Satrangi Sasural 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny and the women rush outside, as they find women’s voices hollering at their door. they come out and ask whats the matter. they tell them that their bahu is a daayan, hearing which they are all shocked. Kyra is outraged. They say that they have decided to throw kyra out of this place. Granny and geeta stand to her defence, and asks them who told these absurd lies, and how did they take their own decision of throwing their bahu out. The women are unconvinced and tell them that daayan targets children and family members, to be emboldened in her powers, and she did so too by attacking her own daughter. They are all shocked. Kyra is apalled, and asks them to get out. the women ask her to shut up and leave on her own. They say that

they have testimony to what she did, and that too from their own house, and in come narmada and harpreet, shocking kyra and others. geeta tells them that she never thought that they shall stoop so low. the women turn to narmada and asks them to testify what she told them about kyra being a daayan. kyra and granny eye her distraught, unable to believe that she did this. Narmada eyes them sternly and confirms her affirmation. the women forcibly take kyra, despite granny, geeta and mini’s protests. narmada locks the door from outside.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
The women drag kyra out of her house, and onto the streets, proclaiming that she is a Daayan and throw her on the road. she falls in vihaan’s arms, distraught and apalled. Kyra breaks into his arms and starts crying. The women ask him to go as she is a Daayan and shall kill him too. He shuts them and asks them not to even dare cast aspersions or implicate kyra in any way, as whataver is happening isnt kyra’s fault, and they should not as much as dare to touch his wife, and cast baseless aspersions or else he would break their limbs, even if its his own family. Narmada and harpreet are shocked to hear this. He takes kyra and takes her inside, through the crowd.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As he gets her in, granny and geeta are apalled, as kyra comes in crying uncontrollably. geeta gets water for her, as they all try and calm her down. Narmada and harpreet come in and stand too. vihaan eyes them angrily. he says that he doesnt wish to speak with the both of them, and asks them to go or else….she asks what shall he do, hit them, for the sake of this girl. she tries to make him understand that they arent the family’s enemies. Narmada tells him to do and say whatever he wants to, but kyra shall not stay in this house. He asks her to stop. Granny says that he shall never slap his mother, but a mother can to her daughter and slaps narmada tight across her face, shocking them all. she says that zshe is disgusted that these are her daughters, as they crossed all limits today. She asks them to get lostm, as she doesnt want to even see them. They stand tensedly. He asks her not to worry as he shall get to the bottom of it, and find out who is trying to ruin their family’s happiness. All eye her tensedly. he walks off hastily and goes inside. Narmada and harpreet watch tensedly. Granny says that he is right, that someone else is behind this. She thinks that now only aru can tell what she actuallluy saw, through the drawing.

Scene 4:
Location: Dolly’s residence
While pinky tries to stop sunny, dolly throws his stuff out, saying that he hasnt paid the rent for the past 2 months, and his mother has vanished too. Pinky begs dolly to let sunny stay, as where shall he go, as he has noone instead of her. dolly agrees on one condition, that he pays his dues in the next 1 week. he agrees and refers to her as aunty, and gets slapped due to it. she storms off angrily. They now wonder how to arrange the money. pinky gets the idea and tells him to the money in lieu of the jewellery, that she nomore wears, which she wont even notice. They agree. Then she takes out all the jewellery, and gets tempted to adorn them once before he gets money on credit on their security. As she wears the jewellery, they break into a romantic dance sequence, wearing the jewellery. their dream is thwarted by dolly coming in angrily, beating them up. They rush and escape somehow.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is putting all of arushi’s stuff in the carton, when harpreet and narmada come in and are shocked to find him doing that, and remind him that these are arushi’s stuff, and he cant tamper it. They ask whats he doing. he says that he is doing what he should have done a long time ago, as they have captivated arushi here, and today by burning it, he shall set her free. They are shocked and try to convince that its all a lie and sham, and that kyra is trying to trap him, and he is falling prey to it. Granny and geeta eye tensedly. Narmada says that she wont let it happen. he snatches the things away, and says that he has to, to set arushi free, as this is the root cause of their problems. They go berserk and demand that they cant let him do it. They turn to granny, who says that he is doing whats right, and that he should declutter his life now, and that this is the reason of their problems in the first place.

Vihaan puts oil into the carton, while all are tensed, as narmada goes berserk and says that he shall have to burn her, but she wont let him burn them. narmada then turns to kyra and says that its all due to her, and she wont spare her. geeta holds narmada back, while she breaks into crying. All are tensed. He apologises to arushi, saying that for her family and her children, and for kyra, he has to do this, and that she is his first love, and for her, he shall always have a place, but he wants her spirit to be free, and wherever she is, she stays happy. he lights the matchstick, much to narmada’s horror and then burns everything that belonged to arushi, and then holds kyra’s hand, while all watch horrified and emotionally distraught, as all memories are erased, as tears stream down his cheeks. All remember her, while kyra remembers what arushi had told her to do. Mini eyes this from a distance and is tensed. he then says that from this day, all of her troubles shall have to face him, and she shall see who tries to hurt her now. narmada and harpreet watch resignedly. Mili says that all forgot her sister so easily, even vihaan.

Later, vihaan tells everyone that he has decided and he shall do what arushi wants, and thats to marry Kyra, to be able to set Arushi’s spirit free. all watch tensedly. Narmada and harpreet are shocked. He says that he shall love her and marry her and get her in, the same way he had gotten arushi. Narmada tells him that he shall not do anything like this. he says that he has decided. kyra gets emotional. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The women come and tell vihaan that they wont allow this nonsense to happen, till kyra goes through the Agnipariksha, to prove her innocence that she isnt a Dayan, and that she didnt harm her child, as it puts their children at risk too. They are shocked to hear this, while vihaan is enraged. Kyra asks them to stop this, and agrees much top everyone’s shock. Then she is made to walk on the track of smouldering coal and fire pieces, and her feet burns and scalds at every step, seeing which her family is apalled. the women are tensed too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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