Satrangi Sasural 21st November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra surfs around but doesnt find anyone, the spirit remains hidden. She then leaves through the secret passage, and is about to enter her own house, when narmada and harpreet come out from the other and are shocked to see kyra there, while she is shocked too to see them. They ask her whats she doing here and she responds that she had some urgent work. They demand to know what. she doesnt respond and rushes in, and they are boggled. they are sure that something is wrong with kyra. She hears this, as they discuss that she is under the trap of some soul. kyra leaves.

Narmada and harpreet narrate what they saw with krya, and say they wont lie unnecessarily and there’s something definitely wrong in that room, and they all felt

it. he is boggled too, and decides to get to the bottom of it. narmada is shocked and asks whether kyra is behind all this. he asks her not to repeat this stupid stuff. But he doesnt believe, even though she tries to convince him, and says that if anything is wrong then he shall have kyra checked medically. they are tensed. He says that he shall decide after that. geeta taunts that they both should be going to the doctor instead. they are all worried.

Meanwhile, Kyra comes back to the room, highly tensed and worried. Arushi appears and asks whats happened. Kyra says that they feel she is captive by some spirit and she cant see them disturbed anymore. Arushi is tensed, and says that she cant change everything right away and right now she has to focus on her aim, that vihaan loves her and she is finally set free, and when that happens, she shall get the rightful place in the house. she says that she shall have to ignite love in her vihaan as she wont be helping him but helping arushi too by doing that. Kyra is tensed. Arushi then tells her also to remove everything that associated with her from the house, and that nothing of her should remain in the house. Kyra is tensed and says that she cant do this, as she and everyone respects her. arushi says that she has to do it, as there is no other option, or else he shall never forget her and fall in love with kyra, and she might have to bear the mothers’ ire and anger, but she has to do it for him. Shje tells kyra that slowly, she has to erase everything of hers from this house, and finally from vihaan’s heart. Kyra complies, for the sake of vihaan and his mothers, and promsies her that she shall ignite love in vihaan, so that it becomes a happy abode once again. she tells arushi that she shall try everything to win her heart.

Later at night, narmada and harpreet are awake tensedly thinking about how vihaan hasnt taken her to the doctor nor has he taken any other steps with kyra, and she herself is fast asleep too. harpreet assures her that she shall definitely wake up, and asks her to be awake. Kyra then comes out of the room, and goes towards the dark room and then closes it, ausing a clank. They hear this and are shocked, and decide to go and find out. She goes through the passage and gets to opening the secret door. When it does, she gets in and closes it back again. meanwhile, narmada and harpreet open the store room to find where she went but they dont find anyone and are boggled, as to how she vanished into thin air, as the secret passage is closed. They decide to go and tell everyone, as narmada is sure that she is doing witchcraft otherwise she cant disappear like this. harpreet says that they should check in her room first. They close the store room and go towards the room. When they open the door, they find the bed empty and kyra nowhere to be seen. narmada is sure that she disappeared. Geeta comes and startles them asking what are they doing here. Narmada says that they came to look since kyra isnt home. Geeta asks where could she have gone at this time of the night. granny comes from behind too, tensedly. Vihaan too arrives. they tell him everything, assuring that they can prove that she is in the ghost room.

