Satrangi Sasural 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra is shocked to see the old lady who immediately transforms into mili yet back again. Kyra is scared as she asks her who is she, while she evilly amused, taunts her. As she progresses forward, kyra pushes her away instinctively, and is surprised, when she falls right back into the well. she is astounded as she finds her dead inside the well. she rushes inside. Mili however smiles after she is gone.

Kyra rushes back to the house, distraught and dishevelled trying to find words, while all are tensed. she exclaims that mili died. she also vehemently protests that she didnt do anything, as she came to her, and she merely gave her a nudge and oush and she fell and died. they are all aghast and shocked to hear this. They are boggled,

as kyra is shocked, when she finds mili walking in from inside the room. she says that this cant be, as she saw her dead, while mili pretends to be sad and upset as to what she is insinuating. unable to contain her anger anymore, kyra lunges for her throat, saying that she knows why she is doing this, so that she can be distanced away from vihaan, as they all consider her mad due to this. She vehemently protests about mili, while granny and others are shocked to see this behaviour. granny finally calms her down and takes her inside. she gives her a glass of water and makes her lie down, while kyra distraught protests that she is right and she actually saw kyra, and isnt mistaken. Granny shushes her to sleep and then walks out tensedly, wherein mili proclaims that she is very concerned for kyra, and that a proper mental asylum should be contacted now, regarding kyra’s mental health. Vihaan is tensed and frustrated, while priyanka and narmada pass snide remarks. Granny agrees and then asks vihaan to show her to a good psychiactrist. He complies. All are tensed.

The next morning, when vihaan, nilima and kyra are gone to the psychiactrist’s office, granny and others hear a commotion as to how some old beggar was killed yesterday and as they see the dead body, its the same woman whose face she saw last night. The police comes for investigation, and the neighbours comment that they heard kyra’s murderous confession last night, and are sure that she killed this lady. Narmada and priyanka are tensed to hear this. the police asks them where is kyra. they are speechless.

Scene 2:
Location: Psychiactrist’s office
Kyra is brought to the office by vihaan and nilima while she vehemently protests that she isnt mad. they tell her insistently that noone thinks that she is mad, but its a routine checkup that they want to get done for their satisfaction, whether she has been depressed of anything thats happened recently. he assures her that they shall just be outside, so that she can talk to the doctor alone and express her concerns. she lets them go, after they assure that he shall be right here. After she walks out, someone comes in asking if she is kyra. kyra doesnt look back and replies in a yes.Then she is asked if this is the same face that she saw last night. she is boggled, and turns around to find herself confronted with the same old lady, who turns into much to her shock as she cowers into a corner. mili amusingly smiles and comes to her, saying that they both know she isnt mad but then finally she shall be proven so. kyra gets angry and lunges at her throat saying that she wont let her spoil her satsangi sasural and her seven mothers. Mili reminds that its six as the seventh one is missing, thats Mini. kyra is angry and asks what she did, grabbinbg her by the throat. Vihaan and nilima walk in, and one kyra calms down, she is surprised to see that she is holding onto the doctor, who is thoroughly frazzled, and asks them to give her electric shock treatment immediately. But just then, narmada and priyanka walk in with the inspector, and accuse kyra of murder. vihaan is shocked and reprimands the mothers as to how could they do this, when he knows that kyra is sick. they are tensed. he vehemently tries to convey, but the police says that once the report of her mental health comes out, they shall know wheteher kyra is to be put into mental asylum or jail. while both are apalled and distraught, the inspector separates them and take kyra away, while vihaan is apalled.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny is shocked to know that the police took kyra away. They are all tensed, while they get mini’s call, but its the police, who asks them to come to the station immediately. they are scared and filled with a horrible dread as they dont understand whats going on. granny and vihaan leave.

Scene 4:
Location: Police Station
Vihaan and granny are shocked as they are directed by the polkice to the morgue, wherein they are asked to identify a completely burnt body. they are horrified and apalled, and say that they wont be able to recognise anything. The police shows a bracelt found near the body, and granny is apalled as she recognises it as mini’s. vihaan and granny are grived to come to the conclusion that mini is no more. She breaks into uncontrollable tears. The police however also adds that this isnt an accidental case, but a case of murder, which even the post mortem suggests.

Scene 5:
Location: Mental asylum
While kyra continues to beg that she isnt mad, she is locked in the same cellar with other mental patients. They irritate her, while she is disgusted. the same matron, with whom, kyra had fought earlier for pinky, comes in eyeing her evilly, while kyra is scared to see her, and asks her not to dare touch her. She smiles crookedly and says that she wont but she has a surprise for her. Kyra is boggled, as the warden looks at the door, wherein mili stands smiling evilly. The screen freezes on kyra’s distraught face.0

Precap: The warden angrily reprimands kyra, and says that today she shall teach her a lesson, and is about to hit her, when vihaan comes and stops. kyra is assured and relieved, when she sees him, and then comments that she knew he would come, and that he shall have his love for her intact. but suddenly, he lunges at her throat, grabbing her, asking how could she kill his mother, mini. kyra is apalled, as she tries to break free from his clasp. as the officials drag him away, kyra gets unconscious and collapses on the floor.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. It is incompleted.
    Where is remaining part.

  2. I think it is high time this show ends. too much silliness. To be honest I stopped watching when they killed off Arushi, but once in a while I read the updates here. And the show’s standard is that it actually has none. This show started to go downhill since the brought Vibha in. It’s like they couldn’t come back out the crap!

  3. Bullshit! I totally agree with you kristelle. I don’t watch this serial since arushi is out! The serial was so amazing and entertaining when arushi was in. But now the series is lkke junk. They should cancell ir end this serial.

  4. Ditto Krystelle…stopped watching as well…read now and then and it’s become an absolute mockery/joke…writers/directors/producers…time to kill this….or continue to bear the humiliation…much better shows out there…my condolences…

  5. Wat mini maa died i don’t think so it mili doing everything n they can’t see it


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