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Satrangi Sasural 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mili shows her clean hands, and kyra is shocked, wondering how is this possible, as she vehemently protests against it. Kyra asks her not to lie. priyanka comes and accuses kyra of doing this, as she shows her black smeared hands. they are shocked. Granny asks why did priyanka go after the proof. Priyanka says that she approached her secret box, wherein she keeps her stolen items, hesitantly. they are boggled. She says that she tried to prove last time too, and that this time she succeeded, and she must be happy. she says that arushi never would have done this, and hence she hasnt been accepted yet. Kyra is distraught while others tensed. Mili smiles. Kyra tries to convince, but priyanka storms inside. geeta is tensed and concerneed. kyra

turns to mili, and grabs her hand forcibly, asking why is she doing this, and they all try to refrain her. They snatch her away

geeta and granny too say that
Nilima too asks whats her problem, and if she is jealous. Kyra says that she shall provide evidence and storms in. she comes back with a knife, and slashes her hand, while she starts grappling in pain, while all are shocked. granny and geeta vents out her frustration at her. Kyra says that her wound shall heal, but when it doesnt, she is shocked. she continues to protest. Kyra screams that mili isnt a normal person and she is merely acting, while all are tensed and apalled, as mili’s hands bear a huge scratch with blood gushing out. narmada attends to her. Vihaan rushes out of the room, frustratedly asking mili how did this happen and who did this. mili continues crying. She hugs him and begs to be saved from kyra, as her problem is that she is arushi’s sister and kyra cant stand it. he asks her to explain. geeta gets the turmeric powder and vihaan applies, while mili amusingly smiles at kyra. Narmada accuses vihaan that he didnt believe her, when she said that kyra is abnormal and hit mili. He is shocked and enraged and then turns around and slaps her tight across her face. all are shocked, while mili viciously smiles. Granny is apalled. Kyra tries to explain, but he screams at her to leave. He gets back to attending to mili and her wounds, and then apologises profusely. Mili smiles, eyeing kyra, as she got vihaan to do this today, and soon he shall throw kyra out of the house himself, and then she shall avenge arushi’s death from the mothers.

In the room, kyra is frustrated with whats happening, and says that she wont listen to him, if he comes to apologise. he comes in and asks her to leave. She is shocked. he says that its his room. She says that its her room too. he says that it isnt just hers also. He says that hence he has decided that mili shall come and stay here, who she has wounded, and then angrily asks what was she thinking. He asks whats she trying to prove, and that now mili shall come and stay, till she doesnt better. Kyra is shocked. he is adamant and says that he wont argue, andf asks her to empty the room. She asks where shall he sleep. He says that it doesnt matter, and asks her not to enrage him. She says that he is like his mother, and that she wont be able to explain either of themm. He storms out. She eyes the room emotionally, and then turns around to find mili standing in front of her, smiling. she evilly walks in, while kyra moves out.

outside, kyra wonders where to sleep, while all mothers are reluctant. granny asks her to sleep with her, as she is the bahu. granny asks where shall vihaan sleep. Kyra says what he answered. granny says that she should know as he is her husband. Kyra talks about his anger. granny asks her to go impress him, while he walks out with the cushions. Kyra goes after him, as he is out in the corridor, and hesitantly asks where is he going. he says that he is going to the roof, as he cant sleep in the same room as mili. She says that its good for him. He says that he is scared that he might say something that he shouldnt, and hence wasnt bringing this topic, but what she did with mili, is despicable and unimaginable. She says that she was right, and tries to explain. he asks how can she say like this, when she herself doesnt support superstition, and says that he married her for money and the vice versa, and that this is the truth of their relationship, and everything else is bullshit. he terms her as impulsive, arrogant and shorttempered, and can even harm others, and what she has been doing recently makes him wonder whether he made a mistake in marrying her. He leaves, while she is distraught and rushes back in, towards the other corridor, and sleeps in the courtyard.

Later, at night, vihaan comes and finds her sleeping in the open, in the cold with a single blanket, and then drapes his one also on her. He sits beside her. He says that he is sorry for having said a lot of things which he shouldnt have, but the truth is that he wants to trust her, but isnt able how to.He says that he hopes that truth is out soon, and everything can become normal once again. he eyes her and then leaves. When she wakes up, she finds the other blanket, she says that she knows that vihaan did this, and she would prove to everyone that she isnt mad, and that mili is the culprit, even if she might be considered mad right now. As she lies back, she finds mili walking ahead in a trance, towards the main gate, and wonders whats she doing here as she is supposedly sick. She follows mili, and finds her going towards the well, and using magic to draw water from the well and bathing in ice, cold water. Kyra comes and asks mili as she is drenched in cold water, and asks her how is this possible, as how can she bathe in such cold water at this time of the night. When mili evilly smirks and turns around, kyra is aghast as she finds an old lady confronting her. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kyra rushes back to the house, distraught and dishevelled trying to find words, while all are tensed. she exclaims that mili died. she also vehemently protests that she didnt do anything, as she came to her, and she merely gave her a nudge and oush and she fell and died. they are all aghast and shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. dont know wat dis mili s upto! 2 d best of my knowledge didnt she die long ago wen dat vibha killed d whole family by mixing poison in d milk?

  3. No she did not die due aru and vihu saved her but what i dont understand is she was so young And now old enough to marry vihaan. Confused.

  4. yes shafi mili died but i think its vibha spirit

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