Satrangi Sasural 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Market
Geeta comes to a cloth shop, while nilima, harpreet and narmada follow her, in order to find who she meets. she exchanges greetings with the shop owner, and then talks about her plans, while they try and hear whats going on. he is absolutely smitten by her. She finds them going away, amused and wonders what were they doing here. just then, mili comes and narrates to her about their confusion. geeta at first is enraged and rushes to clear it all, but then thinks that its good, since in the garb of this, she shall be able to indiscreetly step out of the house, in relation to solving the mystery of the mani. Mili complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Unknown ashram
Granny talks to her kulguru, as to how she has been trying to avert danger on her house,

but somehow it hkeeps creeping in. he tells how she has embedded this secret inside her, and not told it to anyone, but that doesnt change the destiny, and whats inevitable shall hapen at any cost.granny is tensed as he informs that right now, there is a big danger looming ahead. She is increasingly tensed of her family’s safety. drawing an analogy through the automobile, he tries to explain to granny not to tensed and nervous. He asks her to stay back for three more days, since some ritual has started, that she cant leave in between. She says that she shall stay back, and then gives her their family papers. he complies for the sake of her peace of mind. he asks if she brought vihaan’s kundali. she finds that it isnt there. He then looks at her kundali first. he is shocked and then informs her of the danger looming overhead, hearing which she is aghast. Granny is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Ashram and Vasundhara’s residence
vihaan arrives with the others at the ashram, where the priest tells them that the mani has started showing its powers, and its best that they save it in some godly place. They are tensed to hear this. Vihaan asks what about the fact that the mani shall also try and go to its owner, who is desperate to have it. he says that there are certain barriers that neither the lady nor the mani can cross, as long as they are in holy environment. he asks if for the mani, the lady can go to any lengths. the priest complies yes. he asks how does he seem so sure of this woman. The preist informs them that the lady knows all of her magic, as he only taught it to her. they are all shocked. he says that he had acquired the mani, but she took it by deceiving him. Vihaan says that this lady’s name is maayavini. the priest conforms. He says that this means that their doubts are correct. all are tensed. the priest talks about how this mani’s effect shall be enhanced, in both ways, even if it falls in the right and wrong hands both. Vihaan asks him to tell more, if he knows this woman, so that they get to know her better, as it would lead them to her faster. teh priest asks them to keep somethine clear as after seven days, a unque condition of the stars shall arise, which is known as the Dhruv Kaal, in which every black magic worshipper shall expose themselves, and only that day, shall they be able to understand who or what she realy is. he also gives them an identity mark, that the lady doesnt have a thumb. Kyra asks what if the lady gets the mani. the priest says that she shall become invincible. Vihaan asks him to be by their side, and help them, as only he can. the priest says that they can take the mani with them, so that it prevents them too within a limit, from maayavini. Then the priest tells them that this is their fight from hereon, and he wont be able to help them any further. h then gives vihaan the mani. vasundhara sees them all from the magic ball, and is amused that now its more interesting, since the Vatsal family too has gotten into black magic now. meanwhile, vihaan and others decide that the best place to keep it is, in the temple. they head towards home

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Back home, they find that noone is in the house, and they place the mani in the temple only. they all pray then. just then, the candle goes off, and vihaan gets dizzy. they rush to him, while he sys that he feels weirdly nauseous. they rush him to the doctor. finding the room empty, vasundhara enters just then, but thinks that its easy for her to retrieve the mani, but when she tries, she finds an invisible barrier stopping her. she is shocked and frustrated too. she thinks that she has other ways too to find out about how to get the mani. just then, kyra returns and comes back. she is boggled and shocked to find her there, and starts castign aspersions on her character and her motive behind being so friendly with them. kyra asks how she came inside, and if she came to take something. vasundhara gets emotional, and then starts her charade, saying that she made a huge mistake, as she shouldnt have come barged in, and when she didnt find anyone inside, she got tensed. she asks what wrong she did, as she is like her daughter, and hence she got concerned for her, and by doubting her today, she stained their relationship. kyra immediately apologises, and says that she shouldnt have talked like this. Vasundhara says that her crime is that she came in to meet her, and that this house is hers too, and then composes herself, saying that vihaan is like her son, and nothing matters to her more than kyra herself. just then, someone comes and tells that arhaan is trapped in a fire outside. they both rush out, aghast and apalled. While kyra screams, and others look on, vasundhara rushes in and saves her. kyra is relieved and thankful.

Later, she caresses vasundhara’s wounds, while she smirks, that this wound helped her a lot. kyra again thanks hr, for saving arhaan’s life, and apologising for speaking like that with her. vasundhara pretends to be generous, and says that she too would have reacted like that, and apologises for entering in unannounced. she then enquires on their head hunting as to who is trying to hurt them. vasundhara offers her help, but kyra says that she shall take, when she needs it. she gets to go, but kyra stops her saying that she cant leave wounded, and that she needs to see the family, as she misses everytime. vasundhara stands the risk of being exposed, and tries to get out. meanwhile, the mothers come back from shopping and are walking on the road, talking about the efficiency of their shopping. Kyra rushes out and finds them coming, and is happy. meanwhile, vasundhara thinks that today she is definitely in hot soup. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Vihaan tells kyra that she is her heartbeat and children, his lifeline, and if anything happens to either of them, then he shall stop living. kyra shushes him. meanwhile, vasundhara reads something in the calndar, first a 2 and then scrolls down to 3, thinking that only three days remain.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Vasundhara is Kyra’s sister in law

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