Satrangi Sasural 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As vihaan storms inside, kyra begs them all to take care, and then they bid a tearful and emotionally overwhelmed departure to kyra, who leaves the house. the mothers are teary eyed, and distraught. Harpreet says that they all are responsible for this including granny, who herself is tensed. She continues that things have worsened because they couldnt control the situation, and now lost kyra due to it. they are all apalled. Kyra gets in the car, but the cab driver doesnt move. Kyra finds vihaan standing, and she gets out of the car, and hugs him, while she begs him not to go. she cries incoherently. she convinces him not to stop her, as she has needs to go, but he needs to stay here with the family. he finally relents in and she leaves.

As vihaan comes in, garnny tells him that she wishes to speak to him regarding something, but he ignores her and moves on. they are shocked, along with her. Vihaan asks the mothers to pack up kyra’s lunch so that he can give it to her. harpreet is concerned and asks where has he put her up. He says that kyra is staying in red star, and that others might, but she wont be left by him too. She complies. harpreet starts taunting as to how callous they all are. but geeta stays put with granny. A verbal scuffle ensues.

later, vihaan is about to go with food, mili comes and gives her dessert that granny sent, and he resignedly accepts and leaves. just then, devi maa comes and asks about kyra leaving from the house. mili tells about te problem in the house, and why mili went. Devi maa says that granny neednt have done this, and that she knows who is behind all this, Maayaini maa, as she is the only one who is creating trouble. mili says that they should do something fast. Mili says that she is versed in black magic, and they should use her tactics to catch her. devi maa says that she wont take wrong ways, and only one way remains, such that they can solve this.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
Kyra assures herself that soon everything shall be fine, and that she is doing this for the benefit of the family. she doses off, and wakes up after sometime, hearing noises of the people, and finds smoke alarm on. She realsies that the hotel has a fire and all the members hurriedly evacuate. kyra gets dizzy and nauseous engulfed by the smoke. and falls unconscious in the stairs. outside, vihaan arrives with the food. he is shocked to see the fire. when kyra doesnt come out, eh tries to break in the barricade but the police stops him back. he is aghast and apalled. he begs to be allowed to go, but the police is adamant. he is tensed wondering whats happening. just then, he gets a call and is shocked. he rushes away from there.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
the mothers are aghast as they hear new of the hotel being on fire. They are tensed of kyrqa’s safety and also indirectly reprimand granny. granny hopes that this too is because of kyra’s child, and hopes that both vihaan and kyra are fine. they are all dishevelled and distraught.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, he finds kyra coming out of a car, and hugs her ardently, as they both are into tears. she says that vasundhara saved them. She comes to him, and assures her that she is fine. she then narrates as to how the fire happened, after which she went dizzy, and she helped her, and got her out. she blames him for leaving her alone, but she immediately rushes to his defence adding that this was her decision and he was nowhere to be blamed. she agrees, and they both are relieved. vasundhara asks if he has difficulty trusting her. he vehemently says that he cant leave her like this. she says that she shall take care of his wife. he hugs her, while getting emotional first, and then giving her a list of advises. she too asks him to take care of everyone in the family. vasundhara takes her and then leaves. He stands tensed and sad. he gets his family’s call, and says that kyra is okay, and he is returning.

Scene 5:
Location: Vasundhara’s residence
Vasundhara welcoems her in the house, and then makes her comfortable, and leaves to the kitchen to make food for her. After vasundhara leaves, kyra eyes the room, and then finds a room with its door shut. she approaches it tensedly, but before she can open, she hears vasundhara from the kitchen, asking her to wash and freshen up, while she serves her soup. kyra complies.

In the kitchen, while making soup, vasundhara mixes something in the soup, and hopes that kyra likes it, and thinks that she never thought everything would be so easy. she comes and serves soup to kyra, who before her arrival, is boggled thinking that she is feeling weird here, despite such warm hospitality and concern, and then thinks maybe its because the kids arent here, and she is habituated to them, and they must have slept by now. she tries to call vihaan and ask if granny ate food, but his phone continuously rings, as he isnt there. She wonders why isnt he picking up. then she dials mili, but before she can talk, vasundhara asks her to have soup first and chat later. kyra complies. vasundhara talks about how medicinal this soup is. kyra drinks it, while she watches on. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Granny asks vihaan to go and get kyra, and he along with the mothers is overjoyed. he rushes to go and get her. but then decides to call first. but his call gets disconnected, when its actually vasundhara who cancels the call. he wodners why is kyra cancelling the call.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This is total bulls**t! Kyra is a millionaire why does she have to stay in a hotel or with a stranger? She has cars but she’s taking cab etc. What happen to her uncle and babe son? Its time the end this serial and bring somethine new. Stewwww

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