Satrangi Sasural 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra uses her brains to coax water from the ladies with her PR skills, and animated chattering. Pinky comes and sees this and is tempted to use the same brains. other women start commenting as to how shrewd this is. pinky starts instigating the other ladies. But kyra is happy with her work fulfilled. Pinky finds that her bucket has a hole and smiles. Kyra comes in the house and is super excited and elated. harpreet and narmada are amused, and show kyra the empty bucket and she is shocked, while they have a good laugh. Kyra wonders where it went. Harpreet makes fun of her. They decide to go to geeta to take the money, while kyra is furious,and then she finds that the bucket has a hole, and understands that harpreet must have done it. but

she lets go of her anger and relaxes herself, saying that she can do everything that arushi did. she then calms her nerves and thinks that she shall make food first but wonders what to make and how. She decides to use the internet. In the kitchen, she surfs through recipes, and decides on mixed veggies, and then starts preparing by cutting the veggies. then she takes the bucket yet again and walks out. she eyes other buckets kept, and decides to use those instead. while nearing the bucket, she sees sunny and pinky canoodling and shoves them apart asking what are they doing and arent they embarassed. he asks her not to tell bebo, and she asks in return for him filling up the ten buckets himself, and giving to her house, everyday. before he can say anything, she leaves.

Geeta is brought in by harpreet and narmada to ask for the 50rs bet that she lost. But they find four buckets already filled, and sunny getting in another two. geeta is amused and taunts them. she asks harpreet for the 50 thats she lost. She pays up resignedly. geeta taunts her, and says that she knew that she would have won the bet. Narmada and harpreet think that she is very shrewd. they then hear the cooker whistling, and have another idea. they go to the kitchen and harpreet sets the flame on high instead of medium, and then they leave before anyone else can see.

In her room, kyra gets the ckids ready, while they comment that she look bful and the teacher shall be happy to see her. She asks them to wear shoes, while she gets tiffin. Arhaan says that he doesnt know how to. she says that she shall help them and then she makes them wear it. meanwhile, pressure starts mounting up in the cooker. Outside, harpreet places a bet of 100rs of not getting the kids to school today, with geeta., geeta says that she is intelligent and is a multitasking wife. She agrees for the bet. They find vihaan returning from jogging, and wonders what he shall do seeing her in kyra’s clothes. inside, aru goes to the kitchen to fill the water bottle. Kyra asks arhaan to learn something from aru. They enter into a friendly tussle. While aru is in the kitchen to fill the bottle, the cooker starts overflowing. Kyra gets arhaan out while vihaan simply passes by without noticing her in arushi’s clothes. The mothers are relieved. harpreet asks where’s aru. She tells them that aru is in the kitchen filling the bottle. Harpreet and narmada are shocked and scared. She asks why did she send aru, and didnt go herself. Kyra is boggled. Just then, the cooker blasts, and aru screams for help. they are all shocked and scared and stunned. they immediately rush along with vihaan. They find the cooker spallttering veggies all around, while aru hiding under the cabinet, scared. they are relieved to find her safe. Narmada assures her that she is alright and fine, while azru is in tears. vihaan is angry while kyra is scared of his anger. She starts explaining that she didnt mean any harm and did exactly the right thing, and asks for a chanbce to explain herself, as she has no clue how this happened, since she was harmlessly multitasking. He asks geeta to take aru away. She complies. Harpreet asks why she put it on high flame and what if something happened to aru. he says thats the truth as the gas was on high. Kyra says that this is not possible, since she put it on medium. She asks if he is sure. before he can react, harpreet says that he just said that it was on high, then why ask again. Kyra is boggled, and then says that she had put it on medium, and before vihaan said, harpreet already knew that it was on high, how is that possible. harpreet and narmada stand tensed and speechless. Geeta who has come and overheard it, understands what they have been upto, and eyes them angrily. he is boggled too. He takes kyra aside saying that he needs to talk. narmada and harpreet are relieved.

An angry Vihaan takes her to the room, and asks kyra whats she doing, and why and what exactly is it that she is trying to prove by doing all the motherly chores towards his children. he asks if she doesnt remember what she is actually here for. She is shocked and surprised. she says that she was just handling her kids. vihaan screams and says that they arent her kids at all. She is shocked to see such aggression. He says that the only reason he supported her in front of mothers was because he wanted her to stay here conmfortably as long as she needs to. he asks why has she worn arushi’s clothes, and how dare she touch arushi’s clothes, that belonged to her and only him. He clutcehs her tightly. He says that their entire house went on fire, and ruined everything, but still without caring for his life, he went in the fire and saved everything of arushi’s as he was okay with burning in fire, but not okay with letting go of her stuff, as that reminded him of her and made him feel like she was close to him, now that she herself is gone. he asks overwhelmingly if she can understand this. he says that noone had nor shall anyone have the right over arushi’s stuff. He askls her to sternly go and change the clothes right now. granny comes and says that she wont change her clothes. Both are shocked. granny comes in and shuts the door asking whats he doing, as if he says no to kyra, to use arushi’s stuff what would his mothers think, as they think that arushi is his past and he has moved on, and if they find out that this marriage is a sham, then they would be heartbbroken and not take another second to throw kyra out, and then his contract marriage would fail terribly, and he shall lose that deal. They eye her tensedly. Kyra is shocked. granny says that she knows. he says that this belongs to arushi. She says that arushi is dead. he denies and says that arushi is alive in his heart and memories, and maybe the contract is through his lips, but if anyone tries to as much as harm arushi’s stuff, he can go to any lengths to punish that person, whoever it be. Kyra is shocked, while granny is worried for him. He says that he would forget who kyra is and whats their deal. He walks out in a huff. She is in tears and comments that he is highly mean. Granny eyes her tensed herself. The screen freezes on kyra’s face.

Precap: As kyra comes arranging her clothes, vihaan is shocked to find a tear in arushi’s suit that she is wearing. he asks how dare she damages it, despite his warnings. she says that she didnt intentionally do it, but actually it got torn by itself, being stuck in the fan. She tries to convince, but in his fit of anger, he raises his hand to slap her, but she holds his hand midway, asking him not to even dare do that ever again, addressing him by his full name. all the mothers are shocked and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I just read update today…I HATE THIS CHARACTER KYRA!!!! Why don’t they just end this show?

  2. wat’s dat i’m shocked of kyra’s bhaviour . lets just end the serial.

  3. No Kyra is right.. Harpreet and the crazy mothers are the ones who needs to BEHAVE ! They act like such ghetto trash women. Disgusting ! They are pressurizing Kyra wayy too much.. So Kyra is right to shut them up.. they cant even take care of the damn children and Kyra is doing so much for them.. Kyra is like how Arushi mother was. She was a step mother who brought up Aarushi and Girish like her own. Now It is Kyra who is taking care of Aarushi children .. do you see the past repitence ???

  4. no way i still cant accecpt kyrah

  5. End this stuipidity now. Let VIHAAN come to his senses and realise you cannot marry on a compromise.

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