Satrangi Sasural 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Short Update

Aaru n vihu were enjoying dancing with those villagers, the gang leader of those goons arrive their to attack them, but couldn’t do anything accept watching them dancing n romancing, he left as police was also their.

In delhi, manohar is missing vihu n wishing that if vihu is here he would have helped him, mothers agree, tai maa brought some pix of vihu n aaru from their childhood to maariage.

In mumbai, aaru n vihu having awesome time at beach, aaru ask him to do something romantic as they are on honeymoon.

In delhi, kasturi is missing aaru, dadu told her that they on honeymoon, she try to call thembut couldn’t reach them.

In mumbai, vihu write their names on sand, both have fun in water n then they kiss, at the same moment, those goons came n hit vihu badly, aaru shout for help, indelhi their photo breaks.

Precap: Those goons were beating vihu n aaru

Update Credit to: Amor

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  1. I hope that those goons do not harm arushi and Vihaan and writers please allow them to enjoy their honeymoon without all these distractions so in none of these serials the couple can be happy come on

  2. What nonsense they first honeymoon together and u writer had to spoil it with urs stupid ideas

  3. I agree rani these writers always have to bring in theses serials some sort of violence all the time why sometimes things cant go smooth for everyone

  4. Nice episode.

  5. I am sooooo confused with the direction of this show? What happen with the girl trying to get along and love with her mother in laws. I am okay with the Girish storyline since his wife is facing the exact same predicament that Arushi had to but is this Vibha and now this gang thing? But with Vibha fleeing,I wonder if that is the last we’ll see of her lol. Arushi must be kill a priest in her past life hence she can’t catch a break at all…abusive father=>mothers in law pressure=>homeless=> jail=> her mother disown her…and I am sure I am leaving out a few things lolol. She is blight!!!! lol

  6. please writers for once do something good with this serial please do not kill off arushi or Vihaan let the police come and help them or some of the villagers but do not let the villians win oh my gosh is it all of the serials you will do this with arushi always helping people even she is on her honeymoon and she helped the villagers from the goons with their make up alcohol now why let all her efforts go in vain so writers take heed and listen to the viewers we want happiness and to see them have kids so do not even think of killing them off

  7. another thing what is wrong with the update we not accustom getting this little piece of information that is of no help it does not say really what is happening with the storyline all we got is of no interest we needed to know what is happening tomorrow and did the goons killed them because there is talk that the serial is near to end please update us properly

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