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Satrangi Sasural 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is surprised when she addresses him as Vihaan, and then adds a Ji, asking if she can call him that instead of Sir. he readily agrees, and then takes her leave. he turns back to see arushi, as if connected to her, while she gets emotional. Then he leaves. After that, vibha comes out from behind the pillar, where she had been hiding, and then stealthily closes the door of the stre, and bolts it from outside, while arushi is busy surfing through newspaper cuttings. Vibha thinks that now arushi shall get her rightful punishment for coming so close to vihaan.

In the drawing room, Vihaan asks vibha where they have to go, while she asks him to just come along. All get curious as the mothers wonder where they are going. Vibha hurriedly

says that they have to go shopping. Narmada and mini insist that they can all go along. granny too leaves to get ready. Vibha suggests that they can go ahead, while they can get ready and follow. The mothers are dejected. Vibha leaves with vihaan tensedly. They all wonder where’s arushi. narmada goes to check if she is resting in her room. She comes out tensedly, that arushi isnt in the room. they are all tensed when she isnt found anywhere. mini decides to try her phone, as they wonder if she has gone outside, since she never goes without saying anything. They find that she has left the phone here itself. Narmada says that she is at home, since she doesnt go out without her phone. they are all tensed. When vibha and vihaan return, he gets to know that the mothers are tensed of arushi’s absence. He gets tensed, and asks if they checked the storerroom, as she was last there. Vibha stands tensed. The mothers are surprised. vihaan hastily moves from there. Vibha is surprised. Vibha rushes after him too, but mini holds her hand and says that she needs to stay right here. vihaan makes a mad dash and thrn finds the door locked from otuside. the mothers are shocked. they open the door and are distraught to find that arushi lies on the floor, unconscious and non-responsive. he immediately carries her in his arms and rushes out. Vibha is furious while mini is shocked.

When the doctor inspects her, she asks them not to worry, as they should be extra careful, since her last days of pregnancy are going on. The mothers go out to leave the doctor out. vihaan says that he still doesnt understand how can the door be locked itself. Vibha stands worried, while the mothers understand that she was behind ths. granny reprimands vibha to come along, as she wants to show her something. vibha tensedly complies. Arushi lies asleep.

In the room, Granny slaps her tight across her face, while vibha is shocked. She says that she wouldnt bear all this in her house, and that the only reasn they are helplessly bearing her, is due to vihaan, as she too knows, that if they have their way, they wouldnt let her be, even for a second. She asks vibha not to try their patience so. She says that what she did today, wasnt right and unpardonable, as it wasnt just arushi, since if anything happens to the unborn child, then she wont bear it. She says that they wont have such things happening in the house, and she wouldnt tolerate it, if she even as much as tries to touch arushi with evil intentions. she asks her not to force her to do something, that she cant even imagine, to keep her family intact. vibha stands distraught and speechless. Granny leaves, vibhafumes, thinking that she didnt do right in slapping her, as things havent ended, but started. She says that she would go ahead with her plans, as she might try all that she wants, but arushi would have to go, from this house, and if not that, then from this life.

Scene 2:
Location: Karuna’s residence
Karuna goes into a sob story, as to how her husband threw her out, whilke kasturi asks there must be someone who she knows in the city. Girish is distressed as she goes on her fake story. jahnvi is tensed for her. Karuna says that she knows only her, and hence came to her seeking her help. kasturi readily agrees to help as much as they can, and then agrees that she can stay here as long as she wants. karuna eyes girish evilly, as kasturi tells him to clean the room. kasturi says that she is just repaying the favour, that she did on her, when she started her business by placing orders. Karuna thanks her profusely, while eyeing girish amusedly. He thinks that she is definitely pretending and wonders why is she doing this and why is she pretending like this and why does she want to stay here.

