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Satrangi Sasural 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: The ritual place
Kyra starts performing the ritual hypnotised by the lady’s black magic. she starts completing all the corners on by one, by placing a supari at each end. After she is done with two, bebo arrives there thinking that only a half an hour is left for the ritual to be completed by kyra, and after that vihaan shall die and her dreams shall come true. She is oblivious of the fact that a red apparel wearer is aprroacing her from behind. Kyra hesiates for a bit, as she had been warned that she might be distracted but the lady sprays the powder yet again and she starts walking in a trance and places the third supari too at the third corner. she progresses towards the fourth. Meanwhile bebo thinks that once kyra does this, successfully, she and her

realisation of dreams isnt far behind and that vihaan shall have to die definitely. She instinctively realises that someone is behind her, but she turns arounbd and finds noone. she is tensed. then suddenly she recieves a blow on the head and falls conscious. she is shown to be dragged away and hidden behind a boulder. the lady meanwhile happily finds kyra successfully reaching the completion of the ritual. Someone holding a weapon is shown to progress towards kyra and the lady. but before the blow is struck, Vihaan comes and finds kyra doing the ritual, and screams at her.The unidentified person hides. She is distracted for an instant, by the voice of vihaan, and the lady gets scared. the lady gets tensed wondering how did he come here at the last minute and sprays some powder on him, that leaves him temporary blind. While he struggles to be able to see, as he starts feeling sharp pangs of pain in his leg, he musters his final energy and screams at kyra, but being hypnotised, she doesnt look back and keeps walking ahead. he understands that she is under the influence of this witchcraft, or else she wouldnt ever deliberately do this or ignore him. He mumbles that this cant be happening, as those who believe in god cant have their fate end like this, and that god shall never allow them to suffer like this. the lady asks him whats he muttering, as his end is near now. She shows him kyra progressing towards the last stop, and tells him that the minute kyra finishes the ritual, then arushi’s soul shall be gone, and his shield broken too, and he would die within an instant, right here, right now. he struggles to find a way out. He looks around somehow and finds a mini stage set up, just like the way, the ritual is being done. He musters his courage and disrupts the stage with a wave of his hand, and spoils the arrangement. The lady is furious to see this, while kyra due to the disrupting of the stage, seems to be out of the trance as she stops voluntarily and stands fixated. He is tensed as to what result his act caused. he rushes to her, while she is unconscious, and grabs her before she falls and carries her out of the place in his arms. The lady warns him to stop, as he is doing very wrong, but he doesnt pay heed. She then is shocked as she suddenly finds herself confronted with that stranger, and terror sets in her eyes.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny is furious at harpreet and narmada and asks them to go away from her eyesight and not even try to get to talk to her. They eye her tensed, while geeta is worried for vihaan too. harpreet speaks that they cant deny and ignore the fact that kyra’s kundali is faulty and thats whats causing vihaan’s death. granny gets tensed and doesnt say a word. She then goes to the temple, and prays to the Goddess, saying that she hopes vihaan and his wife, kyra come back alive and safe, as she cant fathom the fact that kyra, his own wife, can take away his life. She prays to the lrod to be with them and get them back home safey and end this ordeal.

Later, vihaan gets back kyra in his arms and lays her on the bed, concerned and worried for her. She is semi-unconscious and still a little dazed. he asks her if she is okay. she complies. he gets to go, but she holds his hand, and they both look at each other emotionally. he cusps her hand and sits by her, asking what happened. she doesnt say a thing. he asks her not to worry, all is fine and nothing is wrong, and right now she should just focus on resting and getting better. he says that they can talk later about what happened. She complies. he is worried and gets to go, but she still clasps his hand and nudges him not to go. he assures her lovingly that he isnt going anywhere as he is and shall always be with her. She rests, while he caresses her head and keeps her hand clasped. then geeta and granny come in, while granny comments that she knew that her son and his wife, can be svaed only by one force, thats their belief in god, and thats exactly what happened, and they are both home, safe. She then asks him what happened to kyra and if everything is okay. he says that she is for now, but he doesnt know whats happening. Geeta apologises tremendously for her serious judgement of error, and tries to clarify but he says that he doesnt believe in this stuff. He tells her that a man makes his own destiny, and begs them not to believe in such stuff, as that only gives pain and trouble, and cause loss, and asks if they already have less problems that they need to invite more trouble with this stuff, and asks them if anything happened to him, as he is safe and alive in front of them. he asks her not to complicate stuff, and that nothing shall happen to him, as he has the blessings of his seven mothers on his head which is his shield. Granny agrees and says that their belief in the god shall keep them safe always. He finds that kyra has gone off to sleep. He asks them all to leave while he too does, so that she can rest. They agree and leave. he too places her hand gently and then is tensed for her and what she went through. he leaves. she opens her eyes, and says that not only his seven mothers, but her love too is with him, along with them, and that his mothers and the bahu shall protect him, and no trouble shall even touch him.

Late in the night, while all are asleep, narmada gets up restlessly and drinks water. she hears the sound of anklets, and she tries to ignore, but it remains persistent. she is startled and then rushes towards the door, trying to listen to the other side, as to who is it and whats causing the sound. She gets tensed, thinking that noone stays in this room, then how can the sound of trinkets come from here and then gets scared too, wondering who can it be. She moves away from there and gets back to her mattress, muttering godly chants. she wonders if she is actually going mad. she then nudges and wakes up harpreet asking her to get up. she wakes up and then narmada asks if she too can hear the sound. harpreet says that she can and then thinks that maybe there is some new neighbour. She decides to check out. narmada asks her to go, as she wont come. harpreet asks her not to be scared and then they go out to check who is it. the trace the sound of the anklets to a closed door, locked from otuside. they are shocked and wonder how is this possible. harpreet thinsk that dolly owns the room, and she must be having a key and they can check it tomorrow. They decide to go and sleep. As they lie down, they are unable to see the same red apparel flying in thw wind, that was seen at the ritual place.

The next morning, dolly along with harpreet and narmada come to the locked house, and opens it to show that there’s nothing to be scared of, as there’s only stuff and furniture lying around, covered in sheets, saying that this just used to be the real estate office of her late husband. they are tensed and look around. dolly sys that after he died, she never opened the room up until now. Dolly asks them not to think too much, and then jokes that in delhi, people dont get a place to stay, then how can ghosts do. They are still tensed. She then asks them to come along. but narmada, harpreet and then dolly too finds a red coloured cloth, and see that it doesnt look years old, but sill fresh. They also find footsteps, and are shocked. They wonder whats the mystery behind it.

Meanwhile, at home, vihaan wakes up, to find kyra not on the bed. He is tensed. he wakes up to find kyra donning the vermillion on her hegad, wearing a saree and getting dressed like married women, and particularly arushi liked to do. he asks her if everything is okay and how is she feeling. she doesnt respond and continues. he wonders whats happened to her, and why is she getting dressed, as she doesnt like dressing up at all, then why today. He doesnt remember that arushi too used to like this. The screen freezes on her puzzled face.

Precap: Kyra, in front of the dressing table, wonders whats happening to her, and why is she behaving like this, and wonders what to do. She wonders if she has become a ghost. She finds her reflection in the mirror, talking calmly to her, that she doesnt need to be scared. Kyra herself is shocked and stunned, and asks who is she. the reflection says that she is here to help her. kyra is boggled as she listens. She says that she knows everything that she is feeling, and knows that she loves vihaan. kyra is puzzled and asks who is she. The reflection smiles at her. She tells kyra that she is arushi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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