Satrangi Sasural 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Satrangi Sasural 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road, outside Vihaan’s residence
In the car, Mamaji instructs the goons not to falter this time, or they are dead, and asks them to get the children back soon.

Inside, granny blesses vihaan, when he gives her the one lakh that he received for winning the cycling event. she says that getting kyra back again, in the house, the lord has proven that he is always with them. Geeta says that this money shall be used to repair the shop happily. harpreet says that they should give the money to the grocer first, and get the ration so that they have something to eat. Kyra asks about arhaan and aru. Granny says that they must be playing outside. kyra says that she too shall go out and play and when the mothers are shocked, she recomposes saying that she

shall look out for them. she leaves, while the mothers are amused.

Outside, the goons try and lure the kids, while mamaji anxiously waits. finally, the kids fall into a trap, and start moving towards the car, with the goons. Suddenly he receives a fatal blow, from the mafia’s man who comes to threaten him that if he doesnt return the money in the next 24 hours, he would be dead. Mamaji says that his father left a lot for him, after his death, and the minute he gets that, he shall pay back every cent. he gets mamaji out, and then takes the car, saying he doesnt deserve this, and gives him his keys instead saying that when he comes back, with the money, he can exchange his car back. He drives off. The children see and tell the goons that the car and gift are gone. Mamaji turns around and finds a third grade bike, wondering if he shall have to take them on this bike now. he is frustrated. Just then, Kyra comes out and finds the kids with strange men. she is tensed and calls them. they turn around. mamaji is scared and ducks away. the ghoons hide too. Kyra comes to them and asks what are they doing here with men. They tell what they had been promised. Kyra asks them never to talk or take anything from strangers ever again, or else she shall not speak with them. they comply. vihaan and his family see this and is emotionally overwhelmed. Granny comments that the children got a mother, while narmada and harpreet roll theyr eyes. Vihaan remembers the contract. granny thinks that she knows what he is thinking, but she knows that its a marriage forever. They are about to go in, when her boss comes to pick her up, calling her by name. while they are all tensed and boggled. kyra looks at them anxiouasly. vihaan recognises him and their conversation at the cycling event. he is tensed too. the boss nudges kyra to come, and when she hesitates, he walks upto him. they are shocked. he takes her hand and says that he has important work from her, and forcibly takes her away. all are shocked. kyra is tensed. harpreet instigatesa granny if this is what the bahu they want and today kyra shall have to clarify everything. Vihaan is tensed. Narmada asks if this win in the competition is also due to her. harpreet and others are set to thinking too, whether she too is giving some favours, for such a huge favour that vihaan got from the boss. they are tensed that there’s something that doesnt quite match up. Vihaan is thinking.

Scene 2:
Location: Kyra’s office
The boss tries to forcibly take advantage of kyra s*xually, while she screams for help. he leeringly says that he is helping, and asks that he can give her one night, in return for the loan that she got. he says that he has given her money for advancde and hence can do whatever he wants. she says that its no favour, as its an advance on salary, and she is working for that. kyra is distraught when he overpowers her. just then, vihaan throws the 5000 on his face, as he walks in angrily. She stands behind him, while vihaan covers her protectively. he then punches him tight in the face, while kyra is relieved. he says that this is the 5000 loan, and asks him to forever remember that this is his wife. kyra is emotionally distraught, while the boss is shocked to know this. He asks him not to even dare touch her again, and asks if he understood or needs to understand more. the boss resignedly complies. he turns to kyra and asks if she is okay. she nods. he takes her hand and asks her to come along. they walk out, while she overwehlmingly looks at him.

Scene 3:
Location: Dolly’s residence
Sunny is working out and stretching in the sun, and gets more vigorous and stuntsman like, when he observes dolly’s daughter watching him from behind the curtains. She comes upto him, when his back faces her, and flirts with him, saying he and his abs, and body look handsome today. he smiles shyly. His feet slips, and they come in an awkward romantic eyebrace, where they look at each other. bebo sees this and hollers at sunny. he leaves pinky and she falls. She gets angry that he made her fall and geos inside. bebo comes and asks whats going on. he says that he was gymming. bebo asks him to focus on kyra and not pinky, as when vihaan dies after 2 months, then due to his care and love, kyra shall come to him and marry him, and asks him to focus on kyra. Pinky hears this from behind the curtain and vows that he shall never let that happen.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Priyanka is tensed as she hears, geeta talking to others as to how 200 are missing from the temple, where they had kept the entire money in front of the goddess, and reprimand granny for leaving the money unnecessarily there as the goddess has never meant them good. harpreet says that granny kept there for the blessings. geeta taunts if they took commission like this for the blessings. granny asks her not to reprimand the lrods, in the time of Navratras. geeta says that four years back, the lrod did them a huge favour by sending vibha in their lives. she tells how vibha transferred it all to her family, who went absconding too. Geeta then comes and says that to find about the 2000, they should search everyone’s purse. granny and others are shocked. granny asks if she is in her senses. She complies and says that there is someone who is stealing. harpreet says that she wont allow. Geeta says that this means she stole. harpreet says that her character is clean. geeta asks to let her do the searching then. harpreet says that its her insult. Geeta says that its her right. while they are squabbling, priyanka stealthily puts the money that she stole, in arhaan’s notebook. granny says that its her final decision that no one shall check anyone’s bags. Arhaan comes with the same notebook and asks them not to fight as he is unable to finish his homework. As he walks out, the money falls from the notebook, and they are all shocked. geeta reprimands that he stole money from the temple. Arhaan looks at them, boggled. geeta asks him to speak up, while he says that he didnt do this. geeta doesnt believe and scolds him, while he tearfully says that he didnt do it. she wrenches his ears to get him to confess. kyra comes and takes her hand away asking whats she doing. Arhaan hugs kyra, while kyra asks why is she hitting him. he says that he didnt steal the money. kyra sends him inside for studying. Kyra eyes geeta accusingly. she asks her to save her stares for someone else. Geeta says that they know everything about her character, as harpreert was right. Vihaan comes and says that its not right, and says that he went after her, as kyra had told him about the boss, and that they should infact be thankful and appreciate kyra for what she did for the kids. harpreet says that the children have been wrongly influenced by her, as they have resorted to stealing now. Kyra maintains that he didnt steal. priyanka stands tensed. geeta says that they came out of his notebook. Kyra says that they might have misunderstood him. Narmada asks if she means that they stole the money. kyra says that she didnt mean it. Narmada asks her to explain and asks vihaan if this is the way a bahu speaks to her mother in laws. She says that arushi wasnt like this, as she even risked her life for them. She says that kyrea is nothing in front of arusghi. kyra says that she doesnt know if she can replace arushi, but she shall prove that her son, arhaan didnt steal. all are shocked. she says that she shall expose who stole. Priyanka and others are tensed, while vihaan is surprised. Kyra walks in. The screen freezes on vihaan’s faces.

Precap: The children are tied in ropes, in an isolated location, while they are scared and in tears. At a distance, the goons have kyra captive too, who begs mamaji to let the children be free, and asks why is he doing this, and what does he need. mamaji asks her to sign this then. She asks whats in it. he says that it states that whatever his father left for her, she in her fullest intentions, and happily signs it off to him, relinquishing all her rights to dadaji’s property and money. Kyra is shocked. She picks the file and gets to signing.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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