Satrangi Sasural 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
As jinn and mili go ahead, vihaan secretly and stealthily follows them, and then takes out the holy trishul, and makes a mad dash for the fake vihaan. he lunges him around. Mili is amused, while vihaan is shocked to see that its someone else, and not the fake vihaan. he screams for kyra, and then tries to run away, but the man follows him, while mili guffaws. mili continues using her magic, to prevent vihaan from going, and he collapses on the floor, unable to move. She asks where is he running, as he cant escape death, like no one else. He says that he shall never let anything wrong happen to kyra, and that today she shall be exposed at any cost. he takes a sharp object, and stabs her in the leg, and she winces in pain, as blood gushes out. he tries

to stab again, but she stops him with her magic, frustrated and enraged. he tries to resist her magic, that pushes him back, while she taunts him to try and get ahead defeating her magic. To her surprise he actually manages, after much determination, that makes her wonder, that maybe her powers fell weak due to being wounded. he finally escapes off. She is irritated, wondering how long shall he run.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Complying to granny’s wishes, kyra comes close andintimate to vihaan, oblivious that its the fake one, deeply scared inside, that she is doing this to merely get the birthmark, and she shall go as close to him, as needs be, whether its the real or the fake one. They get down on the bed, and he tries to lean in, when she gets unnerved. She finally gets back up. He asks whats the matter. she says that its nothing. she then tries to seductively opens the buttons of his shirt, and he helps her, eyeing her leeringly, oblivious of her motive behind all this. She continues with her sultry charade. he then takes off his vest, and she lays her head, going back, against his nack. She thinks that first she shall see if he is the real vihaan, and tries going through his back, but doesnt find the birthmark anywhere, and is shocked as she realises that its the fake one. he meanwhile, eyes her leeringly. She wonders how to get out of it now, as he turns around, and she retreats back impulsively. he continues approaching ahead, when she pushes him away, saying that he isnt her vihaan. she tries to run, but he greabs her forcibly, while she begs to be left alone, and he comments that today, he shall forever make her his own. He taunts her that he looks exactly like vihaan, and she has nothing to be scared of. She says that he cant do this to her. he continues to torment and caress her. She tries to open the door, while he asks why is she running, as her vihaan is with her. She eyes the goddess’ idol, and is about to grab it, when she jerks her hand away, and says that he had warned that she shouldnt instigate his powers, and throws her on the bed viciously. she is apalled, as he tries to force himself on her. she continues to scream, while he progresses towards her leeringly. she jerks him and pushes him away, and runs off.

Outside the house, vihaan is shocked as he finds mili standing in front of him, blocking his way. mili says that today she shall finish him forever and he can remember whoeever he wishes to. He stands shocked, as she produces a hammer, from thin air, through her magic, and throws it at him. he closes his eyes, while the devi maa, helping kyra, holds it midway, shocking mili. She asks him to come along as they need to save kyra. Mili screams that she wont let them go anywhere. the lady hits her and pushes her away, and she falls on the floor, unconscious, hitting her head against the wall. She asks vihaan to go and save kyra, while she handles mili. He complies, and runs, while she stands tensedly, watching mili.

Meanwhile, inside, the fake one pushes kyra away, and eyes her with a shrapnel in his hands. she asks him not to come closer. Granny and others hear insistent knocks on the door, and when they open, they find vihaan dishevelled and before they can ask whats the matter, he rushes towards kyra’s room. all the mothers are boggled. As the jinn places the fatal blow, Kyra is thrown away, while the real vihaan bears the stabbing in the stomach and groans in pain. the fake vihaan is shocked, while kyra screams out in shock. the mothers arrive and they are shocked to find him like this, as all groan and moan around him, as he closes his eyes and then falls unconscious. they are aghast and apalled, while the fake vihaan angrily grumbles, at a distance. The mothers notice that the fake vihaan, enlarges in size, as a light surrouns him, and he eyes all of them angrily, while they are stunned by shock. The screen freezes on kyra’s distraught face.

Precap: The fake vihaan is about to hit them, when mili comes in between and asks the jinn, not to harm her family, as its been enough. kyra is boggled. Mili says that she did exactly what he told her to do, and now he should spare her and her family. He throws mili away, while her head stumbles onto the foot of the bed, and she falls on the floor unconscious. All are shocked, while kyra is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. could someone tell me what shit is going on why the sudden change in milli and all the time she wanted to kill the whole family for revenge of hers what kind of sudden twist these writers starting now, why cannot they end this serial for good it is so frustrating to watch these nonsensical storylines my gosh please end this serial and stop all the witchcraft

  2. Please don’t make the Indians go crazy with your crazy serial ….. Which craft n jihnns in the era it’s crazy….. What’s happened to the Bollyeood standard ….

  3. does it means that d fake vihaan is exerting a revenge or what

  4. Too much IRRITATING DRAMA…..

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