Satrangi Sasural 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi goes to priyanka’s room, and tries to cheer her up, saying that now she should prepare herself to lead them into the international assignment. She is hoever not affected, and arushi leaves, giving one last glance, as priyanka continues working.

The next morning, the mothers are shocked to see that priyanka isnt opening the door, locked from inside. They get worried. They think maybe she is in the bathroom. Granny teases her by taking a pic of hers, that she is going jogging. Mini is irritated while all others are amused.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel suite
As arushi and vihaan enter, she is in blindfolds, and surprised, that the ambience doesnt seem like a party. he opens the blindfold. Arushi is overwhelmed

to see the fantastic spread of romance, that vihaan specially arranged for her. she says that means he lied to their family. He complies, and then gives it as her gift, for her wonderful success. he then switches on the music and she is surprised, to find two glasses with champagne. She pretends to be angry and asks whats this. Vihaan is amused, as he pours out two glasses. She asks if this is alcohol, and he says yes. She denies, and he takes one glass, and then the other too. She is horrified that he drank alcohol. He then drga sher closer to him, saying that she is enough intoxication. She shoves him away, and then dials granny, saying that vihaan is drinking alcohol, and is making her drink it too. he gets scared, and takes the phone from her. He vehemently protests that this is just apple juice and that its nothing else. He doesnt hear anyone’s voice on the other end, and thern arushi bursts out laughing that he isnt the only one who can pull a prank. he rushes after her. In their scuffle, they fall on the bed, atop each other. Their romance ensues, as they consummate the night.

the next morning, Arushi wakes up vihaan, asking him to take her home, as she wants to go right now. he asks whats the urgency. Arushi says that she is highly worried for priyanka, and tells how she saw priyanka upset last night. He agrees.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi and vihaan come back hurriedly. Arushi asks where’s priyanka. granny says that she must be in the room. arushi says that she wasnt feeling okay, and sensed some trouble. Granny remembers her outburst. Vihaan gets to composing arushi, while granny gets to go and check. They are surprised and relieved to find priyanka come out. She asks whats the matter, as to everyone is outside her room, tensed. They distract her, and change the topic. Arushi notices a letter in priyanka’s hand, as she joins everyone else for breakfast.

Scene 4:
Location: Girish’s locality
Girishj is lost in the strange girl’s thoughts, when she comes right behind him, and sits on his bike, asking him to drive, without looking back, pointing two fingers at him, pretending them to a pistol. He complies tensed. When they finally get down, girish sees that its the same girl. Both are frustrated to bsee each other. He finds that she befooled him. She vents out her frustration, asking him not to have preconceived notions about her. She leaves in a huff. he is amused as to this weird character. he tries to give the bracelet but she is gone.

Later, while he is having tea, he finds the same girl, scavenging through some stuff on the road, and wonders whats she upto. He hides to see her, and is amused as she goes about her chore. Then she suddenly eyes the house, and thinks that she has to go back in there, which is actuially girish’s house. Girish is tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Jogging Park
In the jogging park, while mini is jogging, a biker passes by in great speed, and skids dirt on her leg. She hollers at him. the biker stops the bike, and then turns around. before she can come, he again looms ahead. he keeps pulling the same stunt with her, and she gets into a rage. He finally turns around and faces her. She starts to vent out her frustration, and he chides her and leaves. She is angered, as she eyes his Initials, RP. later, she collides into an old friend, who has her figure maintained, and mini gets to know that she dancersises, and insistently takes mini to it.

Scene 6:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All are having breakfast at the table, while arushi isnt able to look past priyank’a senvelope. Granny follows her gaze. She then asks priyanka whats in the envelope. All are worried, while arushi, wonders whats in the envelope, and hopes its nothing that destabilises the peace of the family. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: While working in the office, arushi gets geeta’s call, asking her to perform some puja, early in the morning. She is tensed. She wonders that she also has a to place an early morning video call, to the foreign tieup too. She wonders how she shall manage both.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. I am sure that prianka is with her chldish behavior again let he resign if she wants to it is better she stays at home instead of giving arushi and the rest at the office trouble and this would give her more time to find herself a husband too.

  2. sara

    ami and gloria, plz dnt give stress to ua brains vch r alrdy small
    go wid d flow cz priyanka gona get a tight slap in near future

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