Satrangi Sasural 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada asks vihaan, to divorce kyra and get rid of kyra, and marry mili instead. Granny reprimands her not to instigate his anger, instead of subduing it. vihaan begs them to stop, saying that he has had enough of this family fights everyday. He says that he doesnt wish to leave kyra too
but they all saw the way she threatened him, and how can he stay with her, after what happened with arhaan. All are tensed. mili comes to him and asks him not to tensed, and asks them not to bother him anymore, as they shouldnt convince him, as he saw what had happened, and if vihaan has saved arhaan and taken such a huge decision, there must have been some reason. she says that she shall go and get kyra, as she doesnt trust kyra with the children.

she rushes in, smirking evilly.

Mili enters with an evil smile, and a first aid kit, as she confronts kyra, who is fuming. She says that she shall attend to her wounds. kyra wards her hand away. Mili taunts that the wound is in the heart, thats caused by vihaan. She gets enraged. mili asks her to relax, as if she as much as touches her, she shall be thrown out of the house. kyra slaps her tight across her face, saying that she neednt bother, if she is insulted. mili is enraged and asks if she can even think about defeating her. She asks if some flower’s juice, can get vihaan out of her trap. Kyra says that vihaan, was, is and shall always be hers. kyra says that she has the faith, and whatever she is doing, she wont let it happen. Mili asks her to wait and watch/ Kyra defiantly says that her worship is far more than her power, and asks her to remember, that evil never wins over the good. Mili asks her to define whats right and wrong, and asks her to come out of her bubble world, and realise that her life is ruined, and that she shall be out, with her last masterstroke, and promises her the same. She eyes kyra, while she is tensed. Mili leaves. Kyra then turns to the goddess. Kyra talks to the goddess, and asks the reason why she had to face insult in front of everyone and asks what mistake she made, that she is giving such a hard test, and asks her only to decide now, what should win and what should people believe, on the lord’s worship or the power of black magic. she says that she can fight against the evil, at all times, and she has to help her prove, that the good shall win, and even after knowing the truth, she cant tell anyone, as noone would believe her.

Later, kyra goes to the kitchen, and finds the fridge locked, and there is no food outside, which means, that noone kept food for her even. she is distraught thinking that this cant be. granny comes to her, asking if she is hunrgy, and says that she never imagined this could happen, but says that now this shall never happen again. She starts searching for the key, but not finding it, she breaks the lock of the fridge, with a hammer, that alarms all the mothers and mili, as they come out and asks whats the matter, and whats she doing, as she might be hurt. granny asks them not to get ahead, and stay where they are. granny finally breaks the lock, and takes out food from inside the fridge, and serves it to kyra, and then proclaims that she shall always be by her side, even if all go against her. mili is tensed. Granny says that even if people dont believe, she has the faith, that kyra can never do anything wrong for the family. kyra gets overwhelmed and then hugs granny, who cries herself too. mili fumes, while the mothers watch tensedly.

Later, in the middle of the night, outside the house, Granny asks kyra not to lose hope, if all are against her, but the day truth comes out, they all shall applaud her, and that this is just a test, in which she herself is with her. Kyra thanks her, and says that she isnt fearless at all, as for a moment, she felt disappointed too. Granny asks her to keep faith in the lord, and then asks her to tell what happened. She talks about the place where she had gone, and how she got hit, as when she turned around, she saw someone and then after much hesitation, she says that it was vihaan, shocking granny when she gets to know it. She remembers eyeing vihaan, shocked and scared, in her dizzy state. she says that she saw vihaan with a rod in front of her. granny asks how can this be. Kyra says that she too didnt understand and was shocked too, that he kidnapped arhaan. granny is apalled. Kyra tells how when she woke up, she found herself tied to the pole, with arhaan, tied in ropes in front of him, on a chair. She hears vihaan whistling and smiling at her, and is shocked. She screams for arhaan to wake up, but he doesnt. Vihaan says that he is unconscious. She tries to clasp free, while he angrily asks her to shut up, as arhaan is sleeping, without having eaten anything since morning. kyra asks him how can he do this to his son, and whats happened to him. he asks her not to bother about his son, and leave them and their life, then everything shall be right, and if she doesnt comply, then he wouldnt even hesitate to kill arhaan. He lunges at her throat, when she continues screaming, and he says that he isnt able to believe that he can hurt his son. She screams in despair, while vihaan mocks that he shall hit vihaan also with the rod, and finally, she complies, to leaving them, and accepting that its her fault. granny asks that this means the flower didnt work. Kyra denies saying that this isnt hypnosis now. granny is boggled. Kyra talks to granny that she feels that this isnt their vihaan at all, and its someone else. Granny asks how can she be so sure. Kyra says that she can feel, that this isnt their vihaan, for the past some days. Granny is apalled and asks if this isnt vihaan, then where is their vihaan. kyra and granny are tensed and worried. Kyra says that she feels weirdly nervous and feels that he is in trouble, and needs her, and god knows where he is. granny thinks that he is in great danger, and with him, them too. Kyra complies, and says that she could feel it, and stayed back, somehow by the drama of divorce. She says that together they shall expose mili, and asks granny not to be scared. granny says that she shall fully support her.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Vihaan is meanwhile locked inside a painting, where he wakes up dizzily, and finds someone doing something to him in the painting, by spraying some powder on him. the hooded lady tells him that he needs to have patience as he would have answers very soon. He screams how long shall she have him captive inside like this.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The next morning, kyra wakes up a sound asleep mili, by splashing water on her face. Mili asks how dare she. kyra asks her to learn being a mother, by getting the kids ready to school, pack their bags, tiffin and everything else, and asks her to go and run. Mili fumes. Kyra says that she cant help her, as vihaan told her not to enter the kitchen, and then bids her good luck and leaves. Mili fumes, and thinks if she cant do anything, as kyra underestimates her. granny then comes in and gives her own list of task, making morning tea, and arranging the puja thali. mili fumes again. She says that she knows they are bothering her deliberately, but they dont know what shall happen when she gets back at them. the screen freezes on her vengeful face.

