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Satrangi Sasural 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny is impressed to see kyra’s overenthusiastic zeal for her kids, and appraises them as she stands by to challenge harpreet’s stance. harpreet asks if this is the manner she uses to talk to her mother in laws, and says that after this she cant and shall never be accepted as the bahu of their house. vihaan comes and intervenes and says that its fortunate that the children have returned home safely, and part of it is due to kyra, and hence they should thank her instead of reprimanding her, altogether. He says that since she is his wife now, they should learn to accept her any which way. he leaves. granny is overwhelmed to see him siding with kyra, while she too is plesantly surprised. Geeta asks them to stop the drama as its

final now. harpreet says that it isnt over yet. harpreet taunts her that she considers herself to be a good mother, then kyra shall have to prove it too. The mothers are boggled. granny asks what she means. harpreet says that arushi too had to prove herself to enter the house, and she shall have to prove the same too. She says that kyra has seven days to prove this. the mothers are tensed, while kyra is shocked. she says that its not possible. harpreet shrugs. geeta comments that maybe narmada also spread her madness to harpreet too, as she has lost her mental balance too. harpreet retorts back saying that she shall do what she likes. She says that everyday she shall be assigned a new task, and she would have to come out with flying colours in it, or else she shall fail the test. kyra is shocked. Geeta and granny are tensed. Harpreet says that this is the way best suited to find out if she is the right successor to arushi or not. harpreet starts narrating kyra’s chores, everyday routine of the children, and the proper upbringing, and asks her to nourish a plant symbolically , get up in the morning at 5 to fill up ten buckets of water for all the members. kyra is shocked and wonders how shall she do it. harpreet asks her to fend for herself. harpreet asks her to do so and then she shall be assigned the other four. geeta turns to harpreet and says that she herself doesnt do work and is asking kyra to do it. Before harpreet can start, kyra says that she accepts it. harpreet watches tensedly. granny says that she has the faith that kyra shall be able to do them all and pass too. Kyra smiles harpreet says that she has just accepted and not started yet. all are tensed. Kyra asks her not to be tensed, as she promises that she shall accept her as the kids’ mother and hug her. harpreet says that she wont do that as its impossible for her to finish the task. kyra says that they shall both watch. the mothers watch tensedly.

later in the night, kyra talks to arushi asking if she too had to give this test, and that the mothers are crazy and she too crazily accepted it, just for the sake of the kids, and has no other explanation for it, as she doesnt have any relation with them. she says that she feels immense love for them, the motherly type. She says that she was regretful of the trauma that they had to face today, and that she too was restless when she lost them. She hopes that she is able to live upto the faith, that vihaan showed on her. Granny comes and says that she shalld efinitely succeed. Kyra says that leave alone ideal mother, she doesnt know what a mother is. Granny says that a woman is born with motherly instincts. Kyra starts narrating her long list of chores, and is doubtful of her success. granny asks her to be like arushi to win. Kyra asks why should she be like her, as she has her own identity. granny asks her to maintain her identity, but look for her as an inspiration, as she has set an example by having faced such a situation earlier. Kyra understands and says that she needs to follow arushi, and that shall be her success mantra. Granny wishes her all the best.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Pinky flirts with sunny, as they both feed each other molten chocolate messing it, seductively. He tries to get physically intimate. She suggests to him that they shouldnt be so open to public. He says that she shouldnt be shy, as she was married twice but didnt work it out. he says that the third time should be the charm. She smiles. he says that he has two tickets for a film. she asks how shall they go. He says that he has an idea.

Later, Pinky hears bebo’s conversation with sunny, when he suggests that he wishes to see a film with kyra, to get them romantic. She is agape at the stupidity of her own child, and is about to strike him, when he ducks. Sunny says that she is right and he had another thougght. she asks him to leave that work on him, as he is stupid. he gets upset. she shuts him off and leaves. Pinky hears intently.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The next morning, the mothers talk amongst themselves that kyra shall never be able to win the challenge and never be able to get up early in the morning as ideally a bahu should do, and a mother always does. They comment that she must definitely be still sleeping and fail in the first task. geeta says that she shall pass in every task. harpreet says that kyra is not meant to be someone’s wife or mother. narmada too agrees. a voice says that this means they havent recognised her as yet. They hear kyra’s voice and turn around to find her dressed in Indian Clothes, seeing which they are all shocked, resembling arushi. Narmada asks if she wore arushi’s suit, and when she complies, narmada asks why. She says that Granny gave her. harpreet says that if vihaan sees her in this, he shall kill her. geeta asks why create unnecessary controversy. Kyra starts saying that she has a parent teacher’s meet and that she needed appropriate clothes. harpreet asks how dare she. Kyra retorts back, saying that they shall continue with this fight later on. kyra remembers the long list of work. They hear tensedly. She rushes to get the water filled. geeta praises her, and is sure of her success. narmada and harpreet are tensed, while harpreet places a bet that she shall fail the task,a s she wont be able to get water from the arrogant ladies of the colony. geeta places a bet of 50 rs and then leaves. harpreet is asked by narmada what if kyra fills the bucket. Harpreet says that she wont be able to, as there’s a hole in the bucket that she doesnt know. they both have a good laugh. Kyra meanwhile sees the long line at the municipal tap, and wonders how to get the water fast now. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan asks kyra whats she doing, and why and what exactly is it that she is trying to prove by doing all the motherly chores towards his children. he asks if she doesnt remember what she is actually here for. She is shocked and surprised. she says that she was just handling her kids. vihaan screams and says that they arent her kids at all. She is shocked to see such aggression.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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