothers, and tjhey solve such petty fights in the house. He says to his sister that he shall have to get a new mother, and asks if she too wants to come along. His sister says that vihaan shall be very angry, and asks how does he know what to do. He says that if his father gets a new mother, then she wont scold. he remembers how his aunty, a neighbour, found him sitting sullenly outside the house, and understood that there must have been another fight, and then tries to instigate him about getting his father, vihaan remarried again. He asks where would he get a new mother from. She says that she has one, and then tries to fixher own daughter, and he had rushed away from there. his sister asks how would he know who’s his mother, out of all the women. he says that he shall know instinctively, and that he shall go to kailash Mountains, to search for his mother, and asks her to stay mum about it. He leaves with a bag.

Later, narmada comes and gives halwa to granny, who asks why did she make it. she says that arushi came in her dreams saying that her soul shall be in peace only when granny eats halwa. Granny is irritated, while narmada asks her to do it for arushi’s sake. granny tries to jerk her off, saying that arushi is dead. But narmada says that she cant die, and shall always live on. Granny is tensed, and they stop fighting, when Dolly, the same lady who had instigated their grandboy earlier. She finds the sweet, and then eats it, while asking whats the occassion. they tensedly tell no. she asks if its due to their increasing business, as that finally means she shall get their rent too, and goes to tell geeta about it. They are tensed that geeta might be enraged now about this extravagant dessert for no reason.

Scene 3:
Location: Bus Stop
While walking, arhaan arrives at the bus stop. The child tells one of the people thgat he wishes to go to the kailash parvat. but the man misunderstands that he must be talking about Greater kailash, and te4lls him about the bus that he needs to catch. he asks the child if he is alone, and there’s noone with him. Arhaan answers that he is going to meet his mother only. the man smiles at him.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
A miffed geeta comes angrily, and wakes granny from her rest later on, and asks everyone where did the dry fruits disappear. harpreet says that narmada took, and what would she do about it. narmada plainly denies, that she didnt take it. geeta says that dolly told her everything. they fume, while geeta says that they dont realise anything, and are merely being extravagant. Geeta says that she had brought it in emergency. Harpreet asks granny to speak up, and not bear it silently. granny denies, saying that she doesnt wish to speak to walls, as this house isnt a home anymore, but a zoo. She leaves from there. Geeta confronts narmada as she tries to leave. harpreet is angry and comes in their way, facing geeta angrily too. Geeta asks her to move, as narmada shall get punishment for what she did. Harpreet asks if she shall slap her. Geeta says that she shall do it, if need be, as she has to get rid of her mental behaviour, as arushi’s ghost keeps coming to meet her, and get her to do these things. narmada excitedly asks if she saw arushi too. Geeta says that she shall tell her, and begins to come to her, but immediately changes her tone, when she finds vihaan coming in. harpreet and narmada are tensed too. geeta asks vihaan about the interview and then asks if he got the job. he denies. they are tensed. harpreet asks him not to feel sad, as he can try tomorrow. geeta tells him that his mother made halwa for him, and asks narmada to get it. she leaves for the kitchen, with geeta in tow, who angrily eyes her in the kitchen. narmada takes the halwa, and then goes out, while geeta follows in rage. Narmada gives it to vihaan, who says that he doesnt feel like it. he begins to go. Just then, granny comes tensedly, and tells them that Arhaan cant be found anywhere. Vihaan and the mothers are completely shocked. The screen freezes on vihaan’s face.

Precap: vihaan reprimands his mothers as to how they couldnt keep track of one small child, and asks how can it be so difficult for so many of them to take care of arhaan. narmada asks vihaan’s daughter calmly, if arhaan told anything before he left. The daughter finally blurts out everything. They are shocked. Meanwhile, arhaan starts his search for his mother. he then starts asking people at random, where’s kailash mountains, as he needs to find his mother. A suspicious lkady hears it and gets interested. Later, arhaan is running on the road, with the suspicious child trafficker lady after him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. confusing this show is nothing without arushi plz writer bring back her or else this show will lose plenty viewers nobody cant replace arushi wish if she come back not as his girl but herself
    how can arushi mudgha chapekar leave the show without giving us a proper reason
    CANDACEY ROSE NO OFFENCE but who tell u that this girl is arushi in which angle she look like arushi to u cuz i read in yesterday episode that u say that girl is arushi and granny if peoples can come back from heaven then that would been so good then arushi dont have to send any1 she herself would come back……writer so stupid arushi did everythings to save her family from vibha and at the end she had to die where she suppose to be living happily with her families

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Lost interest….

  3. Pls yeh serial band kardigiya bahut boring chal raha hai

  4. Very boring again that new lady lead what to meet seven mothers and make them unite understand their family plan ideas change vihaan before Arushi is from middle class now vihaan but again through same story line .bring back old heroine or else end the this serial this is irritating the viewers .the new girl is not looking good like Arushi.shy did she left the show writers very bad.pls stop this.

  5. I’ll read the comments (not the update) to see if Mugdha returns, because I see nowhere online that she left the show

  6. We need Arushi. Make this a bad dream and bring her back. I stopped watching the day she died and I’m not going back unless Vihaan or someone wakes from this horrible dream

  7. without arushi da film iz boring

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  9. Soo boring now… I will not watch this show anymore

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  11. We want Arushi back.
    And her pic fell down???
    How insane!!

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  13. Pls stop this stupid ongoing drama,I lost interest

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