Satrangi Sasural 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Beach
The gangleader lands two more fatal blows, one on the head and the other on the leg, as they circle around arushi and vihaan. Aruyshi is shocked, and asks him to get up somehow, and they limping try to run away. the goons are amused and follows them in the car. the car breaks down, and they then foolow them on foot. Arushi and vihaan enter the jungles. they make a mad dash through the jungles, with the goons running after them. vihaan is in visible pain, while arushi supportss him, as they run as fast as they can. They hide, while the goons scatter in all directions, to search.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Mumbai
Geeta however is very upset, that they havent called since last night, along with an ill omen indicating that

they might be in trouble. harpreet tries to calm her down saying that they are on their honeymoon. granny too is tensed that they havent called since yesterday. harpreet tries to calm them down, but geeta says that they arent disturbing, annd just want to know of their safety. the phone rings which also gets the goons’ alert and they try and follow the ringtone. Meanwhile, geeta says that noone is picking up. vihaan assumes that it must have been someone from home. he asks her to take the phone and go outside to take someone’s help. she sayss that she shall not leave him alone. He asks heer not to argue and do as said, for his sake. But she takes a pebble, in another direction, and distracts them. he tries to convince her, but she says that she wont leave him, even if she has to die. they both hug each other. the goons keep looking around. She says that she doesnt like to leave him. he asks her to go, as nothing would happen to him, and assures that he shall be fine. she asks him not to go anywhere as she shall be right back with some help. She leaves finally, after kissing him one more time. the goons meanwhile start getting tired. geeta keeps trying, and then finds that first it was ringing, but now its going unreachable. Meanwhile, granny gets kasturi’s call, who is tensed too for arushi. granny asks if her anger has subsided now, and she wishes to talk to her daughter finally. kasturi says that she was trying arushi’s phone, but didnt get through. Granny explains their situation too. Kasturi too explains that she hasnt had a talk with arushi since yesterday and that its never happened hence was saad. She asks if arushi is angry at her. granny assures her otherwise and says that she shall tell arushi to call, if she has a talk with her. they both cancel the call. granny is tensed.

Meanwhile arushi rushes out and tries to find a signal on the phone. Finally, it comes and she dials a number for police helpline, asking them to come immediately for their help. She wonders if her voice even went through, as the signal is weak. she tries to hitchhike for some help. meanwhile, inside the jungle, the goons continue searching. Vihaan finds that the goons are following his blood trail, to his hideout, and gets tensed and worried. they finally find the ditch but then look in it to find it empty. they decide to search around. Vihaan meanwhile somehow manages to limp, and run ahead, and finally takes a break under the shade of a tree, for rest and almost doses off. When he opens his eyes, he finds two goons, standing in front of him. His scream for her, shocks arushi, as she rushes back to the jungles, and finds him gone from their hideout. She is shocked, as she hears vihaan’s screams emanating from the jungle. Vihaan is brought to the gangleader who is angry that the girl isnt there, as she is the main culprit, and she would have to be killed so that the villagers are taught a lesson. but then they dcide that to get the girl, they have the perfect person, her husband. they bring him to the top of the cliff, and asks him to scream for her. he doesnt, and the leader is about to hit him, to make him scream, when she sees them and sstops. she too is taken into captivity. the leader then reprimands her for what she did, and slapss him. this enrages vihaan and asks him not to dare hit his wife. he amusingly commwents that he got scared. He tells her that she shall die and he shall watch. vihaan gets an adrenaline rush, and pushes the guys and then both enter into a scuffle with the goons, as she finally falls dpwn the cliff, and in the river. Vihaan is shocked to see this and rushes after her and takes a dive himself. her leg gets stuck in between two rocks, as she tries to swim. meanwhile, the police arrive and capture the goons, but as unable to stop vihaan from jumping in the waters. Vihaan meanwhile swims to arushi who is stuck, and finally finds her. both their faces light up, as they hug each other. he takes her hand, and she shows her stuck leg. He gets down to it, and manages to take the foot out, from the rocks. the police too throw in a rope, and vihaan helps get it around arushi’s waist, and she is being pulled upwards, while she holds vihaan by his hand, with a weak grasp. finally, their hands let go, as they scream out each other’s name. The screen freezes on their faces, as both move in opposite directions.

Precap: Arushi gets berserk, as she asks the team to find vihaan. the rescue team says that they couldnt find the body. arushi is shocked, and asks them not to search for a dead body, but an alive person. Later, mini calls up the place where they are staying, and the lady informs her, that there’s big trouble here, and tat vihaan’s survival is next to impossible now. mini is apalled. Arushi meanwhile, hears this as she comes inside and is shocked too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. writers dont you dare kill of Vihaan please let him be washed ashore and let the villagers find him and unite him with arushi this will be a happy ending for once write a good script and make all happy and please let the police put away the goons so that Vihaan and arushi can end their honeymoon and head back home to their family in one piece

  2. The villains them u shld kill off not hero n heroin u stupid clown writer u and u crazy ideas i think u shld go and write some things better

  3. Writers are way too dumb. They portray india to be dumb as well. Instead of catching the villains, they show the good guys getting hurt. Are the police and authorities in india really that unreliable???

  4. It makes me think a million times whether it’s even safe to go to india!!!!

  5. Wonder if they going to make him lose his memory and arushi will have to start all over making him well to regain his memory

  6. Let’s hope that vihaan don’t died.

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