Scene 2:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Pinky asks sunny how long shall they meet like this, as dolly is fast asleep. he says that he too doesnt like it, as her mother is overly loving on him, and he too doesnt like it. They are worried. pinky then tells him to meet her in the next room. he is scared and asks if she is talking about the ghostly room. She says that it isnt as she always keeps going there. he is tensed still.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Meanwhile, inside the room, kyra continues to look around and is scared when she suddenly sees something. She retreats back, and then finds the secret door closed and wonders how it happened. The spirit continues to look on from hiding. Meanwhile, pinky arrives excited to meet sunny there and kyra is shocked to see her, wondering whats she doing here and if she used to make the noise of the anklets. she decides that pinky cant do this. just then, vihaan and the mothers come in, and are shocked to find pinky, who is equally shocked to see them. kyra is frustrated as to how they all came here. they ask pinky how is she here and moreover if anyone else was here too. She denies. They are boggled. harpreet and narmada gets to searching while vihaan and granny are tensed. they dont find anyone. he asks them not to doubt her, as she wont do it. They vehemently insist that they arent talking rubbish. All are tensed. They continue to search, and then harpreet finds footsteps, which end at the wall. granny says that they are now concocting stuff up. She also tells narmada that she knows she doesnt like kyra in arushi’s place but that doesnt mean she does this. She asks them to come along. they leave, and vihaan is about to return, when his foot collides into something. Vihaan finds an earring in the dark cellar, and thinks that he has seen it somewhere, and is boggled.

Later at night, while kyra is fast asleep, vihaan eyes her and says that he doesnt know why is harpreet talking about soemthing wrong with kyra, as they should have checked her first in the washroom, then this wouldnt have happened, and even if she is trying hard to please his mothers, but its all in vain. He apologises to her while she is sleeping, for having put her in this situation, and somewhere he knows that she loves him dearly, and hence is bearing all that his mothers are putting her through, but unfortunately he wont be able to love her, as he has always loved arushi and always shall too, and that he has a place only for arushi in his heart and love happens only once. He again apologises to her, getting tensed and emotional herself. meanwhile, kyra is actually awake, thinks as a tear streaks down her cheeek, that she knows but still its her promise that she shall make him love her, and this she is doing for the salvation of the person, who was his world, and his life, and her Arushi Didi. he looks at her, and then finds one of her earrings missing, and then remembers how a similar one like that is in his pocket and remembers he had found it, in the ghostly room, lying on the floor. He thinks that this means kyra actually went there, and wonders why and most importantly how.

Later in the night, all are tensed and awake, when vihaan comes out and sits worried with them. granny asks if he isnt feeling asleep. he shows her the earing and then explains everything. narmada and harpreet are surprised that they were right all alone. Others are shocked. geeta asks what does it mean. he says that he doesnt know as he is himself set to thinking, that if she is here, then how is her earing there. narmada agrees and says that this means they were right that kyra was there. harpreet says that they dont believ them, since they still cant forgive them for what they did to her. She says that what they did was wrong, but she is taking revenge now. Granny asks what revenge. harpreet says that she is a modern girl and due to her ego, she wants to hurt them. granny and vihaan refuse to believe this. She says that not all modern women are wrong, and she is disappointed that harpreet has such mentality. she says that its true that they cant digest or understand whats happened. narmada says that she understood, that some spirit is on her. Kyra hears this from the door and is shocked. All are surprised to hear this too.

Meanwhile, in the dark cellar, the spirit finally comes out and says that she had the daring to close her in the cupboard and decides to teach the lady a lesson. the screen freezes on the eye of the spirit, as her face still lies unexposed.

Precap: Kyra accumulates all of arushi’s stuff in the carton. the mothers come and are shocked. they ask her whats she planning to do. She says that she is burning all of her stuff. Narmada clutches at her pic, and asks kyra not to even dare to try something like that, or else she would be singled out. granny says that she is with kyra in this. the mothers are apalled. Kyra says that they can try and stop, but she is planning to burn them down. The mothers are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. precap: I think vibha evil spirit is entered into kyra

    1. I think you are absolutely right vibha’s evil spirit is harming kyra and bringing misunderstanding in family that kyra is under the evil spirit because vibha still loves vihaan and does not want any other person in his life so aarushi ‘s pure spirit is saving kyra from evil spirit and for her mukti she is also helping kyra to fall vihaan in love with her as vihaan forget aarushi and move on in his life with kyra …

  2. I thought vibha didn’t love vihaan, she was because he was rich…. Well let’s wait and see

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