While girish cleans up the room, karuna locks the door from inside, and tries to get physical with her. He asks whats all this and why is shs edoing this. she says that she did this for him only, as her husband threw her out due to him, and took away her money too, and she had nowhere to go. He says that she could have gone anywhnere and why come here. She asks what would he tell his mother why he didnt allow her to stay here. He is tensed and speechless. they are oblivious that jhanvi is coming up. he jerks her off, while she leeringly comments, and he asks her to behave. She asks him not to be oversmart as nothing would happen to him, if he does what she wants him to, as she is already infamous, and would take him down with her too, and asks if he compleis. he resignedly says yes. she smiels. She opens the door, just when jhanvi enters in with milk. girish stands tensed. She thanks jhani, and girish too for helping her out. jhanvi asks her to call them if she needs anything. She complies. jhanvi leaves. girish tries to leave, but karuna unsettles him by sending him a kiss. After he is gone, she thinks that mingling with a commoner, she would be able to do whats her mission, inconspicuously.

In the night, while jhanvi and the babay are asleep, girish is unable to get sleep. he finds someone’s shadow walk past their window, towards Karuna’s room. He stealthily comes out and picks up a wooden rod, and then finds that someone stealthily enters Karuna’s room. He wonders who’s here to meet her at this time of the night, and so indiscreetly. he is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Finally, arushi wakes up, and then asks the mothers not to be upset, as vibha wont be able to do anything, as she the blessings of seven mothers, and that vihaan is again creating a place for her in his heart. granny tensedly says that she doesnt trust vibha one bit, as she can go to any lengths to hurt arushi, as what she did today was a crime. She asks arushi to think the worst, that could have happened. mini gets angry and says that they should file a police complaint straightaway, against her, as they cant let her do what she wants. Arushi asks her to calm down, as they have to be patient, since vibha doesnt know that the tablets have been altercated, and vihaan is already remembering back old things slightly, and soon he shall remember everything. Narmada says that this can take months, and vibha wont stay quiet till then to throw her out. Arushi says that they shall let her try, but she wont succeed, as they are together and vihaan too sides with them now. Arushi says to the mothers that she shall try and help vihaan remember back their love. narmada says that vihaan would have to get back his memory for that to happen, and right now, all he knows is that arushi is married to someone else. Arushi tensedly thinks and then says that first of all, she would have to remove this tag of being married from herself. The mothers are boggled as to what is she upto. Granny asks how. Arushi asks her to keep seeing. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Arushi pretends to be distraught and suicidal, as she picks up a knife in the kitchen, and tries to kill herself, saying that she doesnt want to live anymore, since her husband has decided to desert her. Granny and others are amused. vihaan rushes in and takes the knife away from her, reprimanding him how can she be so callous, and do this. he asks how can she think about killing herself and her child fr a husband who doesnt care for the both of them. She says that she doesnt have anyone to stay alive for anymore. he says that even if the husband has left her, they all are there to support her. She asks how would she give the father’s name, to this unborn child now? He blurts out saying that if need be, then he shall give the name of the father to her child. vibha is shocked, while the mothers are happy as this is what they wanted.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Vibha u can do what u want but u can never separate vihaan from arushi it will be better if u tell the truth to vihaan or else u will bear the consequence when he will get this memory back i know for sure he will not spare u when he get to know what u did to arushi n this moms n grandma…..and grisih u deserve what u getting from karuna a taste of ur own medicine anyway like the precap can’t wait for vihaan to get back his memory

    1. I agree

  2. Infactt she is the worst nightmare of all

  3. Idiotic how stupid can she beeee

  4. come on arushi keep working on Vihaan mind he will soon regain his memory and the both of you all will be reunited again and as for that wicked evil witch vibha I cannot wait to see the end of her when the police take her away for good and then she will have no one but her evil husband and step mother to lean on in prison which she vibha truly deserves because she could have been so happy if only she had behaved herself and work as the helper in the kitchen and leave arushi and her husband alone no you vibha eye tooooooooo long you want it all so now take what you getLOL

  5. I am so happy that the witch vibha made a promise to Vihaan not to sleep with him until he regained his memory because that would have been awful so for now arushi you are safe and you know something I am sure that they are not really married either I would like to see the seven mothers give vibha a very good and severe licking before the police take her away LOL


  7. I watch this show regularly. Mugdha is a fabolous actor

  8. Arushi just love you for your brilliant thinking. Get rid of VIBHA quickly and get your VIHAAAN back thus making all the moms happy again.

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