Satrangi Sasural 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Mumbai
Arushi wakes up with a bad hangover and a terrible headache, and then finds some bad burning smell coming in through the window, and wonders whats going on sp early in the morning. She decides to go and check, and then her eyes fall on the sleeping vihaan. she gives a huge smile as she adoringly admires him. The smell irritates her, and she gets up to check. her dupatta is stuck underneath his hand, and she finally slowly and softly squeezes it out of her grasp. She comes to the window, but doesnt see the source of burning. She goes out of the villa to check for it. Arushi overhears some people, talking about preparing and selling fake alcohol, callously mixing chemicals in alcohol, and is about to report against them, when she finds a revolver against her head

by one of their men. she is scared. he takes her phone and crashes it. He asks if she was calling the police. she defiantly says that she shall inform the police, as what they are doing is wrong, and can cause deaths. He slaps her and she falls on the ground. pretending to be scared, she takes a handful of dust and throws it on the person’s face, and escapes and the other men rush after her. She almost collides into a tree, and screams out vihaan, which instinctively wakes up vihaan, who doesnt find arushi anywhere nd wonders where she went, and starts getting worried when he doesnt find her anywhere. Finally, arushi spots vihaan, and is about to run to him, when the goons stand in her way and she hides. She escapes at the first chance, and they spot and run after her too. Meanwhile vihaaan is tensed, that the number is switched off too, and is angry too at her, that she went without even bothering to inform him. he desperately asks strangers if they saw her, describing her, while she is frantically running through the jungles behind, screaming out vihaan, who hears it apalled, but unfortunately others dont hear it. he too starts running in the direction the voice came from, screaming arushi’s name. She hides behind a tree, as they come in closer and corner her from all directions, leaving no escape route. Finally one of them spots the yellow dupatta and gathers everyone and they all proceed towards her. Vihaan too reaches in the proximity searching for her. the goons come and only find the dupatta and decide to look somewhere else. Arushi is running frantically still.

Arushi ruuning lands in a temple, where she narrates her tragic story to two old wives, who worriedly ask her whats the matter. Just then, the goons come, and ask the ladies to stay out of it, and they wont bother them at all, but they just need the girl to be handed over. Arushi stand scared behind them. The wives stand upto them, and along with other ladioes, drive the goons away, protecting arushi completely. They ridicule and mopck her and ask her to get out of the way. finally, the leader takes out his pistol, and aiming it at her, tells her to listen to what he says, or else they would get killed in vain. Meanwhile, vihaan finds arushi’s phone,and deduces that she must be in trouble, and prays to the lord, to keep her safe.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Manohar comes from outside, dressed nice, but dejected. They all tease him about his changed avatar and then amusingly mention that vibha must be the reason. Manohar admits that she infact is, and tells what he did last night, by calling her to the temple, but she didnt come, which would either mean, that she doesnt love him, or she is angry at him. granny says that he is extremely likeable, and that maybe she is too shy. they tease him, while he shys and admits that he loves her. granny confirms that he loves her and assures that she shall get him married to vibha. Then she asks one of the maids to send for vibha, who overhears this from her room, and thinks that she cant let it happen. The maid comes back and tells that vibha isnt in her room. They are all shocked and surprised. Manohar is worried for her, and goes out to look after her, when its assumed that she might have gone out somewhere.

Scene 3:
Location: Mumbai
The men try to snatch arushi, but the lady asks them not to move a step ahead. He tries to intimidate them with a pistol, but they are unfazed. The lady boldly stands out to the men, and suddenly all the men get trapped in the firenet, that drops ffrom above. The police arrive to take them, and arushi tells the entire story.. she then takes his cell phone, and asks vihaan, after he picks the call, to come and get her and describes the locatiobn. He is extremely relieved to hear her vocie, and asks her to stay put. the police praise her for her darind and guts. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The goons go and tell their leader, who is angry and thrn wakes up with a startl. The parents leave Amidst all celebratons, vihan and arushi too get engrossed in mumbaian colours. The goon leader too coms and views them nicely.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. is there no happiness and fulfilment in these serials imagine arushi and Vihaan gone to enjoy their honeymoon and even so they get into trouble with some goons why the writers do not allow for some sort of happiness for the couples in these serials there always has to be some sort of crime or evil doings to keep them apart for once let us the viewers enjoy some of these serials with some happy endings and make sure that the culprits are caught and pay for their crimes

  2. Despite arushi going thru rough journey her destiny will lead her on she is tuff and chastise on her determination she is brining the family together

  3. Nice episode. Good story.

  4. see what I mean now the goons will be after them arushi and vihaan for sure and there another storyline commences they also want to start another storyline with manphar and vibha

  5. I wonder when Vibah will stop dreaming and wake up. Since Vihaan doesn’t love her, not thinking about and so and she don’t want to marry someone who is in love with her. Or she probably want avrin to kill her.

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