Satrangi Sasural 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny refuses to take them seriously, when narmada and harpreeet shows her the red cloth, asking them not to concoct unnecessary tales, and how she knows they are trying to get her goodwill, and making up stuff due t this. Narmada is tensed and asks why would she do that, and tells about the footsteps and the anklets. granny doesnt believe. narmada asks her to come along and see them then if she doesnt believe. But when they go, they are all gone, and granny and geeta think that she is hallucinating again. harpreet and narmada turn to dolly for evidence and she refuses point blank about it. Geeta reprimands them that they are trying to distract them, so that they are allowed to stay in the house and not leave. narmada asks her not to be

oversmart and asks why would she do such a thing. Geeta says that she is indeed mad, and granny asks them to stop this madness and come along. they leave. narmada is shocked. harpreet turns around and sees a reflection and is shocked but when she hollers and brings narmada’s attention to it, it vanishes and they dont see it. They are scared and decide to leave, lest granny gets more angry. After they are gone, the reflection appears yet again. granny comes home to find the diya still burning, and wonders who did the puja. They also find the breakfast ready, and then kyra passes by without responding to them, walking in a trance, as they ask if she did this. She goes inside the room. harpreet is shocked to see her attire. They are all tensed at her changed behaviour and wonder whats the matter. granny and geeta go inside, while harpreet and narmada are tensed. narmada says that she has a plan and tells it to harpreet.

In the room, Kyra wonders why are her mother in laws so tensed, and talk about the ghostly phenomenon surrounding them and that she would have to find out who is it who is bothering them. granny asks if she is okay. Kyra says that she is perfectly fine. Geeta points out the change from western to traditional in her approach, and wonders whats the reason. Granny teases that maybe its that thing, which she knows but hsnt spoken yet. Kyra smiles at her and hugs her. Granny smiles. geeta teases too, and she walks out shyly. they are amused. They discuss as to how she has fallen in love, but vihaan hasnt yet. geeta says that her love shall melt his heart. granny believes but then is curious as to how it happened all of a sudden, overnight. geeta is boggled too. they get to thinking.

When narmada and harpreet talk about this with vihaanm, he is enraged by their belief in it. they tell that they feel something wrong has happened to kyra, and she needs treatment, and how kyra has changed overnight. He says that he has already been in enough trouble but not anymore due to them. they suddenly hear Dolly’s screams and rush out, to find dolly tightly trying to close the door. Dolly begs them to close it anyhow. Vihaan asks why are they closing it. dolly talks about how harpreet and narmada were suspicious and then she too had a ghostly appearance. Suddenly they hear someone’s voice calling out to them, that they shouldnt dare to open the door or else there shall be severe consequences. he screams at the voice and asks who is it. He decides to find out the truth and opens the door even though the ladies resist. he gets in screaming who is here. he starts surfing through the stuff, while all are tensed and scared. they ask him to leave, but he is hesitant. Someone hides in there. they drag him out, while eyes in hiding eye them going.

Kyra, in front of the dressing table, wonders whats happening to her, and why is she behaving like this, and wonders what to do. She finds that her reflection in the mirror isnt changing as she moves around. She is shocked and scared too. She wonders if she has become a ghost. She finds her reflection in the mirror, talking calmly to her, that she doesnt need to be scared, as she is a wellwisher. Kyra herself is shocked and stunned, and asks who is she. the reflection says that she is here to help her. kyra is boggled as she listens. She says that she knows everything that she is feeling, and knows that she loves vihaan, and soon he shall also start loving her, as she knows him very well, since he would resist it for a long time, but slowly he shall realise that she is perfect for him, and asks her to give him sometime, as he wont take hasty decisions. kyra is puzzled, complies and then asks who is she. The reflection smiles at her. She tells kyra that she is arushi. Kyra hears this and is shell shocked, as the reflection points at the pic on the wall, which smiles at her too. She is too boggled and refuses to believe, that this cant be, as it must be a dream, and then pinches herself to find that its reality. Arushi says that she hasnt come here to harm her or anyone, as she wants to talk to her, and she had no other way but this. Kyra is boggled as she remembers how she went after them to check when they had gone to dolly’s closed room. She asks arushi if she went there with anklets to scare others. arushi says that its wasnt her. Kyra asks who is it. She says that she too doesnt know, but knows that its evil and it might be that she is trying to cause harm, and hence she herself had to take this way to be able to talk to kyra. kyra is too boggled. Arushi tells her that she has to protect the family from that evil, as this family is hers too now. It is revealed that the evil spirit says that she wont let anyone else take arushi’s place. Arushi meanwhile tells kyra that she needs to tell her something about her and vihaan and the seven mothers. Kyra asks why is she doing this. Arushi says that its for her salvation as that shall happen when vihaan starts loving kyra, as he hasnt forgotten her, and his love isnt able to let her go. she says that she cant pull this off any longer, as she was was waiting for the girl, who could complete vihaan’s life, and take care of this family as hers, and replace arushi, and kyra fits the bill. Kyra tells arushi that whats been happening has tensed them terribly and her kundali has a fault, and she doesnt know what to do. Arushi says that she wont let anything happen to him, and that now kyra shall have to do something so that he starts loving her. She says that she wants him to love kyra, as she has proven that he is a good wife, good bahu and a good mother, and she wants him to realise her importance in his life. She tells kyra that its a challenge for her, and she would have to cross it, and get to vihaan and ignite love for herself, and its easy, as she being the perfect woman, anyone can fall in love in a second, and that she cant help her in that, as love can be induced. She asks kyra to listen carefully, and asks her to beware of that evil spirit, as she might try and harm her and the family, and she promises kyra that she wont let the evil spirit hurt them at all. She promises that she shall get kyra her rightful place in the family. Kyra eyes her emotionally and overwhelmingly.

Meanwhile, the evil spirit in lurking, says that she shall not let them live in peace, as she and her dreams have been destroyed by her and this family and hence now its time for her revenge, and her first victim shall be his second wife, Kyra.

Kyra asks arushi how shall she fight with this evil spirit and she doesnt even know why its after her and her family. Arushi tells her that its a bad shadow, and she has to expose that spirit, and for that, she has to go through the secret door to the ghostly room. kuyra is scared. arushi tells that after that, she has to stop the spirit, and then shows her the secret passage. Kyra finds it and then scared walks towards it. She opens the door, and then enters inside the darkness of that same room. She is scared and tensed, as she closes the door back again. She rummages through the stuff, while the evil spirit has its eyes on her, while she walks around. The screen freezes on her scared face.

Precap: While kyra is fast asleep, vihaan eyes her and says that he doesnt know why is harpreet talking about soemthing wrong with kyra, and then finds one of her earrings missing, and then remembers how its in his pocket and he had found it, in the ghostly room, lying on the floor.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I guess tht evil spirut is vibha

    1. I think so too.. because she is the one who is very angry and very bitter… she is not in peace at all.. she is the only bad one who is after this family..

  2. interesting

  3. Did Bebo died ?? Because the evil spirit attacked her yesterday by hitting her head with a crow bar like thing and dragged her somewhere.. the evil spirit also attacked the obeah woman

  4. Nw am sure,its none other than vibha ?

  5. it is vibha cuz she was hell bent on ruining vihaan and aarushi life

  6. Interesting episode and arushi and kyra’s part was super

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