Satrangi Sasural 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s and vasundhara’s residence
Vihaan comes out to find missed call from kyra, and gets to trying her number. but accidentally his phone falls down, and breaks off. he is disturbed, that kyra must be trying and not getting through. Kyra says that she is feeling dizzy and should call up vihaan. She tries his number, but it doesnt get through. Vasundhara asks her to call later, as she is tired and should rest. Kyra gets dizzy and doses off, thinking that she has to call vihaan. vasundhara thinks that her game has started, and silences the phone, so that kyra isnt disturbed.

Meanwhile, outside, granny wonders that kyra hasnt eaten anything, and is engulfed in the fire, when she is like this. geeta comes and asks her to stop pretending that

she isnt concerned for kyra. harpreet comes as granny is cornered, as they both try and convince her to call kyra back. geeta thinks that some solution has to be found, as if things go on like this, there wouldnt be any resolution ever. She thinks that if they dont budge, then things would worsen and decides to do something about it.

In their room, mili tells devi maa as to how vasundhara saved kyra from the fire, and lament as to how how much kyra has to had to suffer, first leave the house, and then the fire. Mili begs devi maa to try and use her black magic once to understand it all. devi maa says that she uses it only for good work. mili emphasises that this too is one, and that they need to help kyra out. Geeta too comes and begs her to do something, so that their family is united, and they both convince her to do soemthing, thats out of their control now. But devi maa stands silent. mili thinks that its her refusal, and they both are disappointed that their hopes are dashed. as they get to go, devi maa stops them, and asks them not to pretend as if she doesnt care, and that she does, and they too would have to assist her in the same, where they shall use their black magic, tonight only, to begin with. They hug her happily. Devi maa tells mili that tonight is amavasya, that is the night of emboldening of black magic. she says that maayavini also must have come out of her hallucination trap, to harm someone or the other, and maybe kyra is her next target. mili and geeta hear tensedly. She says that they need to know of her whereabouts, to be able to save kyra. Mili asks what if they involve vihan too. but devi maa says that they need to do this secretively, and not involve him and risk his life. mili insists that they should inform vihaan, but geeta asks her to not to argue and do as said. devi maa warns that maayavini maa and her powers shall be at extreme today, and they shall have to search for her today itself. they take the bags and leave.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
Devi maa starts her magic with a piece of paper, with all the Vatsals’ name written and maayavini too. geeta thinks tht they have to be united, and they hall be able to fight against mayavini maa. she beckons the lord to help them, as its for the good.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s and vasundhara’s residence
Later, granny is tensed as she finds arhaan very sad and angry that kyra left. pinky comes and starts pointing out as to how kyra left the children. he is enraged and asks her to get lost. granny explains to him to behave and apologise. he doesnt comply, and then leaves. harpreet asks pinky why she needed to act like this with the child. Granny is tensed. In the room, arhaan is crying, when vihaan rushes to him, and tries to cheer him up, when he realises that he is mssing , and says that they shall send messages. he gets him two hot air balloons, to send a message to kyra, and together they blow it awa. arhaan ardently wishes that kyra comes back soon to them, and how he cant stay without them. he wonders when shall she get back. this gets kyra to wake up instinctively, as she screams that she wants to go. Vasundhara calms her down and composes her, while she keeps ranting, that vihaan called and she has to go to him. vasundhara nudges and makes her sleep yet again. Meanwhile vihaan goes in and agan tries to convince granny but she doesnt budge. arhaan comes out with a bag, to go to kyra’s house right now. granny asks him to get arhaan inside. Harpreet says that he is saying only what she said. Arhaan asks if they cant go to meet kyra. the mothers try and convince that its too late, and that they shall go tomorrow. Granny gets enraged, and harshly asks him to go inside and sleep. he resigendly complies. Nilima says that they love her dearly, and respect her, and miss kyra too. granny complies, and says that kyra is the ideal bahu. nilima says that due to her, she left the house, in her pregnant state, and they can atleast go and visit her. harpreet threatens that she shall kill herself. he asks them not to talk nonsense, as words are to be used for convincing. he then asks granny if she doesnt miss kyra herself. granny breaks into tears and goes in. later, in her room, granny gives a serious thought as to whats going on. outside, vihaan says that neither granny nor kyra are doing the right thing, and that noone is happy with either of their decisions. granny comes and says tht she is right, as her tensions wont subside if kyra is here, but she is worried, what if the mishaps repeat. Vihaan says that they were accidents, and she is linking them unnecessarily, and asks them to be considered as pure accidents. He says that there is no cure to doubts, and that noone would be happy like this. granny likes the quote, and prays that his saying is right, and her doubts are proven wrong. Granny asks vihaan to go and get kyra, and he along with the mothers is overjoyed. he rushes to go and get her. but then decides to call first. but his call gets disconnected, when its actually vasundhara who cancels the call, repeatedly as much as he tries. he wonders why is kyra cancelling the call. he tells this to them, and they are tensed too. he just hopes that kyra is okay. the screen freezes on his and kyra’s faces.

Precap: Finally, vihaan gets a message about kyra’s address, and decides to go change to get her. as he rides on the road, trying to get fast to the said address, Someone meanwhile lurks over kyra, who is fast asleep, which is actually maayavini maa.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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