Satrangi Sasural 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s and Vihaan’s residence
Arushi’s mother is tensed as her preparations for haldi ceremony begin, while she tries to cheer her up saying that they are going to be in the same city. She gets to work, while arushi thinks that she hopes her mothers too love her like in her house, and in this house, her absence is never felt. Merriment and festivities begins.

In her room, arushi is eyeing Vihaan’s pic when he calls up, asking if she is free so that they can plan for their marriage. she thanks her stars for having a partner like her. He teases her. She asks if he agrees to sending her salary home even after marriage. He is more than happy for her descision and agrees completely. she says that she wont take help from him. He says

that he knows. she talks about self respect and self dependance, and hence asks him to never help girish or prahlad financially, and make it a promise. he tensed as he remembers giving money, and then says that he shall not give them money, from today onwards. She is called for and leaves, after he amusingly says that he too shall come to see it. After she cancels saying that she misses him, he apologises that he had to lie, even if it was for her happiness and her family’s well being.

Downstairs, arushi’s haldi ceremony begins, and as all the women rub haldi on her, she remembers that vihaan wished to see her too. she starts imagining vihaan applying haldi on her, where they too are alone. she gets emotionally overwhelmed as they both enjoy the haldi ceremoney together. She gets shy as he compliments her. He caresses and nudges his cheek against hers, to get haldi on his cheek too. She shivers as a tingle runs down her spine, at the physical proximity between him and her. they both revel in the glory of the attainment of their new found love. She comes back to jerk and arushi is tensed to hear her buaji’s stinging words, who in the garb of blessings deliberately taunts her, saying that she is the first girl of their family, to marry in such a big household, even after propspective grooms took her, but left her unscathed and untouched. She and her mother are hurt and apalled. they take blessings. Buaji then asks if she had an engagement before. Arushi and her family is tensed. Buaji narrates everyone everything of her relationship with gattu, and his elopement with her. Her mother asks her to not bring up bad memories in such a happy hour. Arushi says that if she knows so much, then she should know, that her own brother, Prahlad is responsible for this. Buaji retorts that she would have to learn to stay silent in her in-laws’ house. Arushi says that groom’s parents know about her accident, and even about her father, who demands dowry for her marriage, and other insults. Buaji asks her to stay shut, if she isnt shameful enough not to talk about her father and insult him like this in front of the society. Arushi asks that she too is doing the same with her neice. she asks if she truly came to participate in her happiness,or just to douse her happiness. she says that its very easy to talk about others, and asks her to keep in her own shoes, and if this happened with her own daughter. She points out the stark difference between gattu and vihaan, and says that if she doesnt like, she can leave with glee. buaji says that she didnt come here after all these years to see her bad manners and lectures. She leaves hollering for prahlad and leaves. rosy comes to support arushi, who is herself tensed for her mother.

later, after the ceremony, all enjoy in dancing and merriment, as the festivities begin. arushi is emotionally overwhelmed to see her family so happy. sarthi comes in with a stockpile of gifts, and he also has to dance with rosy. he gets tensed. he expresses his desire to help here. Buaji sends him to get cutlery. Her mother asks arushi to go have a bath. She complies. She goes inside and asks why was manohar needed. vihaan says that he sent a brother instead, to help girish and prahlad divide the payload, as he wants her to savour every moment of her happiness. she asks him not to be so sweet, as otherwise she would get habituated to such love and affectionate care.

Meanwhile, festivities are on in vihaan’s house too, where all the mothers gloat about how they have manages to pull the impossible feat of arranging a girl for vihaan, in a typical arranged marriage fashion. They decide to begin the haldi ceremony. As geeta carries her tray, her feet accidentally slips, and the tray of haldi falls on the floor. all are shocked. The guests comment that this is an omen. Granny too says the same thing, when harpreet tries to dismiss it. Granny tells them all that vihaan wont have the haldi ceremony and is adamant on it, while all the ladies along with vihaan are tensed. The screen freezes on Vihaan’s tensed face.

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