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Satrangi Sasural 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra comes in vihaan’s room, to find him asleep. She tries to check, and ducks under the bed, when he turns. after certifying that he is asleep, she again gets to looking for his phone, kept beside him on the bed. After much careful and stealth, movement, she takes the phone and switches it on. She finds that its password locked, and is frustrated. she places it back stealthily, and then turns towards the door, while always checking if he is asleep. She then opens his drawer and takes out his wallet, and hurriedly surfs through it, without realising that he is right behind her, as he whispers in her ear, as to what is she searching for. She is scared as she turns around to confront him, while he eyes her tersely. He corners her against

the wall, and asks if she thinks that she is smart, and asks if she forgot what all he is capable of doing, threatening regarding arhaan. she is scared. he comes close to her, and then whispers in her ear, asking her to listen carefully. he says that he wants her to leave the house tonight, or else her son shall be in danger, like the last time around. with great aggreesion, she shoves him away, asking him not to think too high of herself. She says that till the time, she isnt divorced from him, she would stay in this house only, and he shall have to live with that. She asks him to say it in front of everyone, if he has the guts, and then mocks him for being scared. She says that he tries to force her to go out, then she shall report to the police, and then he can go on answering everyone about it. he eyes her tensedly. She leaves from there.

In the kitchen, seeing that noone is looking, she gets magic to do all the culinary work, and then with great dexterity finishes off the breakfast. she thinks that in ten minutes, she finished everything, and outsmarted kyra, who tried to trap her. she smiles evilly. When she gives it to aru, she denies, as she doesnt like oily paranthas. mili fumes. kyra comes out, while aru asks her to make some food for her, but she denies, and smirks at mili, ho fumes. then they start cribbing about the horrible tea that she has prepared, and mili stands disgusted. They reprimand her to learn soon, as once kyra leaves, mili is the one who has to handle. Vihaan comes out and says that this all is done by kyra and not mili. He confronts her, and tells kyra, that she cant threaten him with police, as he can go to any lengths trying to prevent his family. he asks her to get out right now. all are shocked. granny asks how can he d this. he asks noone to speak between them. he asks kyra to pack her bags and leave. she stands defiantly and says that she wont go. they continue to argue about it, while both stand vehemently on their stance. All eye them tensedly. Vihaan, at the dining table, wrenches her hand, and turns her around, and then asks her to leave. he takes her hand and is about to throw her out, when kyra’s friend, disguised as a Sikh lawyer, tells that he is here for kyra, and how can she leave now. Kyra is very happy to see him, who identifies himself as Santa Singh. They ask him whats the matter. Vihaan asks him about his relation to kyra. he says that he is kyra’s lawyer, for the divorce. kyra tells them that she called him, so that she can have her rights protected inside the house, as long as she is here. Mili eyes her furiously, while the mothers and vihaan are tensed. Priyanka mocks as to what he got in this huge briefcase. he says that he came to live here only, for protection of kyra’s rights. kyra amusingly says that she can be thrown out anytime, by vihaan and others even, and hence she needs a witness to that. the lawyer threatens vihaan of legal action. granny and geeta are amused. mili eyes kyra viciously.

In their room, the lawyer takes off the turban, and reveals her true self, as she comes in her original form, in front of kyra, and turns out to be the lady she sought the help of tejaswini flower from. Kyra is shocked, plesantly and thanks her for helping her. she says that she is here to provide her the strength to be able to protect her family, when she could have easily left all this, and led a life of luxury. she says that now she shall expose this fake vihaan very soon. kyra says that their priorityis to find the actual vihaan. they hear footsteps, and she is scared that someone might have heard them. Kyra rushes out to check, but doesnt find anyone, but a tablet on the floor, yellow coloured. she picks it up, thoroughly boggled. she finds someone hiding behind the pillar, and finds that its geeta. Geeta asks whats all this. Kyra says that she shall explain. when geeta knows everything, granny and kyra are tensed of her reaction. geeta is shocked and disbelieving, immensely tensed and worried for vihaan. Kyra and granny assure her, that she has to behave as if this is their vihaan, so as not to alarm mili and the fake one. The lady disguised as a lawyer says that they have to be very careful.

In vihaan’s room, he says that they should kill them all together. Mili says that she tried, but till kyra is here, its next to impossible, and hence kyra needs to go urgently. But now she has a lawyer living here too, and asks him to be laert, as he might try to intrude in his personal life, but he should never get to know the reality. She leaves, for work, while he asks her to handle everything here. In the wee hours, mili goes out, while kyra follows, thinking that she definitely knows where the real vihaan is, and if she follows, then she shall definitely get a clue about him. she complies.

Later, in the night, the turban sardar comes in inviting him for alcohol, being the only male around. he asks him to get out, as he doesnt drink. but the sardar gets extremely casual with him, and then gets to pouring pegs, while he is frustrated. Vihaan thinks that tonight he shall drown this sardar in the drink only. The sardar thinks that once vihaan drinks it, her motive shall be fulfilled. He pours one for vihaan, and says that they should drink to health. the sardar finally gets vihaan to drink it, and he gets unnerved. The sardar talks about the terms and cnditions of the divorce, while vihaan gets fully hynotised. then finally he asks who is he. Vihaan eyes him tensedly, and asks what he means. sardar asks what kind of a person is he, that he is divorcing such a beautiful, innocent and lovely wife. Vihaan eyes him tensedly, and then asks him whyisnt he drinking. the sardargets unnerved and says that he shall, and then gets to drinking, to show vihaan. Vihaan sees that he didnt drink again, and asks who has sent him, and then when he starts getting nauseatic, he grabs his collar and then asks what he had mixed. he starts getting dizzy and light headed, and continues to ask him, what he mixed in the alcohol, trying hard to gain control of himself. The sardar watches as it starts showing its effect on vihaan. he tries to get out, but the sardar stops him, asking him whats the truth about him. he scratches him on the hand, but there is no blood. then vihaan again tries to get out, and the sardar throws a knife, which stabs him in the back. Vihaan winces in pain. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: The sardar shows kyra the knife, thats absolutely stain free, without a trace of blood on it. kyra asks how is this possible, that there isnt any blood, when it stabbed vihaan, and that too with a deep wound. the sardar says that he too is boggled wondering how is this possible. they both are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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