Satrangi Sasural 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra plays and chats with the children, while offering them ice cream, but vihaan comes in saying that icecream shall get them cold and cough and hence its a no. The kids are disappointed. Kyra fights fore them saying, that she shall see who stops them from having it. vihaan angrily eyes her. a confrontation happens, while the kids are amused, and rush out. Then he gets to his work, but his feet slips, and as predicted, vihaan collides with kyra and they both fall on the bed, him on top of her, while her shirt’s button gets entangled in his. An awkward eyelock follows, after which he tries to take off the button. Mini sees them from a distance. Mini thinks that as a mother, she has to try that they become one as she too believes that

there’s something thats between them, and that she knows vihaan wont replace arushi so easily, and hence they have to do soemthing, for the kids’ sake, and shall have to plan.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
kyra gets them to an ice cream stall, and then asks them their flavours. She asks them to stand while she goes to the stall to get them. Some goons come and get the children unconscious by anaesthesia laden hankeys, while she is busy purchasing icecreams. She takes them and turns around to find them gone. she wonders where they went. She asks passing by people. One of them says that she saw teo people taking two kids in their lap. She is shocked and drops the icecream in horror. She screams out their names, distraught and apalled, as she collapses on the floor. she wonders what to do as she looks around. suddenly vihaan calls on her cell, and she wonders what to respond and what to tell him. She is thoroughly tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Undisclosed location
Mini comes and asks if he is missing his wife, as the kids arfe best happy when they are out with parents. He asks her not to suggest such things. She asks whats wrong with him, as he is bothered of kyra’s absence but wont admit it to himself. she says that kyra has gone through a lot, and its his responsibility to ease her up and spend time with his wife and kids, atleast for her sake. Just then, kyra walks in distraught and apalled, breaking into tears, collapsing on the floor. They ask what happened to her and where are the kids. others come out too. Kyra says that she doesnt know, and all are shocked that she lost them. The mothers and vihaan are shocked. He picks her up, and gets angry and berserk, asking where she left them and if anything happens to them, he wouldnt spare her. He is about to raise his hand on her in anger, when the mothers stop him, but are shocked too.

Meanwhile, the children are tied in ropes, in an isolated location, while they are scared and in tears. Mamaji calls up kyra who is boggled to receive his call. she picks up and asks her not to worry for the kids as he got them kidnapped, but she shouldnt tell anyone, as then he cant guarantee their safety. Kyra is shocked and apalled. he tells that a goon stands in front of her house, and asks her to come with him, and if she doesnt, then the kids are dead. she is apalled but complies.

Downstairs, the mothers stand in front of the temple, praying for the safety and soon return of their children. kyra passes by them and herself too prays to the lord and then rushes out. She arrives at mamaji’s den. Meanwhile the mothers continue to ardently pray. Kyra confronts mamaji. she asks how dare he kidnap her children and asks where are they. He asks her to be quiet as they are safe, but he doesnt understand how she can be concerned of them as if they are her children. she says that they are her children, and she is their mother, and she shall be concerned and if he hampers them, then she shall be furious. Kyra finds an iron rod, and hits the goon hard in the stomach, and then gets atop mamaji, as he sinks in a chair, emulating goddess durga over mahishasura. Mamaji threatens that the kids arent with him, and he shall kill them. The goon meanwhile overpower kyra. When the goons have kyra captive too, who begs mamaji to let the children be free, and asks why is he doing this, and what does he need. mamaji asks her to sign this then. She asks whats in it. he says that it states that whatever his father left for her, she in her fullest intentions, and happily signs it off to him, relinquishing all her rights to dadaji’s property and money. Kyra is shocked. She says that she shall do anything that needs to be done for the kids. She remembers her loving grandpa and then the kids. She picks the file and gets to signing. but just then, vihaan arrives, and mamaji is shocked, while kyra overwhelmingly relieved. Mamaji is scared as the goon lies on the floor, unconscious. He thinks that kyra told vihaan about this. Vihaan grabs mamaji by the collar and then starts beating him up. Kyra goes to the adjacent room, and finds the kids, and lets out a scream. she rushes to them and unties them assuring them that they shall be safe and she wont let anything happen to them. she hugs them tightly, while they cry bitterly too along with her. She says that she would never leave them alone again, and promises the same.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
When the kids return back, all the mothers are overwhelmed with emotions and releived too. kyra gets to her room, but harpreet stops her. Harpreet tells kyra that now she cant stay in the house anymore, after what happeneed, and asks her to get lost and never return. geeta asks why should she go since she svaed the children. narmada says that they got kidnapped due to her too, addressing her as ego. She says that the children had to go through this traumatic experience due to her. Kyra says that she is sorry, but then says that she saved them, and that she didnt do a favour, but in lieu of that, she cant bear this kind of behaviour. She says that she shall always protect her children. harpreet says that these children arent hers. Kyra emphasises that they are, and promises that nothing shall happen to the kids, as the problems have to face her first and that she shall stay in this house only, with her kids, and wont admit defeat so soon. All are shocked. the screen freezes on kyra’s determined face.

Precap: harpreet taunts her that she considers herself to be a good mother, then kyra shall have to prove it too. The mothers are boggled. granny asks what she means. harpreet says that arushi too had to prove herself to enter the house, and she shall have to prove the same too. She says that kyra has seven days to prove this. the mothers are tensed, while kyra is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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