Precap: Vihaan, at the dining table, wrenches her hand, and turns her around, and then asks her to leave. he takes her hand and is about to throw her out, when kyra’s friend, disguised as a Sikh lawyer, tells that he is here for kyra. They ask him whats the matter. he says that he is kyra’s lawyer, for the divorce. kyra tells them that she called him, so that she can have her rights protected inside the house, as long as she is here. Mili eyes her furiously, while the mothers and vihaan are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think now the real Vihaan’ll be killed. If Ravish Deshai quits the show. this show’ll lose its rest of the viewers. This show must be terminated.

  2. Fast update today Rimjhim… well done keep updating fast like this only

    1. Rimjhim

      all credit to guys like you…who are such ardent fans…hope to live up to your expectations…..Kudos…!!!!

  3. I read online that Vihaan is going to die this month. Ravish Desai who plays Vihaan has call it quits. He has put down his papers and is on notice period. His character ‘ vihaan ‘ is to be killed in a freak accident. Vrushika Metha who plays ‘ Kyra ‘ is also wanting to follow and quit as well. As the story seems baseless now. When Vihaan dies. A boy related to his family will come and marry Kyra … Seriously . This show needs to end. Why are they so hell bent on not to close this show ??? It does not makes sense anymore. When Vihaan dies. This show will be over . Trp will be right down to ZERO !!!!! Lets all stop watching this crap show and let the trp fall so low that they will be forced to close the show up for good. Only nonsense

    1. This show should have been over when Arushi died!!!! As a matter of a fact when the evil Vibha track started, the show started to lose its charm….and when Arushi was killed off , there was no charm left! hmph

      1. Exactly.. Since Vibha stepped in
        . This show began to start breaking apart. Arushi died. It finally took the tumble and became crap. They need to show more positive things in helping to better today’s society . All this negativity is just too much

  4. After mili’s entry this serial has lost its quality … So they better put an end to it.
    Better for all.

  5. I really appreciate Vrushika Mehta
    but I would like to give some suggestions to creatives for saving the show :
    1)End this MILI track…. Mili ‘s family was killed by Vibha so why blame the Vatsals?
    2)Where is BEBO disappeared?
    Creatives are just showing baseless drama nowadays
    3)Kaira never thinks and rememberes his NANU
    They should focus on Kaira and her journey but the entire creatives focus is on the witchcraft and MILI
    kick this MILI out….
    I don’t get time to watch the show at the evening so I watch it at 8:30am…. But I think that I should quit watching the show but everyday I read the update or watch it in the hope that MILI is gone….
    Focus on how Kaira should strive to get the LOVE OF her 7 Mothers and Vihaan and the kids

  6. Since mili came in the show everything went up side down from good to worse

  7. I cannot believe how these writers get a thrill on torturing women and children. And this witchcraft crap all over Indian serials is portraying such a backward India which is not true. Not to mention how marriage is portrayed in these shows,, people marry anybody leaving their spouses or are separated by evil for a long period of time. Come on writers we are leaving the show. I never watch it anymore . Ravish a talented actor is wasting his time on this show if he dies then the show is over. And Kyra? please give her some goo lines asn kick that Milli creature off the show, she is the one dragging the show plus those two stupid mothers

  8. From bad to worst

  9. These writers are such a perverted lot. Foisting such crappy shows on the poor viewers. I am going to stop watching satrangi sasural which was such an enjoyable show. it is going from bad to worse like Qubool hai. That Milli witch should be kicked out of the show. Is she so perverted in real life too? I think so. How else would a nice human being portray such evil.

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