Satrangi Sasural 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
After he falls down unconscious, bebo starts searching for the will, and when she doesnt find it, she is frustrated.

Scene 2:
Location: Elementary School
Just as kyra is about to leave with the children, she is surprised to see vihaan standing in front of her on the bike. He gets down angrily and yanks his children down from her scooty, while she watches tensedly. He thrashes them as to why they were going with a stranger, even when he has told them not to. Arhaan says that this isnt a stranger. vihaan asks who is she then. The girl answers that its their mother. vihaan is about to hit her, but kyra stops him. Kyra explains everything as to why she came here, all in a haste, and doesnt give him the chance to speak. The

children eye kyra and then him. she asks him to relax, and take a deep breath, and then goes onto show how to do it, while he watches her frustratedly. she gets tensed seeing him angry and then gets serious herself. but she still finds him tensed, and thinks to leave before he vents out his anger on her. But to her surprise, he thanks her. she smiles back at him. the children are relieved. She then gets a phone and is shocked when she hears from bebo about the accident with grandpa. she is distraught and in tears. he gets tensed. she starts crying profusely and collapses on the floor.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Bebo is worried and hopes that grandpa shouldnt come out alive, as if he does, he shall tell everything to kyra and they shall have her thrown out of the house. she thinks to pretend to be sad, grieving and traumatised too, so that it looks effective. Kyra comes distraught to the hospital and asks bebo how is grandpa and that she wants to meet him right now. Vihaan stands tensed too. bebo says that she cant meet him right now as he is critical. Kyra asks how it happened, and bebo makeas a story and says that the lord should have taken her instead. She frustratedly says that she wants to meet him rightaway. vihaan jerks her to finally compose her, saying that nothing shall happen to him, as they are all here. She stands by his shoulders. he is tensed and at discomfort.

As geeta, harpreet and granny chat by her bedside, narmada listens. Geeta says that the person they were banking on for money is right now himself fighting for life and death and cvallously comments as to who shall pay for their hospital bills now. geeta is frustrated and blames it all on destiny that doesnt favour them. She is told by harpreet not to think negative. geeta tries to point out the reality as vihaan shouldnt have agreed to work for an aged person. granny hopes that nothing happens to that good old man. geeta says that she wishes it too, as who will pay their bills otherwise. Granny says that she is hoping out of humanity, not for the greed of money, when he fights for life and death. Narmada is tensed.

Meanwhile, grandpa wakes up, and is surprised to see that noone is around, and he has to tell kyra immediately about bebo’s truth, as otherwise bebo shall kill her too. he finds a pen and paper and tries to stretch out his hand to write a note for kyra. but it slips instead, while managing to write, while he starts convulsing. he bends down to get it and falls down finally.

Outside, bebo keeps convincing her to be calm as grandpa qould be okay. Mama comes and callously asks her how is his father. vihaan sees him and is surprised as he recognises seeing him at the goons’ hideout. kyra asks him whats he here for. he says that its his father and hence he came. she says that he isnt attached to grandpa but is just attached to his money. He taunts her and says that she is right, as he can die, but he shall get his share before he dies. she says that she cant believe someone speaking so low about his own father. he asks her to shut up, or else he shall slap her. Vihaan who is super angry, and dares him not to even think about it. They both recognise each other. The man asks who is he, as its their family matter. he says that he works for the man whose death he wishes for, and wont stand a word against him. He is about to slap, when they hear grandpa’s screams. They are shocked, while kyra rushes. bebo goes after him, but vihaan insistently doesnt let him go. he is angry. She rushes inside to find grandpa on the floor. she rushes to him, in uncontrollable tears, asking him to get okay as she cant let anything happen to him, since she cant even imagine to live without him support. she screams for the nurse and the doctors. bebo thinks that she cant go in, as even if grandpa isnt able to say anything to her, he might see her and then signal soemthing that mgiht get kyra suspicious. She wonders what to do. Kyra asks him to fight this, as she needs his support. he barely manages to say that he doesnt have much time. he utters that vihaan shall be her support. she is surprised to hear this. He breathes his last. she lets out a scream in despair. bebo hears this and is super happy.

Outside, mamaji asks him to let go, while vihaan accuses him that he is responsible for his father’s death as he must have hired goons that day for this only. mamaji asks him if he has gone insane. Vihaan doesnt let go. mama strangles himself free and rushes inside. vihaan stands angrily. he finds his father dead and is shocked and distraught as he cant go like thsi, as he needs his share. Kyra is outraged. the doctor comes and he threatens the doctor to revive him anyhow. He then turns to dadaji and asks him to get up, and give his share of the property, and after that he can die. kyra angrily slaps him tight across the face. Bebo is shocked. He is angry that she hit her own uncle. she says that it was required. he is about to slap back, when vihaan holds his hand. Kyra sees this and is surprised and overwhelmed. bebo and mamaji are shocked too. Vihaan asks the police to come and arrest him, for the murder of dadaji. they ask mamaji to come along. Vihaan reminds them of the goons’ encounter. Mamaji asks him not to make assumptions. The police comes and asks him to testify in the court. mamaji thretens that he shall have his way with him. the police leave with him. bebo is amused and relieved, thinking that grandpa died, and the blame also wasnt on her, and mamaji is gone too. she praises her good luck. Kyra meanwhile turns to vihaan, while he is tensed himself. She collapses beside vihaan, who caresses her, on the head, hesitating for a little time. bebo pretends to be distraught. The doctor asks them to go outside as they have to prepare the body to be handed over to them. kyra asks if she can stay for a couple more minutes. They agree. vihaan and bebo leave. Kyra breaks into uncontrollable tears, saying that she shall miss him. then her eyes fall on the note that he had partially written. She recognises it as his handwriting and then reads what he wrote, and is surprised. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: The lawyer tells the family, that according to grandpa will, he says that Grandpa gives his entire property to kyra. Bebo and mamaji are shocked to hear this. He says that kyra stands a claim to this property, only if she married within a week of his death. Kyra is shocked and apalled. Later, Mamaji comments callously that he cant wait to see who shall marry kyra in a week. A determined Kyra tells him that she shall marry vihaan. Vihaan is shocked out of his wits to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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