Satrangi Sasural 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Arushi raises a hue and cry while the other mothers are amused, at her brilliant acting, that her husband deserted her in her condition. Vibha is shocked and frustrated too, as arushi tells her distraught letter, as to how her husband sent a letter, that he has decided to live his life with another woman. vihaan gets angry and says that he doesnt believe how a man can leave his wife and go for another woman. granny says that the second woman is always wrong, as they are noone’s, and they forget that they cant be happy by ruining someone else’s life. All the mothers start taunting vibha indirectly, and curse. Vibha intervenes and says that they shouldnt presume until they know the whole truth. Mini says that she knows and she is

a lowlife, and strts talking about vibha only, how she befooled arushi. vihaan too agrees and says that the second woman is wrong. vibha is shocked. Arushi says that whatever the lady did is okay, but what shall she do now without a husband. Arushi pretends to be distraught and suicidal, as she picks up sleeping pills in the kitchen, and tries to kill herself, saying that she doesnt want to live anymore, since her husband has decided to desert her. Granny and others are amused. vihaan rushes in and takes the knife away from her, reprimanding him how can she be so callous, and do this. he asks how can she think about killing herself and her child fr a husband who doesnt care for the both of them. She says that she doesnt have anyone to stay alive for anymore. he says that even if the husband has left her, they all are there to support her. he asks her to just go and rest. She asks how would she give the father’s name, to this unborn child now? he asks her not to think as these things not matter anymore in today’s world. She says that she still wants to, and hence doesnt want to live. He blurts out saying that if need be, then he shall give the name of the father to her child. vibha is shocked, while the mothers are happy as this is what they wanted.

Scene 2:
Location: Karuna’s residence
When girish enquires about the intruder last night, karuna asks if he is jealous. he says that he wont tolerate this in his house, and that he shall tell kasturi straightaway. She asks if he doesnt understand what she is capable of, as she can ruin his life. He asks her to keep her threats to someone else. She says that she shall show him something, as she didnt want to do this, and shows him intimate pics of theirs, seeing which he is shocked. she says that she has video too, which any court shall accept as rape, which punishment he is sure to get. He asks what does she want. She again gives him a parcel to deliver. He asks whats in this, and whats her business. She asks him not to question, as his work is to deliver for which he is being paid. She asks him not to overthink and just do what she asks him to, as his life would change and he would get what he always dreamt of. she plants a kiss on the cheek, and then teases that she should erase it, lest jhanvi sees it.

As the parcel opens accidentally, its revealed that there’s a pistol inside, seeing which girish is shocked. He bends down to pick it up, and just as he is about to, he finds kasturi’s feet beside his hand, as the gun is under the sofa. She asks whats he doing. He fumbles and says that he slipped. she asks about to box, and he says that its useless and he is going to throw it away. she is tensed, and when dadaji calls, she goes inside. He takes this time, and takes out the gun, extremely nervous and tensed. He pakcs the parcel and comes to give it back to karuna, who again shows him the pics and blackmails him to go. he helplessly leaves, while she smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Later, while vibha is making a chocolate milkshake in the kitchen, the maid comes and says that arushi also wants to drink this, and asks for the recipe. Vibha immediately cooks up an evil plan, and says that she shall give from this only, and sends her to clean the room. After the maid leaves, she pours out another glass, and then mixes the same sleeping pills, that arushi had threatened to take in front of vihaan, saying that if arushi suffers, they would naturally presume that she tried suicide yet again, and noone shall suspect her. Just then, Vihaan hollers for her, and she nervously spills the entire bottle. She is nervous, as she hides the bottle behind her. he asks her to come along hurriedly. she throws the bottle on the floor, and goes out. Vibha leaves. the maid comes and picks both the glasses, and comes out. she gives one to arushi, while vibha is tensedly watching what vihaan has to show on the laptop. She asks the maid which glass she brought. The maid says that she got both and gave one to arushi and one to her. vibha takes the glass and tensedly watches arushi, who is busy in her work. Vihaan asks her to look here. Arushi meanwhile is about to take a sip, when the phone rings and vibha gets frustrated. Finally, arushi takes the glass and starts to drink, much to vibha’s amusement.

Meanwhile harpreet comes to work in the kitchen and finds the empty bottle, which contained sleeping pills. She wonders what are they doing here. the maid comes back, and then tells her everything. Harpreet understands what vibha is upto, and hopes that arushi hasnt dfinished the milk. She rushes out. While she almost finishes the last sip, harpreet hurriedly comes and throws the glass away. vibha is shocked. Arushi asks what happened. harpreet says that they should go to the doctor. Vihaan and vibha are shocked. Arushi says that she is fine, and keeps asusring harpreet that she is absolutely fine. Harpreet thanks the lord, and then eyes vibha venomously, as she eyes the glass with scare in her eyes, as the milk is in this glass. She is about to keep the glass on the floor stealthily, when harpreet comes and asks her to drink it, as arushi praised it galore. While vibha denies, harpreet cajoles and asks her to drink. Vihaan says that she is lucky that his mother cares for her like this, and asks her to force vibha if she doesnt drink. all the mothers gather, while harpreet forcefully shoves the milk down her throat. arushi is tensed, along with the mothers. Vibha manages to take it all in the mouth, without swallowing it, and then throws the glass away with a jerk, and rushes inside. They are all shocked, while vihaan himself is boggled. Vibha comes back after sometime and starts reprimanding harpreet as to what was she doing. Harpreet says that she was just giving her milk. Vibha is about to blurt out that she cant drink this milkshake, but stops before she reveals. Harpreet asks her to say why she didnt want to drink. vihaan too asks her why is she overreacting, while vibha says that she didnt want to, and hastily storms inside. vihaan is tensed, and then apologises to harpreet saying that he doesnt know what came over her. he goes inside after vibha. After he is gone, arushi asks harpreet whats the matter. She silently goes inside the kitchen and gets the bottle. Harpreet shows them the bottle, and tells everyone what vibha did. They are shocked and outraged. the mothers are tensed for arushi’s safety. The screen freezes on arushi’s tensed face

Precap: Vihaan tells her that she is crossing her limits, and what she did today was completrely wrong, and that he doesnt want to discuss it at all. She asks him to listen to her once. He says that what she did today was despicable and he isnt able to digest it at all. she says that its okay, as she should also make it clear, that till he doesnt forgive her, she wont eat anything at all. the mothers and arushi watch. he asks her to do whatever she wants to, and storms out. arushi faces them stoically.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. good going Vihaan I think you are starting to get your memory back so to hell with vibha if she does not want to eat I am only sorry that they did not make her consume the milk let her a*s fall asleep and they would be all free of her evil for good writer I think you are dragging this storyline way too long it is near time for arushi to give birth and Vihaan is not getting that quality time to bond with arushi and the baby please stop the tract now and expose vibha and let Vihaan regain his memory we have had enough of this vibha shit

  2. i love this episode. Arushi well done on the superb acting.. and as for Vibha, your end is near every time yo make a mistake. i love this serial… keep rocking Satrangi Sasural.

  3. basta

    I think this is the best soap on screen at the moment. But nothing would ever come close to Dulhan and Kasamse.

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