Satrangi Sasural 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan finds granny knocking on the door, and he is scared of her finding out that they are sleeping together. he tries to wake up arushi but she doesnt budge. He opens the door tensedly. Granny asks about arushi, and how she is still sleeping. He turns around to find the bed empty, and sys that she must have gone to freshen up, as she has to go early to the office for resignation. granny asks him to tell her to come back soon, as she has an important announcement to make, and she doesnt reveal it to him. She leaves. he turns around and finds the door closed, and then finds her hiding under the bed, and alarms her of a cockroach, and she instintively hugs him. he then hollers dadima, and she instinctively jerks herself away. he is more amused.

aruishi wonders what would have happened had he says that she shall have understood that arushi couldnt stay away from her handsome husband. she asks about the announcement and is tensed. he asks her not to bother, and tells her toget ready so that he can drop her off to office. she asks him to go, as she has some work, and after that she shall take the auto. But he says that he shall send a car and she wont go by the auto. but she says that she is used to public transport. He is adamant. She says that she doesnt need expensive lifestyle, but he insists and she finally complies. he goes to freshen up, while she is tensed for the announcement.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and arushi’s office
arushi is happy to find vihaan having sent his car for her, and a card asking her to have a safe journey. She smiles at his sweet gesture. When arushi comes, the manager is overjoyed, at her current work, and giving her the next assignment. she gets tensed, and then says that she wishes to resign, shocking the manager. he asks the reason, as he cant lose her and her efficiency like that. She says that she wants to prioritise her personal life over professional for six months. he says that if its just for six months, then he has a solution, and that he shall not accept her resignation nor sign it. He asks her to have a sabbatical without pay for six months. she complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Meanwhile, nilima calls vihaan, her car having broken down, asking him to send her car. he says that he shall send, but it shall take sometime, as its with arushi right now. She asks whats wrong with him, and asks if he cant prioritise, and says that she could have gone in the auto, and wonders how he shall go now. He clarifies that arushi was going in the auto, but he insisted. He then assures that he shall send a cab for her in 15 minutes. she resignedly agrees. Priyanka comes to instigate nilima regarding the same. She also says that vihaan was just covering, and again sees the one sided approach of him neglecting them for his wife. priyanka says that they shall see, but nilima is unconvinced. While nilima waits, the maid gives her a letter, thats come for her. nilima reads it, and finds its a poetry, expressing guilt of having lost someone dear. She wonders who shall send her. she instintively looks at the door, but doesnt find anyone and then turns around. just then, the mysterious man springs outside the mansion, but she is oblivious.

Later, inside, mini again tries to bad mouth arushi, but granny shuts her up, causing them to fume. Arushi comes, and granny asks her to sit. She declines but granny insists for her to sit beside her. she tells about what happened at the office, while mini and priyanka are tensed. granny hears intently. mini thinks that she shall have something to do, after she leaves from here. Granny asks if arushi doesnt have the trust, that she would earn her place here. she says that she has, but couldnt deny her boss’ orders. she asks if she did wrong. granny says that she did right. harpreet asks that the staff must be sad to see her go. Arushi complies. Then Arushi reminds granny, that she had to make some improtant announcement. Granny complies. granny gives her a wad of notes, saying that this is for the expenditure of the month for this family, and says to everyone that from today, the house’s budget shall be totally on arushi, and mini and priyanka are angry and tensed. Harpreet smiles. arushi is overwhelmed. Arushi is relieved that granny isnt angry, as she got very tensed when she heard her making the announcement. Granny asks her how did she hear her, as arushi wasnt there then. Arushi is scared. harpreet says that vihaan must have told her. Arushi complies. granny says that in this amount, she would have to run the entire house for a month. Arushi says that she can manage six even. Mini taunts that this means she shall have control over their lives and its amenities. arushi says that its a big amount. harpreet asks arushi to buckle up. granny says that if she can save some money, it would be her income which she can spend on herself. arushi says that as a housewife, she shall get salary too. Mini reminds thats only possible if she saves. granny leaves, and mini and priyanka too. harpreet wishes arushi all the best. arushi is hopeful that she does it successfully.

later, Arushi starts looking at the current bills, electricity and phone, and finds that its very high. she decides to turn off the main switch, to save on power consumption. Arushi decides to switch off all lights. they both come out to find arushi standing tensedly, scared of her mistake. She tries to give her clarification, and also advises them of global warning, while mini is infuriated, at her lecturing her, and overpowering their lifestyle. harpreet agrees, while mini rebukes her, that she shouldnt try her environmental issues here. She asks her to get to her work. Arushi stands dejected. They both retire. she then sees the store room, with the maid, and wonders how much of stuff is there, and finds what all is there. the maid helps her out to note down the rations. meanwhile, late night, nilima finds the maid empyting out the used boxes and cartons, on arushi’s advise, as she is clearing out the store. Nilima is boggled. As nilima eyes the empty boxes and cartons, kept for being thrown away, she finds one particular box, that conatins a bful saree, that reminds her of her past and she tears it away. she then rummages through the boxes and finds a matchstick. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Arushi shows harpreet nilima’s saree and tells about nilima’s reaction. harpreet asks her not to meddle in these affairs, and not expose lost wounds at all, and stay away from some secrets of the past. arushi is boggled and tensed, while she leaves with the saree. She passes by Nilima’s room. Arushi stands outside to find nilima tearing a letter to pieces, distraught. she feels for nilima and her grief.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. These mothers are so consumed with their past that this has made them so naive and only thinking with one side of their brain and that part of their cranium produces hate and jealousy.They always want less things for Arushi and the best for them.Granny is defermined to make Arushi the daughtr in law of the family by giving Arushi the benefits of doubts by these miserable mothers.Vihaan you are such a wonderful guy and husband to stay on your wife’s side.Be good to her and help her overcome this test.I know you are thirsting to drink of that clean and clear waters but the longer you thirst for a drink the more enjoyable it will be. Vihaan you just take a cold shower and wait for the spring to flow.These mothers need a distraction ,so that they can focus on something else.Writers again I am saying to you find some good distractions by giving each one except Granny a good raving and craving gentleman who will be able to test their waters and leave Vihaan and Arushi to live theirs.This is the best solution to make them quiet and behave as or remain as sensible human beings.Inorder to remain as human beings in every way ,they have to keep ih touch with their own feelings and being sensitive to the feeling of Arushi and Vihaan.When demands are placed on people love begins to depart.Leave the youg couple alone ladies.

    1. Dear Rosey, i must say while reading ur comment i had to shake my head since it was exactly what i was thinking.

  2. To Rimlhim! I appreciate very much your writings about the updates.They are very helpful.
    I also thank you for the reply you made to my comment yesterday.I think I will take up the advice of writing an erotic novel Thank you again.

  3. this serial has toooooooooooo much simi dimi going on with it and I do not see why these seven mothers past events must be brought into Vihaan and arushis life like I said before Vihaan and arushi are young and newly weds so they need to be spending more time with each other I really thought that granny was calling the announcement to tell arushi that she had lifted the ban of the withdrawal of romance between she and Vihaan seeing that their hormones are raging sky high especially vihaans own and you know what could happen to him blue balls ladies so come on let him release himself writers it is about time the six months past ok

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